45 Brutal Moments Lions Messed With The Wrong Opponent @swagwildlifemoments

Tragic failure in the hunting trips of the Lord of the jungle: 45 brutal moments.

Lion Miss was wrong opponent.

It was an intense moment when witnessing the survival battle between elephants and lions.

It’s never easy hearing the sound of a screeching animal fighting to survive.

The lion is clawed into the thick skin of the elephant, hanging on while the elephant fought against a strong grip and pull of the lioness.

After a few moments of struggling to get the Lioness off, the elephant managed to shake loose from the Lioness grip and exited into the bush behind her.

Foreign ‘s deadly gaze was directed towards the elephant family.

The elephant mother has sensed Danger.

It fought well with the Lions to protect its cub.

In the end the big cats were forced to retreat and return peace to the mother and baby elephant.

This pride of lion was attempting to cross the cylinder Spillway in Botswana, foreign, but obviously felt the need to get to the other side of the river.

Hippos are very Territorial and also known as very dangerous animals, especially when one gets too close to the water.

Four Lions Crossing were understandably a threat to these hippos, as they just saw these massive Lions entering their territory, unaware that the cats were most probably merely trying to cross the one Hippo makes it his mission lines not to necessarily eat or even injure the lion severely, merely to make it clear that they do not welcome uninvited guests in their home.

Lion versus lion.

Male lions often fight with each other for territory and dominance.

A male lion was fiercely attacked by two other lions for blatantly entering their territory- foreign, unique and intense site as a pride of female lionesses Chase and violently attacked an isolated male lion.

It is not clear What conflict happened before, only that the male lion had to go through a miserable moment to fend off the frames onslaught of the female lions.

Lions love to try to bring down a giraffe because if they do, it is a massive meal that can last, sometimes up to a week.

This hunting didn’t go so well.

Look like the Giraffe was just giving the Lions a lift to the other side of the road.

The old bull giraffe, fighting to stay standing, managed to throw the Lions off his back and fought his way out.

By trying to stomp on the Lions, it finally managed to escape.

In the name, desert Lions have the greatest difficulty in surviving because water and prey are scarce.

Temperatures sometimes exceed 50 degrees for these lines.

The sight of prey such as giraffes added and pitted to the Lion’s hunting trips.

The lions chase the giraffes and try to catch them, thank you.

It is not very common to see a lone female lion hanging around, since lions are the only species in the cat Kingdom that live in family units called Prides.

One reason for her solitary existence could have been due to the male lions taking over her pride and forcing her out.

She was clearly unable to hunt alone without any fellow members, and she was starving in weak.

How terribly thin and weak she was looking, and then I realized that this meal was a matter of life and death for her.

Unfortunately, in the condition she was in, there was no chance she would be able to take down a health.

The Buffalo realized her vulnerable state and flung her up in the air like a ragdoll, unscratched.

It was clear, though, that the lion was not going to live much longer on her own, and I can only imagine she would have died of hunger at the end of the day.

Have you ever seen a lion being thrown in the air by a buffalo, do three flips and then land on its feet?

Now you have a buffalo in the vicinity, had noticed that the lion had captured the lizard, and one of them came storming in as if he knew this lizard needed protecting foreign.

The Buffalo proceeds to get his head right under the puzzled lion and somersled him through the air.

It was crazy and funny.

Nature is an incredible thing.

When you think it can’t get crueler, it does.

When you think it can’t get any more magnificent, you will be surprised.

It’s not every day that the prey becomes the killer, but sometimes it does happen.

The dam was in muted with buffaloes.

Two lionesses thought it was a good idea to cause a herd of Buffalo and to stampedeboat, hoping they could catch one.

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as planned.

One lioness got cut amongst the herd and got trampled by the Buffaloes.

She was tossed about like she waited nothing.

Her lifeless body was eventually flung at the base of the dam.

It’s pitiful lion versus wild beast.

