15 Times Wild Crocodile Attacks Caught on Camera



If there is one creature that will defy any animal- crocodile and its cousins.

If you want to see what happened when these famished crocodilians are on the prowl, stick around, because- because we are getting started, oh he’s got that one.

Crocodile attack on wildebeest

There I went.

15. crocodile attack on Wildebeest.

A wildebeest is stunned when a crocodile shoots out of the water to snatch it.

But what follows is the most intense battle I have ever seen between a crocodile and a wildebeest.

The Wildebeest fights so hard as the crocodile tries to rip it apart in the water hole.

After being dragged through the entire water Hole by the starving reptile, it almost escapes.

Wow, the Grumetti River is home to 300 voracious crocodiles.

Crocodiles and other Predators affect wildebeest in different ways.

The Calfs urge to fill his thirst triumphs over any fear he may be experiencing.

With remarkable ease, the crocodile Glides around them.

They are astute Hunters that meticulously planned their attacks.

A strike could occur at any time.

Despite the attack, the mother and her calf are still alive.

They returned to the plains in a stampede.

It can take a long time for a single Croc to overwhelm its prey.

Crocodilians are Cooperative feeders who work together.

The death roll shreds the prey into bite-sized pieces, but the reptile’s anger might spill over.

During its journey across the river in Masai Mara, this adult wildebeest was ambushed and consumed by a huge crocodile.

The Wildebeest resisted the crocodile’s attempts to drag it further into the water with all its strength and fought back furiously, with his friends waiting, looking on, yelling at him to make it fast.

And, lo and behold, he managed to escape.

But the others were not as lucky as him.

All the crocodiles must do in this video is snag one of the wildebeest as they try to cross the river.

In the end it’s a numbers game and if it’s not your time, you’ll be lucky to live another day.

But a crocodile manages to snatch one wildebeest as it almost gets away.

Crocodile attacks gazelle


Crocodile attacks Gazelle.

An Impala mom sacrifices herself to save her young in this video.

But what amazes me more is the speed at which the crocodile comes gushing in to grab the Impala.

It almost looks like he’s on a speedboat during the Great Migration, hungry crocodiles await the arrival of gazelles on its way to new grasslands and calving areas.

A herd of Gazelle’s attempts to cross the river.

However, because the river is Rife with Crocs, this could be a disastrous mistake.

Some of the animals get through, but one unlucky Gazal is snatched and crushed by the starving reptile.

Crossing rivers for gazelles must be terrifying.

Every time they walk into the water they don’t know what kind of monster is going to attack them.

You can see various attacks in this video and most of them are terrifying and almost always end with death for the gazelles.

Wild dogs or hyenas most likely chase this young male gazelle into the water.

In this massive water hole there are only two adult Crocs and one of them spotted the deer.

He attempted to pursue it, but the crocodile pursued the smaller deer Like a Torpedo and quickly caught up to it while the massive hippo for length.

The two animals, the crocodile and the deer, both vanished beneath the surface of the water, and that’s when you knew the deer was doomed.

Alligator hunting snake


Alligator hunting snake.

Because of their powerful jaws, large alligators have a significant advantage over pythons.

The alligator grips the Python with a force of about two thousand pounds per square inch and manages to kill and eat it during its battle.

In this video you can see what an alligator and a python fight looks like underwater.

When the alligator grabs the snake in its mouth, it appears to have the upper hand, but that doesn’t last long after the snake frees itself and flees.

In this video, a rattlesnake finds itself at the wrong beach party and is quickly grabbed, mangled and killed by an alligator.

It doesn’t take time before a friend takes a few bites as well, as the snake is passed through the grinder by the hungry crocodiles.

Crocodile attack on lion

– 12.

Crocodile attack on lion.

When two lions attempt to cross a body of water, one of them is attacked and pulled underwater by the Ferocious reptile, but the other line saves his friend from certain death, except he’s the one that gets stuck fighting the crocodile, and it doesn’t end well.

