15 Lion Hunts Caught On Camera

Foreign watching Lions hunt?

Oh yeah,

Oh, very many people that don’t, except those that are squeamish and prefer not to see how it ends because they don’t like seeing animals suffer.

However, if you’re not one of them, keep watching, because we have all sorts of lion hunts to show you, oh. 15.

Lions catch and kill zebra.

A lion pride works together to take down a zebra, which is a risky operation because zebras are much larger than lions and can kill them with the kick of their Hooves, but the felines assault the zebra from all sides and evidently have them under control.

After snatching a young zebra full, a Linus can be seen dragging the zebra out of a pit and back into the siblings, where both felines execute the animal.

It’s strange because the zebras seem dead when the Lioness was carrying it, but I guess it wasn’t.

A male lion and his girlfriend can be seen feasting on a zebra while the animal is still alive.

A few more lines arrive to sit at the dinner table as the felines enjoy a family dinner.

Watch how the lines in this video use the vehicles to hide before they launched their attack on a herd of zebras.

They slowly creep on the zebras when one of the felines goes for the kill, and it quickly turns into a rodeo for the big cats, as the zebra runs and drags the Lioness along with it, jumping up and down, trying to fend the animal off, without success, as the Lions make the kill.


Lion versus Oryx.

An oryx almost perforates a male lion in the chest with its horn after the feline lunges at him to take him down.

It’s difficult to see the action and the video Cuts short so we don’t see the outcome, but I’m putting my money on the line.

In this one, a male line chases an Orcs in the tall grass and even though the lion looks slow to me, he still catches up to the oryx to take it down.

It seems like an easy hunt, even though nothing is easy in the bush, even for male lions.

After catching an oryx in the sprawling Dunes of the Namib Desert, a lioness must stand guard by her kill.

A scavenger’s look on our pride is out of sight, but she must find a way to share the spoils with them.

So she waits for their arrival.


Lion versus Wildebeest.

Wildlife enthusiasts were watching the Wildebeest make their way across the Mara River when a male lion came out of nowhere and took down a wildebeest right in front of them with one swipe of his paw.

It was sad for everyone to watch, but amazing at the same time.

According to the people there, a lion tackles and takes down a wildebeest in the open field.

The hunt requires some hard work by the feline, but it is relatively easy for the big cat, as it chokes and kills its prey within a minute or two.

This wildebeest in this video appeared to be so oblivious to any predator presence nearby as it was just minding its business, not watching around, walk straight into an area where some lines were resting.

I can’t tell you how much the felines appreciated the surprise visit, but they took the time to invite the wildebeest to dinner, but they didn’t tell the animal it would be the main dish.

When Wildlife enthusiasts approached a lake in Tanzania, they discovered plenty of wildebeest in the mud, some of them already dead.

If Linus took her chance, killed a wildebeest on the other side of the lake and afterwards tried to catch a young one right in the middle.

That was bravely defended by the adults.

The Wildebeest mobilized the little energy they have left until the cat gave up struggling on the soft ground.

The Linus walked straight up to the onlooker’s car as it was too tired to sort out the Hyena that was observing everything, hoping for a meal, but too scared to go after the lucky wildebeest that managed to get out of their situation.

The next day, when they returned, the onlookers found the place covered with vultures and the smell was horrible.

Lots of Wildebeest were on the move close by

And they saw a young one running around and looking for its mother.

It was lost and there was nothing they could do except feel bad for the youngster.

Three years later they returned and saw bones everywhere, maybe still leftovers from the drama they had witnessed.

What an unbelievable story.

When a lioness goes for the kill, the Wildebeest slips and Falls, making the hunt that much easier.

The Feline grabs the wildebeest by the throat and it’s all over within seconds.

Two females struggled to take down a wildebeest in front of a vehicle filled with Wildlife, Enthusiast enjoying this thrilling incident.

More lines arrive and the feast begins: 12. lion versus Hippo.