Watch how this wild beast uses his best weapon to fight off these hungry Lions.

The wild beasts fought back and managed to hook one of its horn into the leg of one of the lionesses.

This must have been extremely painful for the lion, as it was for quite a few moments that she was hooked onto the wild beast.

I am happy the wobbies got away, as lions cannot always win.

This sighting is very scarce, as Lions usually killed wild beasts when they catch up to them foreign.

S are Africa’s largest rodent and, as you will see, very capable of Defending themselves against the large predators.

The shop fur is a powerful weapon to keep it safe.

The desolate grasslands of the African land are the places to keep imprints of the fiercest battles for survival.

The wind has risen and the Lion’s epic hunts begin.

The zebras were honored to be the target of today’s hunt.

Lustful gaze of the Lioness was directed at the beautiful prey.

The Predator slowly approached.

It accelerates suddenly and quickly knocked down its prey, a life that has been destroyed.

Lions are among the most social of the big cats.

They live together in a large pride of 15 to 40 animals, including many adult males, lionesses and their cubs.

The larger the flock, the stronger it is, and the greater the number of males, the more secure the Cubs are.

A zebra is enough to feel the hungry stomach of the pride of lions.

They enjoy their breakfast deliciously with the very satisfying attitude.

Hunting in groups also means a greater need for food, which creates pressure and incentives for Lions to hunt huge prey.

The lion will not pass up any opportunity to defeat the Buffalo Lion Hunt.

Buffalo Wild Buffalo are not easy prey to subdue to have such a grand party.

The lionesses worked very hard on this hunt, tracked it to the powerful demander of male lines.

However, alliances take care of 85 to 90 percent of the hunting.

Meanwhile the males are responsible for defending the pack and territory against rival swarms or other Predators.

A wild Buffalo standing far away from the herd, alone in a corner, fell into the sights and was immediately attacked.

Lionesses worked together as they hunt.

By surrounding large buffalos, they tried to control their prey by biting and manipulating them.

Lioness sexually jumps on the back of the Buffalo and injures its back.

When the Buffalo is attacked, it emits a loud sound calling for help.

So sad no one heard his pleas for help.

Poor Buffalo was resilient against the Predator but it was completely overthrown by the alliance.

Death will come very quickly.

Extremely satisfying Buffalo hunting scene.

Tyrant male lion caused the entire herd of Buffalos to panic and run away.

A slow Buffalo was grabbed by the neck by the lion and bitten hard.

After unsusexual attempts to survive, the Buffalo was completely overthrown.

Surely the male lion was very pleased with this hunting trip.

Buffalo will bring abundant energy to it.

The lion hunts continue.

What pitiful prey will be called?

Let’s watch the next moment.

Lion Hunt- Wild Beast.

Lioness stalks and chooses the right moment to take down a healthy wild beast.

The struggle was intense and the prey struggled and tried to use its large horn to Ram the Lioness, but the Predator is wise and agile.

He didn’t let that happen.

The lion successfully knocks down the prey and becomes the pride of the Lions.

The Lioness enjoys her meal right after.

The lion has many gifted physical traits that makes it an excellent hunter in the wild.

A lion’s vision, for example, is six times more sensitive to light than in humans.

Its claws can be easily retracted and extended, allowing great control over when to kill prey.

Lion Hunt- Warthog.

With Keen eyes, the lion discovered the Warthog’s whereabouts, combined with its formidable strength to pull the Warthog out, the Warthog fought bravely, but it could not defeat this Predator.

It has officially become the Lion’s breakfast.

It’s a pity, foreign hunting moments always feel great.

This leopard on the edge of the riverbank watching a herd of Impala grazing on the bank.

It cleverly used the riverbank and bushes to conceal himself and approach to within a few meters of the Impala where he launched and caught the Impala in a miraculous fashion.

The poor prey had no chance of escaping.