The line that was first attacked can be seen swimming the other way back to safety, but the heroic lion cannot be seen anymore, probably because it drowned or was killed by the crocodile.

A wine crossing a river is flanked by a hungry crocodile in this video, and after a short scuffle in the water, the feline escapes and runs out of the water without a scratch.

A lion decides to enter a water hole in the middle of the night, when it is pitched dark, and that’s when the feline is almost killed by a hungry crocodile.

Only he’s strong and skilled enough to get out of the water alive after fending off the crocodile.

Crocodile hunting warthog


Crocodile Hunting Warthog.

When a crocodile zings out of the water to grab a drinking Warthog, the Warthog uses some Nifty footwork to escape.

Even though they look kind of chubby and we don’t expect them to be fast, warthogs are actually quite fast.

In this video, an alligator approaches these wild pigs in the wetlands near New Orleans.

The pigs appear to have no idea they are about to be attacked by a monstrous sea monster.

In a matter of seconds, the alligator swoops down and snares one of the pigs.

Even if one of his friends tries to assist him, it is too late.

The victim squeals as if it were his last day on Earth, which it is.

The alligator devours the pig.

After spying on some baby hogs, this alligator goes for the kill as it walks up and grabs a wild pig, only to take it back into the water to finish it off.

It’s all done with great discretion, as the alligator doesn’t want to disturb the inhabitants of the forest.

Big alligator or crocodile hunting

10. big alligator or crocodile hunting small alligator or crocodile.

Alligators often fight one another, and you can see what it looks like in her thumbnail as one massive alligator tries to crush the body of his opponent.

A monstrous alligator has killed a smaller one in a swamp and breaks the carcass into smaller pieces so it’s easier to eat.

Alligators do not masticate their kills.

They rip them into smaller pieces so they can swallow the smaller bits and pieces whole.

This poor baby alligator is chased by an older one, and it doesn’t take the bigger reptile long before it grabs the youngster, pulls a series of 360 spinarama, death rolls all the way into the water.

Surprisingly enough, Omnicus reported that the smaller alligator survived and was later seen hanging out in the area.

Wildlife Enthusiast witnessed a thrilling encounter between two crocodiles in Kruger National Park.

This contest was unevenly matched, to say the least, when a monstrous crocodile took on a much smaller one.

At first omakers thought the crocodiles were playing or teasing each other, but when the bigger one attacked and killed the smaller crocodile they knew it was for real.

A much larger alligator sticks his head out of the water with a smaller alligator in his mouth, only to swing the carcass into the air to break down so it’s easier to consume.

These two are involved in a violent scuffle and one of the reptiles is getting a beating.

You would think the one that was flipped over on its back is seeing Stars by now, but both animals get back into the water without a problem.

I guess this is the sort of activity crocodiles do for fun or to pass the time whenever they’re bored.

Crocodile hunts dog

9. crocodile hunts dog.

This dog is walking along a riverbank with his friend, unaware that he will soon become this crocodile’s next meal.

After he grabs him, the poor dog is defenseless and becomes crocodile Ciao. in seconds.

A crocodile emerges from the water and swims away clutching a wild dog.

Because wild dogs are fearsome Predators, we frequently see them chasing down prey.

The behavior of the wild dogs in the sequence fascinates me greatly.

They appear to be very concerned about their friend, as evidenced by their body language.

They’re keeping an eye on the dog to see if it can escape.

Given the reputation as ruthless, brutal Hunters, it astounds me that they can be so compassionate towards one of their own, and it is indeed a sad sight to behold.

I’m not sure why this dog is standing in the water doing nothing.

When the crocodile approaches, a man warns the dog, but it’s too late.

If the man knew there were crocodiles in the water, why did he let his dog jump in there in the first place?

A dog sensing danger in the water swims out of there just in time.

But then for some reason, the canine Dives back into the water and is immediately gobbled up by a hungry alligator.

Why the dog jump back into the water to certain death is beyond me.

