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The lion can be considered the king of all species in Africa.

To get such a position is not easy.

Lions rule the step with their considerable strength in cunning, but in some cases, even Lions have to sacrifice their lives.

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Wild animal live countdown: 15 scary moments when lions are injured and painfully killed.

Like most apex predators, Lions tend to single out the sickest and most vulnerable prey to Target.

This is a form of natural selection that keeps evolutionary Trends constantly moving forward.

However, the reality never goes according to the theory, and sometimes lines also choose hippos as prey, despite their large difference in weight correlating between the two species.

Pride of lions has caught alone here by foraging at night in the grasslands.

It seems like this would be the perfect meal, but during the attack, the Hippo was pushed between the border of life and death, and this made it extremely powerful because of the powerful bites that it can use to defend itself.

Sudden bite on the lion’s head causes the lion’s head to believe non-stop.

The pride of lions has scared the Hippo back and it took the opportunity to escape.

As to the Young Lion, he died early on the following morning.

Harsh habitat creates ruthless competition between predators.

A crocodile has an average bite force of 3 700 pounds per square each a bite.

That is very different from Alliance 650 pound-square inch buying.

Crocodiles can’t run as fast as lions or land.

The large individuals do drag adult lines into the water when the opportunity arises and sometimes Lions can prey on crocodiles when trapped.

This male line tried to eat from a hippocarcus on a river and was attacked by a crocodile before we could do anything.

The Sun attack causes stomach to be badly injured.

Buffalo is not the biggest prey that Lions hunt.

Lions often take advantage of the herd to attack from behind and avoid the Buffalo’s sharp horns, but sometimes lines are forced to hunt alone.

This line was so hungry that it has not been able to hunt for a long time, so it took a big risk to attack a herd of Wild Buffalo.

During the attack, due to a lack of support and insufficient physical strength, this male lion quickly had a situation go south.

In the end, the line died by a frenzied attack from the wild Buffalo.

Lions are not normally cannibals to the point of eating their own kind, but when hunger and merciless territorial competition occurs sometimes this can cause them to engage in these unusual behaviors.

The dominant male line was overthrown and this female lion did not give up.

She tried to protect her Cubs and was killed in eaten by the three new male lines on the scene, foreign.

The scene plays out in Kruger National Park.

A nomadic mail line has strayed into the territory of another Pride lions are highly territorial, so any Intruders will have to pay a hefty price: either you gain territory or you will have to die.

Three male lines attack the nomadic line in an extremely cruel and vicious manner.

Spine was broken, causing it to rile in pain.

Finally, the lion died and became a meal for the jackals.

Originally, the strength of an adult lion is equivalent to three hyenas.

Yeah, but wild nature does not always follow the rules.

This lioness is in the process of hunting and has clashed with the pride of Alliance before.

Fortunately, it escaped death, but it was continuously attacked by hyenas.

The incident happened in the Kruger National Park and in the end of lioness, because of her severe injuries, died and became a meal for the hyenas together.

In order to survive on the Savannah, herbivores must always be alert and ready when attacked by Predators.

This Wildebeest was attacked by two lionesses.

It had almost no chance of survival.

However, when bitten, the pain revived there and with its sharp horns, the wildebeest attacked one of the two lines directly.

Immediately there were butts that caused the line great pain.

In the end, both were forced to flee from the ferocity of their prey.

Possessing a natural hunting ability, lions are trained in hunting skills from an early age.

Young Lions were trying to attack a giraffe, but with no good results.

One line was painfully hit.

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