15 Brutal Moments When Turtles And Tortoises Were Attacked By Predators


Turtles are hunted by many predators, but they’re not the easiest animals to kill and eat because of their hard protective shell.

Nonetheless, hungry Predators will still give it a shot.

Hence, if you want to see what hunting Turtles looks like in the wild, you’re at the right place.

So let’s get started, thank you.

15. alligator attacks turtle.

An alligator is having trouble crushing and eating a turtle.

It seems that most big reptiles can’t do this without fumbling the turtle several times before getting a good grip on them to eventually eat them.

This large alligator has caught a turtle.

You might think this is a mere quick and easy snack, but the alligator must work hard for his lunch.

Alligators frequently consume Turtles.

They will eat them if the opportunity arises, even though it is not their first choice on the menu.

Turtles, on the other hand, can flee frequently due to the shape of their shell.

It looks like this turtle is trying to escape, but the alligator is not letting it go because it has decided to have Turtle meat for breakfast.

Here is a turtle that doesn’t want to go inside this alligator’s mouth.

Even though the big reptile is off to a good start and looks like he’s going to enjoy the turtle for lunch, the turtle tries running, as we can see its small legs pedaling.

But it’s hard to get away when your legs are running through thin air.


14. shark attacks turtle.

In this spectacular overhead view, filmed by a drone, you can see this massive shark approach a turtle.

But when the shark tries biting the turtle and misses, not once, not twice, but three times and, believe it or not, the turtle even manages to get away.

But for how long?

Watch how this giant tiger shark chases a turtle and grabs it from behind as it tries to latch onto it.

The shark misses and the turtle can be seen floating in the water.

The tiger shark grabs the turtle by the leg again and keeps biting on it.

The turtle tries to escape, but the shark seems to have a good grip on it.

This time the turtle doesn’t get away.

A tiger shark can be seen underwater biting into a Turtle, crushing the animal with its serrated teeth.

The tiger shark’s formidable jaw strength enables it to open the shell of the turtle like a tin can and get to all the goodness.

I guess the shell is not unbreakable, especially when the Predator is a shark.



Otter attacks turtle.

Otters will not back down from a battle, and a turtle is no exception.

The look of this otter sneak up on this large Turtle.

The otter gets onto the turtle’s back and attempts to flip it instantly, as if it is aware of its vulnerability.

Let’s go because of the turtle snap attempt, but only for short moment.

The otter is determined to turn the turtle over, but it is a difficult task.

It finally succeeds and starts biting the turtle’s belly.

With the turtle remaining on its back and, defenseless, the auto pushes it farther into the water.

I suppose the otter will eat turtle soup today and return the next day to finish the leftovers.

Turtles do not stand a chance against any attack once they have been turned over.

Although flipping the turtle over was not simple for the otter, you knew it was just a matter of time before it happened.

These otters enjoy a delectable Turtle meal.

After killing one and carrying it back to the riverbank, you can see how focused they are as they dig into the tender Turtle Meats.

I guess the turtle has been cut into bits and pieces.

A mother and her three babies hunts and eat a turtle.

In this video the turtle was attacked by the hungry animal in a creek, so it wasn’t easy for the turtle to get away, especially because the Predators were otters.

In this video an otter can be seen feeding on a turtle carcass.

At first I thought the turtle was still alive, but it wasn’t the case.

Perhaps it’s the otter that killed it, but I’m not sure.



For gate bird attacks turtle.

When a mother sea turtle lays her eggs in the beach sand, she doesn’t stick around to protect them.

And even if the eggs survive long enough to hatch, as few as one percent of hatchlings Will Survive to adulthood.

Many don’t even make it into the water.

This is because the baby sea turtles look like a good snack for all kinds of birds.

Just waiting for those eggs to hatch is a black vulture taking bites at the hatchlings.

It seemingly is chucking them out one at a time, looking for just the right one to eat.

Filters are scavengers and they’ll eat just about any formerly living creature they can find along the beach.

Then there are for gay birds that don’t even need to land when they hunt turtles.

They just swoop down and pick up the baby turtles.