Crocodile attack on hippo

Eight: crocodile attack on Hippo.

When crocodile snatched and killed a hippocaf, as the lines in the area looked on, the Hippo Mom, obviously upset, let out a cry for help.

One of the less experienced Lions seem to want to jump into the water, but it would have been a fatal mistake to do so because she would have been the next victim of the hungry crocodiles.

I mentioned earlier that crocodiles were not afraid of any animals they may encounter in the wild, and they’re not.

But one animal that may make them doubt themselves is definitely the adult Hippo.

Hence the reason why the hippos we see being killed in these videos are calves.

The crocodile in this video is seen eating a hippocarcissus at a bird hide in Kruger National Park.

How the Hippo died is unknown, but it could have been killed by other Predators or was just sick or injured and eventually succumbed.

Crocodile kills Impala

7. crocodile kills Impala.

After two missed attempts, a crocodile gets lucky when he manages to grab an Impala at the last second.

Once the Impalas in the water with the reptile, there’s no getting out.

Impalas, like Wildebeest, must drink on occasion and face the same dangers.

They must be extra cautious because they are much smaller and weaker than Wildebeest.

They do, however, have one advantage over wildebeest, and that is speed.

In this video, the crocodile leaps out of the water quickly, but the Impala isn’t fast enough to react and is dragged into the hole by the big reptile.

Crocodiles are eating machines, and you can see what I mean in this video when a massive crocodile exits the water to crush a feeble Impala.

The poor Impala could barely stand on its own, so it was a cakewalk for the large reptile to grab it.

Alligator attack on turtle

6. alligator attack on turtle.

A large American alligator can be seen crushing and eating a freshwater turtle.

In this video, when the alligator comes out of the water with a turtle in its mouth, we can see some blood sliding out of the alligator’s mouth, which means that the reptile has applied enough pressure on the turtle to begin crushing it slowly.

This alligator is attempting to solve the mystery of this turtle’s hard shell.

It continues to try to crush it, but it doesn’t seem to work.

You might think this is a quick and easy snack for the reptile, but the alligator must work hard for his lunch.

The alligator in this video attacks a soft shell turtle, but the turtle bites back and attempts to flee the jaws of the crocodilian at the Orlando Wetlands Park in Florida.

Watch closely as the turtle bites the alligator’s Claw at a certain point in time, which allows it to free itself momentarily and gives the alligator all sorts of trouble as it tries to escape.

Drone footage captured the moments a huge saltwater crocodile attacked a giant sea turtle at Noaa beach in cave tribulation.

The turtle could be seen trying to make an escape as the Predator dragged it further out to sea.

Crocodile attack on bird

5. crocodile attack on bird.

A vulture sees stars and visits Heaven prematurely after a crocodile darts out of the water to snatch it.

The other vultures are appalled as they watch their friend being gobbled up by the hungry reptile.

Pelicans are out on the water looking for something interesting to eat, but what they don’t know is another animal is also looking for something interesting to eat, and it happens to be Pelicans.

A crocodile sticks his head out of the water and snatches one of the many Pelicans floating around the other.

Pelicans are horrified and all move away, sticking close to one another, hoping the crocodile will be satisfied eating just one of them.

These birds depend on a tiny lake in Africa for food and water, but they must look out for the crocodiles that line weights and you can see the crocodiles are quite skilled at catching some of these birds, even though they’re tiny.

I have seen crocodiles Ambush all sorts of animals, from Impalas to Lions, but I’ve never seen a crocodile Ambush a bat.

Approximately three hundred thousand red flying foxes congregate to drink.

During monsoon season they skimmed the river Gathering water on their bodies, but they must avoid the freshwater crocodiles of Australia.

Crocodile kills monkey

4. crocodile kills monkey.

This small crocodile snatches a baby baboon, but the young baboon’s mother jumps in and manages to grab her baby back from the crocodile.

Unfortunately, the damage is already done and the Baby Baboon is dead.

Mom did what she had to do, but it wasn’t enough.

