75 YEARS OLD!! This giant crocodile was caught after swallowing 80 people, looks terrible!!

Don’t shoot, Pak Joko, is one of the most feared animal species.

Their appearance is very fierce, because they have strong jaws filled with sharp teeth.

In addition, the size of a crocodile can also be very large, you know, in fact, a crocodile is a type of reptile with the largest size in the world.

In addition, there are several crocodiles that have unnatural sizes,

making people who see them run in fear.

Of the many crocodiles that exist on this earth. Here are some of the largest crocodiles in the world that have been found: version

On The Spot.

Kaiman is actually not a true crocodile.

Kaiban belong to the Alligator family, which means they are more closely related to alligators. Like the Alligator, the Kaiman also has a more rounded muzzle.

The largest species ever found is the black caiman, up to 4.3 m long and

weighing up to 300 kg.

The jet black color on their bodies serves as camouflage when they are hunting as well as helping them absorb heat.

Even the black caiman is the largest predator in the Amazon River.

The name of this crocodile is rarely heard.

It’s because of them

Critically endangered and only a few remaining in the vicinity of the Orinoco River in South


Nonetheless, this crocodile is actually one of the largest crocodiles in the world.

This crocodile was once found with a length of up to 5 meters and a weight of 380 kg.

Aurinoko crocodiles are social animals, but that doesn’t mean they like to hang out with humans. Yes, friends, they live in groups that have a certain caste and with a very good communication system.

During the dry season they can even go in groups to look for waters where the

American alligator can live.

Alligators belong to the order Crocodile, but they belong to a different family from crocodiles, namely alligators.

The main differences in appearance between the two are: Alligators have a pointed snout

More rounded and not sharp, like a crocodile’s snout.

American alligators that have been found reached quite large sizes, namely 5 meters, and weighed up to 450 kg.

One of the features of the American Alligator is that

they are predictable

It has been alive since 150 million years ago, and that means they lived contemporaneously with the dinosaurs and have continued to survive to this day. American alligator, American alligator, which also has very extraordinary sizes.

Their weight, when it was discovered, reached more than 900 kg and up to 6 meters in length.

They live in North

America, Central to the south.

They are solitary animals and prefer to avoid conflict.

Although American alligators have been reported to attack humans, they did not mention the dangers of estuarine crocodiles or saltwater crocodiles, even the actual fact, American crocodiles are more threatened by humans because their population continues to decrease due to human


Also known as the gavial or fish-eating crocodile.

This one animal is actually not a true crocodile, you know.

Gariel is a member of the Gavialidae family, in contrast to the true crocodile, which belongs to the crocodilenae sub-family.

Even so, Garial still belongs to the order Crocodilia, aka the crocodile family.

In fact, it is

actually one of the largest species in the crocodile family.

Garial, the largest that has been found, reached 6 meters in length and weighed almost 1 ton.

The main differences between culture and gariel are:

Garial has a much slimmer muzzle, as the name implies gorial uses it to catch

Nile crocodile fish, as the name suggests.

This crocodile lives in the Nile river, Africa.

In addition, they are also found in several other rivers in Africa, even to the island of


As the second largest crocodile in the world, this crocodile has been found to reach a length of 6 meters and can weigh more than a ton, because this crocodile’s habitat is quite close to human settlements.

National Geographic mentions that encounters with humans are often unavoidable.

Even the Nile crocodiles are notoriously non-picky eaters and will attack almost anything they think is prey.

As a result, about 200 people lose their lives per year due to crocodile bites. don’t get there, you stop.

Recently in uganda, africa, nile crocodile

Named Osama has been successfully arrested.

This 75-year-old crocodile takes 50 people to

catch a crocodile that is 5 meters long.

That. according to local residents, this crocodile has preyed on 80 adult humans and children during its lifetime.

The saltwater crocodile, the largest species of crocodile and the largest reptile in the world, is the saltwater crocodile or Crocodilus porosus, also known as the long estuarine crocodile.

This crocodile that was found can reach more than 7 meters, while it can be more than a ton, as the name implies.


these animals live around river mouths to the sea.

They are good swimmers. sometimes even seen far out in the middle of the sea.

They also, unlike other crocodiles, tend to avoid conflict.

On the contrary, they can be very aggressive, partly due to their highly editorial nature.

Don’t shoot, don’t shoot.

Those were some of the biggest crocodiles in the world that On The Spot’s version managed to find.

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