You are never disappointed when witnessing a leopard’s predation plea.

Please stay with us to see the next impressive moments.

A bird kills Warthog.

This is the horror of seeing a big leopard kill and eat a warthog.

Although the prey was struggling with its bleeding body, the leper didn’t mind.

The more the Warthog resisted, the more it suffered the leopard’s brutal bite.

Finally, it was mercilessly Torn to Pieces by the leopard and devoured.

Can you believe it when a predator suddenly becomes gentle and plays with its prey?

Please wait for the answer and join us to watch the next moment.

Thank you.

Leopard kills baby buck.

The interaction between baby buck and leopard is adorable.

They play happily.

The small and beautiful baby Buck innocently believes in the good heart of this leopard and it pays for its carelessness.

The leopard is an unpredictable Predator.

It killed the baby Buck without hesitation.

Leopard versus crocodile vs Impala.

Number four: leopard versus crocodile versus Impala.

In this remarkable sighting we see an unfortunate Impala constantly facing danger.

This Impala got caught by a crocodile and showed immense strength and determination to defeat the Croc, but seconds later it then faced a much more difficult opponent: a hungry leopard.

The leopard spots the Impala in the water and doesn’t have to wait long.

As The Unlucky Impala escaped The Croc, it was ambushed and caught by the leopard.

What happens when a Leopard fights a hyena for prey?

We will let you know right away.

Leopard versus Hyena versus Warthog.

This is a tense confrontation between leopard and Hyena for a Warthog.

Originally, this prey was the leopard’s hunting booty.

An ungainly hyena rushed out of nowhere, wanting to Rob its prey.

The leopard does not easily ignore the prey he has worked so hard to hunt.

It hugged the Warthog tightly while the Hyena tried to pull the warthog towards her with her teeth.

I think in this situation the Hyena seems to be smarter because it tore the Warthog apart without the effort of holding on to its prey like a leopard.

Don’t you think so?

Impala runs straight into leopard filmed in Krueger, and Impala, probably spooked by something in the bush, run straight into a pair of leopards.

The male leopard was quick to pounce on it and take it up a tree.

What a lucky day for this leopard.

It’s an easy dinner.

Leopard Attack Warthog.

The leopard had just jumped on a warthog which was bigger than him.

He had only managed to get a grip of the back of the Warthog’s neck, putting him in an awkward position as the Warthog kept trying to fling him off.

If the leopard had to let go at that point he could possibly get injured by the massive tux the Warthog has the leopard kept hold of his prize, constantly trying to get a better grip with the Warthog giving a high-pitched squeal.

Leopards love eating warthogs.

Another big male leopard was crossing the road in the direction of the squealing Warthog.

Unexpectedly two leopards rushed to fight for their prey.

That’s when the Warthog narrowly escaped death and of course, none of the leopards benefited from this fight.

Leopard Attack- Zebra crocodile almost catches a zebra, then loses it again to a lurking leopard.

In the bushes leopard has always had a skillful hunting technique.

The way it stopped, approached and attacked this zebra said it all.

Don’t leave in a hurry.

The surprises are still behind.

Leopard attacks Impala the leopard aimed at an Impala for his meal.

It chooses an extremely convenient High observation position, seizing the opportunity.

It attacks and knocks down its prey quickly.

Foreign leopard Kill Warthog.

Are you thrilled to see the leopard and the Warthog face to face?

I had a premonition of something bad.

The reality is exactly that.

When the Warthog moves, the leopard will attack suddenly and decisively it captured its prey in an instant.

It kept the warthog in its mouth until the poor creature choked and died.

Foreign leopard kills Kudu.

An adult male leopard stalks and takes down a young kudu.

Poor prey doesn’t win against a predator’s agility.

Leper eats scrub.

Small animals like Scrubs rarely escape the leopard’s clutches.

A young male leopard kills a scrub hair very gently and calmly.

It was all too familiar with hunting trips.

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