A large crocodile tosses a monkey into the air and crushes it to death in front of the monkey’s friends that are watching his hair, thanking the universe it wasn’t them in the big reptile’s mouth.

It is incredible how Disturbed the monkeys look as they watch such a horrifying display of demolition on.

Audacious crocodile walks up to a monkey on land and manages to snatch the animal before returning to the water to finish it off.

I’m surprised the monkey wasn’t quick enough to escape.

I mean, crocodiles are great swimmers but they’re extremely slow on land.

Crocodile attacks and kills zebra

Three crocodile attacks and kills Zebra.

A young full is stopped on his way to the other side of the river while an adult Zebra just stands next to a swarm of crocodiles watching the foal being eaten alive.

Is the adult Zebra stuck too, or is he just admiring The View because if he doesn’t get out of there soon, he’s next?

This video is difficult to watch.

This wounded Zebra ends up on the mud pit and a couple of crocodiles set the table.

They begin to tear pieces of Flesh from the zebras behind while the poor animal is still alive.

The Zebra tries to get up, but he can’t.

The crocodiles continue their feeding frenzy as the zebra abandons the fight and lays his body to rest.

Crocodile attack on Buffalo

2. crocodile attack on Buffalo.

This Buffalo can be seen escaping the grip of a crocodile, but when it comes out of the water it can barely walk because one of its legs is literally missing.

The crocodile ripped this Buffalo’s leg off.

What a friendly creature.

What’s worse is, I’m sure the Buffalo will not last long in the wild with one leg missing.

The animal will either be attacked and devoured by lions, hyenas or wild dogs, or the wound will become infected and eventually cause the animal’s death.

A Buffalo is attacked by a crocodile.

The other buffaloes flee the water and the two beasts begin a tug of war.

The other buffaloes Stand By and Watch one of their own being attacked because they don’t want to be the next Buffalo to be attacked.

They could scare the crocodile away if they all jumped into the water and stomped on it, but I guess they lack the confidence to do so.

The crocodile appears to be drowning the Buffalo, but the Buffalo stands up and attempts to flee.

A friendly Rhino is also keeping an eye on the action.

The crocodile appears to have abandoned the Buffalo, which remains in the water, probably due to broken legs.

Look at how this crocodile attacks this herd of Buffalo.

The Buffaloes are drinking while the crocodile is getting ready to attack, it latches onto a Buffalo snout, but the Buffalo is so powerful it pulls the crocodile out of the water.

When it perceives danger, the crocodile lets go and returns into the water and suddenly forgets its Meal Time.

Have you ever seen nostrils this strong?

I know I haven’t.

Crocodile hunts Kudu

1. crocodile Hunts Kudu.

In this video, a young kudu bull is caught by a large crocodile in the olifants river after a lengthy tug of war, another larger crocodile assistant drowning the unfortunate Antelope as both crocodiles enjoy a Hearty dinner.

This kudu can be seen swimming in dangerous areas, as he will soon discover, when he is dragged underwater by a crocodile fight and remain standing for as long as he can.

But the crocodile strength and pull is too much for the antelope.

He will never see the light of day again.

Crocodile hunting chicken

Crocodile hunting chicken.

This chicken has no worries in the world as it walks among five crocodiles.

This chicken must have escaped from a nearby Douglas and has no idea.

These are dangerous predators.

It only takes two seconds for the chicken to turn into a pretzel in the mouth of one of these Mighty predators.

A sneaky crocodile comes out of the water when it spots a black chicken and, surprisingly enough, it uses its speed to chase the chicken back into the water and eventually grab it.

Of course, the chicken is doomed.

The minute he was placed in the crocodile’s enclosure- because this was the crocodile’s

Live feed- it’s just how fast the crocodile managed to snatch the chicken.

That was impressive.

It’s safe to say that crocodiles and alligators are a force to be reckoned with, but the way that wine disappeared underwater and was never seen again shocked me, especially after saving his brother that managed to get away.

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