5 Epic Battles Of Cats And Snakes Caught On Camera – Video


Cats are one of the most popular domestic animals as pets and also help in the fight against rodents due to their high efficiency as a predator.

Cats may hunt and kill birds, mice, rats, lizards, snakes, and other small animals in the vicinity and then display the hunting trophy to their owners.

That’s why today we will see 5 epic battles of cats and snakes caught on camera.

This very brave cat fights with one of the most dangerous snakes in the world, nothing more and nothing less than the Asian royal cobra.

It is the largest poisonous snake that exists, and let’s go why.

This battle is fine.

The one with the fastest reflexes is clearly tied to jumping at

the precise moment of the attack.

This cat fights intelligently trying to destabilize the snake’s attack with its claws, and also looks for a way for the snake to stretch itself out, in order to take it by the head and be able to take its life between its teeth.

The strategy of this kitty is based on three harps or claws in order to do damage to the snake’s skin.

Once the snake is bleeding and very tired, the cat achieves its goal by taking it by the head to ensure its victory.

This time the fight is different.

The snake is in a fighting position with its mouth open, ready for any attack by its predator.

But the cat, without any fear, sends its claws to measure the distance of its opponent.

The cat knows very well what it is to use steps.

They are very

accurate and take the snake off balance, with the latter leaving the cat as the winner.

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