30 Interesting Animal Moments Filmed In The Amazon

Hello there and welcome to the unbelievable.

And otter decides to interrupt.

Some cayman peacefully sunbaking.

A giant black caiman seems to be hungry for some fishermen.

Okay guys, we are so lucky.

You don’t see this every day.

It’s hard to see it.

This is the Emerald Tree Boa.

Wow, it’s really huge.

You wouldn’t want to get one of these crawling up your leg.

Villagers stumble across an absolute massive beast in the rainforest.

Oh gosh, i’m gonna cry.

Oh my gosh, i can’t believe it.

I love you so much.

Check out this unusual but fascinating lizard.

You might come right over here.

A man rescues a manatee that seems to be abandoned and a bit unresponsive, uh, and caiman is recorded floating down the river in a strange demeanor.

This is, uh, Amazon Tree Boa.

You see corrales horchilanas.

We’re shining with our flashlights and they’re waiting for anything to pass underneath them like a rodent.

Particularly a black caiman is released back into the wild after a brief recovery from an injury.

A pair of brazilian tapias get quite close to this safari.

Jeep, oh, magnificent.

Footage is recorded of a jaguar being on the prowl in search of prey, coming to see us on our last date.

Hey, how cutie i’m in the amazon with a baby slaw.

Oh, she’s so cute it’s called two-toed sloth.

Two-toed sloth- what do you think about this?

I love this.

I am so happy.

She’s so sweet.

A large group of peccaries gather at this natural salt lick to get some essential and tasty nutrients.

A tourist finds a massive anaconda catching some sun.

Thank you for watching and i’ll see you next time on the unbelievable.

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