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Hey, join me today as we explore some incredible footage of animals in their natural habitat.

Nine times the lion was injured while hunting the wrong prey.

Join me now as we count down these dramatic moments.

Number 1

– number one: Lions versus Cape Buffalo.

Here we see a number of lionesses trying to take down a huge Buffalo.

The Buffalo uses its weight in self-defense.

The Lions grapple and fight it from all directions.

If they can bring it to the ground, the prize will be theirs.

They use their Superior numbers to overwhelm this poor Beast.

However, the Cape Buffalo is a powerful and dangerous animal in its own right, known for its Fierce temperament.

The Buffalo bucks it, kicks it, shakes off the lines.

Number 2

– number two: you now see a herd of antelope and wild Buffalo peacefully grazing.

The antelope continue on, but the Buffalo seemed wary.

Something’s not quite right and suddenly they bolt and run, and for good reason.

A pride of lions have ambushed.

Other animals alerted to the danger, scattered wildly.

One lioness targeting your wild Buffalo rushes in for the kill over.

Something unexpected has happened during the fight.

The Lioness has sustained a serious leg injury.

It licks its wounds and then limps off.

There’ll be no food today and it will take time for it to recover.

Number 3

– number three: here we see the giant Sable, one of the largest of the antelope species prized by Trophy Hunters.

They are now endangered.

Today this one will face a natural predator- look at it- by a lone lion rushing in for the kill.

In typical fashion, it attempts to drag the Sable to the ground and finish it off.

But this is no easy prey.

Disabled puts up Fierce resistance, bucking wildly.

The lion is thrown to the ground and escapes into the river.

It manages to get away, but walks away hungry and dejected.

Number 4

Number four: heck of wild African dogs have come across a lion.

They quickly encircle it, looking for an opening to attack the lion, none so happy about all this Stripes.

First it bites one animal on the throat but is then suddenly overwhelmed by the numbers of the path.

The dogs continually bite it on the hind legs and tail.

The lion bravely stands its ground.

Then, strangely, all goes quiet.

It seems like they’re distracted by the Warsaw.

Your dogs give up on that Quest and decide to take a drink, probably having had enough action for one day.

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Number 5

, number five: this herd of Cape Buffalo have surrounded a long line.

There has probably been a previous engagement and now they want to finish it off.

The line is repeatedly struck in the body by the Buffalo’s powerful forms.

Other buffaloes join in the attack and the line is thrown high in the air.

It looks like it’s all over for the line.

But the line is not called the king of the grasslands for nothing.

It refuses to give in and suddenly counter attacks.

This only angers the herd more.

The lion is forced to retreat and attempt to protect itself behind a tree.

So no avail.

It is quickly dislodged and trampled to death, if a brutal end to a brutal life.

Number 6

, number six: the Bonte Buck is one of the most highly endangered antelopes hunted by Farmers.

The population was reduced to only 17 in 1931.. thankfully, population numbers have increased since then.

But now we witness one being tracked and killed by a pride of lions in front of startled onlookers.

Number 7

Number seven: an immense herd of Kate Buffalo have surrounded a lion taking up the dust.

This is a wild brawl.

The Buffalo seemingly take turns, kicking and trampling the hapless line.

It is repeatedly picked up off the ground and thrown high in the air.

It’s thrown around like a rag doll.

There’s no getting out of this one.

Already the line must have suffered severe injuries.

It is thrown discarded into the river.

Good evening.

This will not quell the anger of the wild Buffalo.

They exact revenge on its lifeless body.

Number 8

, number eight: this scene took place in a safari park.

Witnessed by curious onlookers, a lion has been surrounded by wild African dogs.

The Line Stands its ground and defends itself, seemingly successful at first.

The dogs retreat but then quickly regroup for a second attack.

They harass the line, attempting to bite it on its hind legs and rear end.

The line is unimpressed with their efforts and simply lays down.

Number 9

, number nine: here we see a very dramatic fight between a cape Buffalo and a lion.

The lion has already sustained a serious head wound, thank you.

It lies on the ground, unable to get up and defend itself any further.

The Buffalo repeatedly headbust the lion.

Surely it’s all over.

But no, the lion gets up.

The Buffalo continually strikes and tramples it.

The lion vainly uses its paws to try and ward off the Buffalo and then, in a desperate last attempt, it recovers its strength and launches an attack on the Buffalo.

There’s a fierce struggle animal refusing to surrender.

The Buffalo has the upper hand and forces the lion to the ground.

The line looks as if it’s dying and yet covered in blood.

Once again, it refuses defeat.

It maintains a grip on the Buffalo’s face.

Another Buffalo rushes in to assist the line, gets the bashing of its life mortally wounded.

Now it lays down the Buffalo.

Look on with careful observance.

They have killed a worthy opponent.

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