Hello everyone.

In today’s video we’ve got a selection of aerobatics, air stunts and extreme landings just for your enjoyment.

Welcome to the danger zone.

This jet plane is preparing its afterburner to take off.

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a plane landing vertically due to very strong wind.

Now that’s got to be an expensive, toe negative ghost rider.

The pattern is full.

Talk about a water landing.

Forget taxiing.

This plane practically shoots straight up.

I’ll take synchronized flying over synchronized swimming any day.

I’d like to see maverick pull this one off.

World’s first hoverbike in action.

Ever wonder how your plane gets pushed out of the gate onto the runway?

Wonder no more.

This plane almost lands on top of an unsuspecting car.

A helicopter rescues people by carrying them inside a big net.

Nice catch do?

This Rc plane goes so fast?

It’s got to be on pace to break the sound barrier.

A passenger airplane leaving white contrails while taking off?

Passenger plane crop dusting.

This remote control plane could easily pass for the real thing.

Right, check out this amazing low pass performed by a jet plane.

This stunt helicopter does an impossible 360 degree flip while flying.

Good thing the shoot opened.

How does the plane pull the cord?

Oh, i wouldn’t recommend racing this 36 000 horsepower jet truck- unless, of course, your Wiley coyote.

In a definite flex move, this plane takes off from the top of another plane.

A helicopter pilot displays incredible skill while putting out a forest fire.

No landing gear.

No problem for this pilot, who needs a day job when you’re a world champion Rc helicopter pilot?

Oh so bring it back.

This camera’s shutter speed matched with the plane’s propellers, giving the illusion that they weren’t moving.

At least i hope that’s what happened.

This pilot really sticks the landing on the highway.

Hope he didn’t get a speeding ticket.

In aviation, the fuel often comes to you, so i wonder what they’re talking about.

This professional stunt pilot flies between trees.

What a field goal.

Wow, we can’t believe it.

We’re at the finish line.

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