A Hippocaf quickly turned into lunch for this line, seen pulling the young hippo through the dirt.

The feline can be seen enjoying its kill and it looks finger looking good.

Even though it’s just a hippocaf, it’s still a heavy load to pull, so the feline must take a break after all this hard work.

After killing a hippo and eating most of it, these two brothers return to the dining room table after taking a nap.

Still had not allowed the juvenile lines to get a bite, though.

The number of flies on the carcass was massive, but they were completely unfazed by the Flies and the onlookers watching.

They really didn’t give a hoot that the big, loud Jeep had just pulled up and several more came afterwards.

It was all about the meal and what was left of it.

In this video.

A pride composed of 11 lines, including some sub-adults, took down a massive hippo.

The aftermath of the hunt can be seen in this video, as some lines are still feeding on the carcass and others are eating bits and pieces away from the dead animal.

A male lion spots a lone hippocaf in the Bush and decides to hop on the hippos back.

A small hippo is easily flipped onto its back by the powerful lion.

The Hippo was so afraid and screams out his pain.

But the lion, hungry, is only concerned about one thing: eating the Hippo.

The line can be seen slowly sinking his teeth into the hippo’s body and carving him open while it’s still alive.

The only good news for the Hippo is that his ordeal will end sooner than later.

After his mother died, this heartbroken hippocaf Mourns her death.

He even threatened the lion surrounding his mom’s carcass but was ignored.

I’m surprised the lions were so close to the calf and didn’t attack him.

I guess they respected the fact that it was his mom’s funeral, even though he was frustrated and Confused.

There is nothing the kaf could do.

He stuck around and eventually became a prime target for the Lions and when he finally realized this, he ran back into its water hole after being chased by a lioness.


Lions kill Kudu.

A small pride of Three Lions and thorny Bush, including two sisters and their younger cousin, take down Aku to win this video.

Wildlife enthusiasts were dragging these lionesses for a few minutes when this happened.

It was emotional to watch for all, but it showed the reality of nature.

The male line in this video looks exhausted.

I’m not sure if it’s because he had to work hard to take down this kudu or because eating it required a lot of energy.

Whatever it was, this kudu ended up feeding many members of The Pride that jumped in there as soon as they could.

After lazing around with the Lioness and their three Cubs, one of the lionesses spotted a kudu Antelope close by, but when a few male lions decided to butt in, they took over and there wasn’t much the Lioness could do about it.

Two huge male lines on the hunt, followed by Wildlife enthusiasts on a game Drive, ambushed an adult, large male kudu in the middle of the road, where onlookers watched attentively as the felines did their thing and killed the kudu without a worry in the world.


Lion versus Buffalo.

This cape Buffalo is a powerful and dangerous animal, but Lions will hunt it down nonetheless.

As you can see in our thumbnail, this cape Buffalo was taken down but may have been sick or already dead, because it looks Frozen in time and one Linus could not have possibly taken this animal down by itself.

This video is our thumbnail in action and it seems to me like this cape Buffalo has been dead for ages so hard.

Hence I’m guessing these lines just found it and had nothing to do with its death.

But don’t take my word for it because I could be wrong.

S and buffaloes are ancestral enemies, since the Buffalo has always been the most sought after prey by the Lions because with the specimen they can also feed the most numerous herds.

This Lone Buffalo made a mistake by leaving the protection of the herd to graze alone and became an easy meal for these lions, in an incredible display of teamwork and strength.

The pride in this video, led by its wise older female, can bring down a huge 800 kilogram Beast of a Buffalo.

Hunting such prey is very dangerous, but the rewards far outweigh the risk.

A male lion takes the lead during this Chase and manages to slow down a cape Buffalo until his girlfriend arrives to help him take the animal down.

The female goes for the Buffalo’s jugular while the male rests on his prey before digging in while it’s still alive.

Four lines trying to take down a lone cape Buffalo get an unpleasant surprise when a few members of The Herd arrived to help their friend.

