73 MILLION YEARS OLD! The Appearance of This Giant Petrified Crocodile Has Shocked Residents Around The World

Although dinosaurs, along with many other prehistoric creatures, went extinct millions of years ago, there are some ancient creatures contemporary to the dinosaurs that are still alive today.

Some have undergone minor changes, but not to the point of being completely different from their initial form.

The appearance of these creatures immediately attracted

people’s attention from the many events that exist on this earth. Here are some sightings of ancient animals that shocked the world, according to the On The Spot version: baby dinosaurs in the city.

A Florida homeowner has sparked debate on social media after claiming baby dinosaurs were running across his yard in the middle of the night.

Christina Rayen said her security camera captured Black and White footage of the two-legged creature running

past her home being posted.

While trying to come up with an explanation for the strange animal, Rayan joked that he could only see it as a prehistoric creature.

He noted that the way the animal walked on its hind legs made it look like a velociraptor.

After the footage was shared on Facebook, social media users came up with their own theories about the strange creature.

Some say it is a turkey, but some argue that it is an iguana which is an invasive



There are even those who argue that it is a kabra hickey figure.

Until now, the truth of this amateur video cannot be ascertained.

Wow, what kind of animal is that?

Dude, the appearance of Lakeness.

In 2005, a man went fishing in a lake.

Suddenly he found a strange incident where a dinosaur’s tail appeared on the surface of the water.

It’s not yet

known whether it’s a logness monster or some other creature, but if you take a look, its shape is very similar to a sea monster or a Messi, huh.

But because he was really afraid and ended up losing his life, the boy didn’t try to prove it

Further trouble, here, friend.

The analysis team from the FBI even attempted the task of investigating it and said that the video was genuine, without engineering.

So there is a possibility that these creatures really live there.

Since being

uploaded on social media, this video has sparked a lot of debate among netizens, even some of them.

Many think that it is just a water pipe sticking up.

Some time ago, in the sky, Ohayo section, there was a bird that passed which didn’t look like a bird in general, but after being recorded and noticed

Well, it turns out to be a prehistoric animal called the terosaur.

It is

reported that this animal became extinct with other dinosaurs because it was hit by an asteroid that fell to earth.

Seeing the video, the researchers were confused as to why they could suddenly reappear, even though these birds should have become extinct and not exist in those days.

Now it is not known exactly where the location of this video was shot, but

because of this amateur video, the whole world is in an uproar because of the appearance of this mysterious ancient creature, a giant snake monster, as we know that the titanoboa snake is one of the largest snakes, which is estimated

Its length reaches 13 meters.

A giant snake that he said was extinct decades ago.

It shouldn’t exist on earth anymore, but suddenly a

tiktok account called monster history manages to get footage where there is a snake of this type on the river bank.

The problem is this: these animals are very calm and not dangerous at all, even though their type can directly eat large animals alive.

The tiktok recording was also widely circulated on

social media.

Some netizens think it’s just an Amazon Anaconda, but there are also those who think it’s a form of a prehistoric monster titanoboard.

Recently, a video of a large animal is being viral on social media.

After that, social media users were confused as to whether it was an animal or a rock formation.

In this video, a giant crocodile-shaped structure is seen under

a boulder.

By the way.

Yes, it looks like a whole crocodile, but it has turned to stone.

In such a situation, people are confused. Whether it is a rock shaped like a crocodile or a real crocodile from the time of the dinosaurs, which has now become a rock.

The video has been viewed more than 18 million times and has more than 145,000 likes on social media platforms.

Various comments and arguments from netizens also filled the uploaded comments column.

There are those who think that the creature is true, but there are also those who speculate that it is just engineering.

Until now, the truth of the video has not been solved and is still a mystery.

Those were some sightings of ancient animals that shocked the world, according to On The Spot.

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