6 encounters with leopards you shouldn’t watch

26: encounter with a hideous leopard.

This will make you jump in horror. 

Number 6: while filming in botswana, South Africa, the BBC film crew had a once-in-a-lifetime experience after a horrific leopard attack.

The clip begins with Richard Jones, a cameraman for the auntie series Spain the wild, trying to track down a pack of stray dogs.

After a long search, the camera crew finally spotted a group of dogs bothering a very large and angry male leopard.

Yes, yo, Come away twice workshop.

This huge animal started climbing trees to escape the wild dogs.

But just as they thought, the leopard saw the teacher and did this.

The cameraman dropped the camera in fright.

But thanks to Richard’s experience and quick thinking, Glue made it out of this incident alive. 

Number 5: Ski adventure.

A group of friends comes to a halt after they come across an unexpected spotter, stalking them in the deep snow while skiing in the snowy mountains.

The man who recorded this video was traversing the forest confidently until he noticed a terrifying KMU chord wushu standoff between their group and a leopard.

The snow lasted almost a full two minutes until it finally broke when the leopard did something unexpected.

Hai hai Hai, after the Predator’s threatening Attack, retreated back into the forest and left the group alone to continue Skiing in the snow.

Number 4: The terrifying encounter began with a group of men filming a large adult leopard just feet from their truck.

Hey, the animal is aware of the people filming it starting to scare them after suddenly deciding to take a closer look.

Hmm, Hi, luckily the Predator paid no attention to the men and started walking away from the area completely.

Number three: tourists find the madico private game lodge

A terrifying sight after they caught one

The leopard mother is very protective.

The video that makes this heart exercise begins with a leopard attacking and threatening tourists who record it from afar.

Hey, let’s say Jogja, yeah, hi, when they filmed the animal, even though it was aggressive,

They end up getting scared for life after doing this. Hey, Hey, Yo Yo, Hey, Hey, Luckily, after a minute and a half of the encounter, the Predator finally lost interest in the tourists and started retreating into the bushes.

Number 2.


What should be a late night ride home becomes interesting after a group of friends come up with the idea of tracking a leopard

Who tried to tease him.

The trailer starts.

As we can see, the herd is walking around in the forest.

When they suddenly saw one of the leopards walking along the road ahead, they finally focused on tracking down one leopard and the experience as a whole felt both amazing and terrifying at the same time, as luck would have it.

The title does nothing, despite being followed by the herd.

Regardless, it’s still the number one horrific experience.

A team formed to chase leopards from a village grows into hundreds when the task proves to be more dangerous than expected.

This adrenaline-pumping trailer kicks off with a group of men being

Trying to drive away the leopard hiding in the fields with the help of firecrackers.

The meeting heated up when some men chased Leopard in the forest.

Giving him no choice but to fight. but despite this, the men continued to attack, regardless of their safety.

But the Predator didn’t back down and started doing one scary thing: Aa Hai, car.

Hehehe nope, fortunately this footage cuts to a scene showing a leopard finally caught and transported in a cage, while hundreds of local residents cheer.

Thank you for watching till the end.

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