The mines quickly abandoned the hunt and move away from their victim.

9. Lion versus Warthog.

When a few Lions spotted Warthog hanging out on the edge of a road, they don’t hesitate to attack and take down the animal.

The Warthog has no chance of escaping and is killed by the felines.

This Warthog fights hard, but when you have 10 lines trying to eat you, it’s not easy.

When the male line comes running in, he grabs whatever is left of the Warthog, while the females abdicate and watch the big male get his food.

He protects the pride from Invaders and he gets to eat first.

Those are the rules and I didn’t make them.

A lioness minding her business received an early Christmas gift when an unsuspecting Warthog family walked right into her path and she welcomed them with open arms- well, more like an open mouth.

When these lines take down a warthog, they decide to carry it under a tree in the shade to consume it.

It’s cooler

And it’s safe from hyenas and jackals.

Two lionesses have taken down a warthog in this video and while one is choking the animal, the other has already begun eating it.

Eight lion versus Birds.

A young Heron is grabbed by a lioness at the Amsterdam Zoo, but the male line scares the Lioness into dropping the bird because she’s afraid of the repercussions.

A bird that landed in the wrong enclosure at a zoo found itself in dire need of help when a lioness grabbed it.

However, the male line caused so much Havoc he made the lines forget the bird was even there after.

This line is spot to duck in the bushes along the side of a wall at a zoo.

She runs over and stalks the duck before gulping it up in seconds.

7. lion hunting Impala.

It’s never easy to watch a scene like this one, but nature rewards the strongest and most powerful animals.

The lions were too hungry and opted to start feeding on the antelope while it was still alive.

There’s no room for mercy in the wild, and this was one of the many brutal scenes witnessed by Wildlife enthusiasts during their Safari.

In this amazing Wildlife video, a pride of lions can be seen crossing the sabic river to hunt some Impalas, and a male lion shows everyone what great skills and strength he possesses as he makes the kill

A few lionesses can be seen enjoying an Impala kill in the middle of the nights.

Only the animal is still alive and trying to get away while the felines are digging in.

The same lines managed to kill two Impalas that same night, so it’s safe to say it was a busy night at the office for the pride.

If you’re considering getting a midwife to assist you during your pregnancy, don’t do what this Impala did.

This line is offered her Services as a midwife to this pregnant Impala, and she turned out to be the Midwife from Hell.


Lion kills Gazelle.

A wine watches a gazelle trapped in a Waterhole trying to get out so it doesn’t drown, but the Lifeguard is more dangerous than the water and the gazelle find out soon enough when the feline helps it out of the water to kill it.

A wine knows that it must outrun the plotting gazelle every morning or starve to death.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lion or a gazelle.

When the Sun rises you’d better be running.

Gazelles rely on their speed to dodge predators.

In brief bursts, gazelles can Sprint up to 60 miles per hour and maintain speeds of 30 to 40 miles per hour.

Pronking is a bounding leap in which gazelle swiftly spring into the air with all four feet.

The Lions will succeed at times and fail at others.

Although lines are Swift, catching up to gazelles is difficult if they are aware of the chase.

It’s a different story if they’re ambushed.

The pride of lions is walking down the road in the Kruger National Park when a buck charged them.

That is not what you want to be doing when you’re an Impala.

The Impala didn’t last very long.

I wasn’t aware that ubereats was also available in the Bush 5.. lion versus baboon.

Baboons are tough, but they shouldn’t be able to fend for themselves against a lion.

However, in this video, a young lion tries to attack a baboon and the baboon chases the lion even when the line returns for a second round of attacks, the baboon maintains his position and challenges the lion.

Unfortunately for the baboon, he becomes overly ambitious and when the rest of the pride charges, the baboon is ambushed and has nowhere to run and it is all over for him.

A baboon is devoured Alive by this lion.

This is unusual behavior for Alliance, as they usually kill their prey before eating it, especially a small baboon.

