18-Foot Shark Attacks Cage | Great White Serial Killer

Is it possible that a fish could sense vulnerability on a human?

Brandon decides to test this theory on the Sharks turf.

So now I’ve got one, two, three, four sharks, one with a bad attitude, and I’m ready to jump in there.

I need my head checks.

The plan is to lure a shark into a sneak attack, like the surf beach victims into hurt okay, specifically bill, with bars on every side except the front, which is all Plexiglas.

So when I jump in there and float out 30, 40 yards, I’m gonna look like an easy target for these sharks.

The Sharks are shy at first, but as soon as Brandon turns his back they close the gap.

And when Brandon takes an even more vulnerable position, the animals confidence grows.

Then, out of nowhere, an 18-footer shows up.

The cage may not be enough to stop it.

The pulling Brandon out now would only put them in greater danger.

The safest place is in the cage.

If the cage stays in one piece, one float is punctured.

If the shark takes out the other one, the cage could sink to the bottom, leaving Brandon trapped.

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