5 Most Dangerous Snake in the World


While many people love snakes and even keep them as bets, others are flat-out terrified of them.

Fear of snakes is so ubiquitous that snakes are traditionally used to symbolize evil in mythology, literature and film.

Of course, snakes are not evil and many of them are quite docile, even friendly, but a number of species can be quite dangerous if you cross them in nature, especially if they feel threatened.

Even snakes that are generally friendly can tell you what their venom if you take them by surprise.

Here are five most dangerous snakes in the world.

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Blue Crate

This species, , native to Southeast Asia and Indonesia, has venom sixteen times stronger than a cobras, unfortunately, and it then is not as effective against blue crate bites as it is against other types of snake bites.

This makes it one of the most dangerous snakes, but fortunately the blue crate is nocturnal, so if you don’t roam around at night and the underbrush, you will probably avoid a blue crate encounter.

Black Mamba

Black mamba: the Black Mamba is native to Africa.

While it may not be the most venomous snake in the World- one buy may only deliver enough venom to kill ten people- it is still arguably the most dangerous snake in the world for other reasons.

It is the fastest snake on earth, able to travel as fast as 20 kilometers per hour.

A black mamba may strike its target a dozen times in a row.

Without prompt treatment.

A black mamba bite is almost always fatal.

Tiger Snake

Tiger Snake the tiger snake is yet another dangerous snake native to Australia.

This wide yellow banded snake is feared for the accuracy of its stripes.

Without treatment, the fatality rate is generally around 70%.

Like most other snake venoms, tiger snake venom causes paralysis, which may lead to respiratory failure and death.

Philippine Cobra

Philippine Cobra: Cobras are highly recognizable because of their wide neck collars, but most species of Cobra are among the most dangerous snakes in the world.

The most deadly Cobra is the Philippine Cobra.

It can spit its venom as far as three metres to reach its target.

A bite from the Philippine Cobra can lead to death from paralysis within a half-hour.

Sawscaled Viper

Saw-scaled Viper: this is one of the most dangerous Vipers, along with the chain Viper.

This type of the Viper can be found in the Middle East and Far East and is usually most active during night time following rainstorms.

Vipers are very fast, but their venom is relatively slow.

Acting without them in death is rare.

But if you do not receive medical assistance, you can die a slow, painful death over the course of two to four weeks.

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