The lion could kill it in seconds, but it just keeps pouncing on it gently, which doesn’t kill it but makes it suffer.

4. Lion versus leopard.

When a couple of male lines heard his scream coming from a warthog that was being attacked by a leopard, the two felines quickly moved to steal the Warhawk from the leopard without a problem.

The Warthog thought he was finally free, but it only got worse once the lines took over.

This lion pride has trapped a leopard and they’re letting him have it.

They’re mostly sub-adults, but it’s still a handful for the poor leopard.

We’re talking about 12 lines pouncing on one smaller cat.

Looks like the lines went too far and killed the leopard.

The leopard was initially chased under a large Bush by a lioness, who then Enlisted the help of the others to flush it out.

Finally, the male lion arrived for the kill, causing a massive commotion beneath the Bush.

That concluded with the lines pursuing each other over the Plains and leopard wandering away.

The Lions cornered the leopard once more, which is where this clip Begins.

The best protection for a leopard is to lie on its back with its claws extended and teeth bared, which is exactly what is going on here.

The leopard is still alive at the end of this video, but he’s pretending to be dead in the hopes that the Lions will lose interest, which they do.

Three lion versus Hyena.

A male lion named olabar attacked a hyena clan that surrounded him.

Olabar showed the characteristic of a Fearless male lion, even though he was outnumbered.

The Hyena Clan was trying to defend its territory from The Fearless male line but instead lost a clan member trying to defend their territory in vain a Hyena and Kruger National Park was caught with its guard down by a male lion as the feline broke the Hyena’s spinal cord.

Hyenas and lions are mortal enemies and will always try to kill each other whenever they get the chance.

A big male line was busy marking his territory in Kruger National Park when he came across a couple of young hyenas relaxing in the sun next to their den.

You grab one by the head and after killing it in the brush, he brought it back onto the road.

For a moments onlookers thought he was going to carry on with marking his territory.

When he returned to the dead Hyena to break its back.

Maybe the line was just making sure the scavenger was dead.

Hyenas and lions compete for the same food, so Lions will kill hyenas to get rid of the competition.

Hyenas kill lion cubs and, if they can, adults for the same reason.

It turns out that the violent conflict between hyenas and Lions over carrion stretches back to 37 000 years ago.

The animosity between lions and spotted hyenas goes deep and it is one of Nature’s most well-known rivalries and probably the most ferocious rivalry in the African Savannah, with both species having an incomprehensible loathing for one another.

In this video, a male line demonstrates his Supremacy by facing an entire cackle of hyenas trying to save their friend.

The lion will have none of it and he dares any of the Scavengers to approach, warning them that they will end up in the same condition as their friend dead.

2. lion hunting elephants.

This is a disturbing video of a young elephant calf being eaten alive by lions, which was filmed in Botswana.

Lions do not usually prey on elephants, but Extreme drought forced this Pride to take on Nature’s Giants.

Young Catholics stray too far from the rest of the herd, giving the lines the perfect opportunity to attack, and boy did they ever take advantage of it.

In Zambia, a one-year-old elephant who had wandered away from his mother was viciously attacked by 14 lions.

Three lionesses were on the baby elephant’s back at one point, but the elephant managed to get away unscathed.

Journalists driving through the area came across the scene of the incident and decided to get the entire thing on camera.

During his 30 plus years as a guide, he had never seen anything quite like this.

Seeing the baby elephant free himself from the pride was a huge relief, and they were overjoyed.

Everyone loves to cheer for the underdog, especially when it’s a cute elephant.

Calf 1.

Lion hunting goats.

You know Lions killed goats.

These little guys are goats, and the male lion in this video doesn’t have to be begged to grab one, so he runs right for his prize and kills it instantly.

It seems like this Zoo feeds its lions live animals, and in this case, a poor goat becomes the next victim of this hungry lion.

I feel for farm animals, because they’re always the ones used for feeding other animals.

Some of these hunts must have been terrifying for these animals, especially the hippocabs, but that’s life in the bush.

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