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Fact number one: there are hundreds of species of venomous snakes in the animal kingdom, but the king Cobra is the longest of all of them.

Another snake can be 10 to 12 feet in length and weighing up to 20 pounds.

When you Cobra stand, it can be eye to eye with a human of average height.

The longest king cobra on recorder was measured at 18 feet.

Fact number two: when a king cobra is under defense, its produce a dictionary hood that flams around its face.

This Hood, as well as other part of the snake’s body.

I’ll have markings that are unique to the king Cobra.

At first glance it looks like Potter of the snake’s skin, but it’s actually a system of ribs, bone and muscle that can flex and move to make itself appear large and more dangerous.

The king Cobra spread these ribs and hands out the hood and its kisses and stands up.

Pack number three: poisonous snakes are generally divided into two types of Venom, neurotoxic and Hemotoxic.

A neurotoxin is any poison that directly affect the nerve system of the human or animal.

Hemotoxin, on the other hand, affect the bloodstream and are usually the Kind Fountain, rattlesnakes and Vipers.

The Venom of the king Cobra is neurotoxic and when its strike, a very small amount, mayor Ramzas, is produced.

Even just this small amount can send its prey into paralyzes.

Moreover, it’s so incredibly poisonous that a human can die within a minute of being bitten a large animal such as an elephant and die in several hours.

Fact number 4: King cobras are considered cannibalistic because they really only eat other snakes.

An occasion they may eat your small animals, rodents or Birds, but that’s more characteristic of a common cobra, even if the another snake is venomous.

Cobra stomachs have adapted with digestive juices to break down the poison and render it safe.

Since they do not have any teeth, their prey is eaten whole.

Their jaw have the ability to stretch and open white to allow large animals to pass through.

It may take several minutes for them to swallow on animals entirely.

Cobras, along with a variety of other snakes, can go month, even year, without eating, and also snakes does not need to drink water to survive.

Fact number five: the king Cobra is the only snake that build your nest.

When a female Cobra prepare to lay its egg, which is usually in the spring, it’s created next of leaves and things.

She builds up walls as well as a cover to insulate and protect the eggs she will be laying.

A group of egg can be as many as 15 eggs.

She remains in the next on God for several months until the snakes or hatched from the start.

Hatchlings are able to take care of themselves and can even bid if necessary.

It takes about 4 years for a king cobra to reach full maturity from their hatchling state.

Fact number 6.. as powerful as the king Cobra, snakes is the only animal it will avoid Crossing path with its Among Us.

This small mammal is only about your foot long but is immune to the Venom of many snakes.

As a Carnivore, the Mongoose normally eat small rodents like red, but has been not to fight and kill venomous snakes.

The Mongoose would not hunt or track a cobra intentionally, but will defend itself if threatening it.

Fact number seven: even though King Cobras can swim quickly and climb trees, they are still prone to attack from other reptiles and animals.

When King cobras are on alert, they use multiple defense tactics to protect themselves.

Most of the time, they would rather get away than fight and can move as fast as 12 mile per hour.

However, if Corner, in addition to flowering their Hood to make themselves appear bigger, they also make a unique moon.

Like most snakes, Cobra will hiss, but they also use this moon to signal to their predators to back away before they strike.

Filling up their lungs and slowly exhaling, they immediate, long, low pitch noise like a dog crowd.

Unfortunately, the King Cobra’s greatest Predators is the humans.

Fact number eight: since 1991, snakes Charming has been banned in India and several other countries.

When it was still being practiced, many people believed that King Cobras and other snakes got hypnotized by the sound for the snake’s Toarma’s fruit.

In reality, they were mismerized by the movement and shape of the instrument.

Okay, guys, in this video I will sharing 8 interesting fact about king Cobra.

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