There are also crabs that grab the turtles on sand as they try to make their way into the water.

They just want to pull the turtles in the sand where they can dine in private, so the seabirds won’t steal their meal.

It looks like it’s not easy being a baby sea turtle.

On the beaches of the Great Barrier Reef, the first turtle hatchlings emerge from their shells and make a run for the ocean.

Almost immediately, aerial and Aquatic Predators appear hoping for an easy meal.



Monitor lizard attacks turtle.

A monitor lizard sticks his head into an already dead Turtle to see if there’s some fresh meat left as it tries to pull it out.

Eating a turtle is not as easy as it looks.

A monitor lizard finds a turtle in the forest and manages to pull some flesh out from inside the shell.

The second that occurs.

You know it’s just a matter of time before the turtle is killed and eaten.

A huge monitor lizard is trying to enjoy a turtle meal when another lizard approaches to see if his friend wants to share with a sugar bear.

But the big monitor lizard isn’t interested in Sharing.

Unless the other lizard notice, stay away.

The Bangkok Zoo has a large body of water in which dozens of large monitor lizards live and roam freely.

This lizard killed a turtle and dragged it onto land and was trying to eat it when it was eventually joined by five others, all Fighting For the Kill while unable to break through the shell.


10. crocodile or alligator attacks turtle.

This crocodile is trying to crush a turtle, but the reptile isn’t finished yet.

He’s grinding and wobbling the turtle in his mouth so it makes it easier to swallow.

After a little gargling session, the turtle goes down smoothly.

A large American alligator can be seen crushing and eating a freshwater turtle.

In this video, when the alligator comes out of the water with a turtle in his mouth, we can see some blood sliding out of the alligator’s mouth, which means that the reptile has applied enough pressure on the turtle to begin crushing it slowly.

Some people out on a Sunday morning were lucky enough to spot this crocodile with a turtle in its mouth.

The turtle wasn’t so lucky and it paid with his life.


9. lion attacks tortoise or turtle.

It’s extremely rare to see lions eating a tortoise, but it looks like this line found one and it’s trying to figure out how to eat.

It is mostly licking his prey, but can seem to find a way how to get inside where all the good stuff is.

Lions will occasionally prey on tortoises, but it is a rare sighting.

The Tortoise in this video tries to run, but the wines are too fast for it.

Luckily for the tortoise it has a second defense.

The Tortoise shell is made up of Upper and Lower bony structures called the carapace and plastron.

The carapace and plaster on meat at the side of the body, giving the tortoise a fully protected skeletal box.

The line can’t solve the mystery of the tortoise shell, so once the feline gets bored and leaves, the tortoise continues its Journey without injury.

Now here is a line that manages to crack the mystery of the turtle shell and literally cracks the shell, as the big cat can be seen digging into the turtle’s insides.



Eagle attacks turtle a bald eagle lands on a turtle in the Mississippi River Flyway and begins to Devour.

The eagle can be seen digging into the turtle and tearing bits and pieces off.

It occasionally bounces the turtle on the ground, perhaps trying to break its shell.

In this video The Eagle- you see person on a tree- spent the course of five hours scooping three painted turtles out of a five acre pond.

I guess the Predator found just the right spot to eat.

Two young eagles are in the nest above and they’re having a tug o Turtle as both are working on eating the hard-shelled reptile.

Turtles have a solid shell protecting their entire body.

So why in the hell would an eagle even attempt adding it to its menu?

Some Eagles pray almost exclusively on Turtles.

They have a beak that surgically cuts through flesh and effortlessly rips skin from bone, and Talons that can Pierce and Crush almost any prey, but these tools are no match for the turtle’s armor.

Nevertheless, looks like these little guys know what they’re doing.



Raccoon attacks turtle.

Once given the chance, raccoons will devour Turtles.

They pose a significant danger to turtles because, despite their bulk, they are capable swimmers.

Therefore they can also pursue Eternal while swimming.

In this video, a raccoon attacked the turtle resting near a lake.

The Raccoon knew exactly where to dig to get to the meat inside the turtle shell.

The turtle in this video is an Eastern box turtle.

In North America, where it lives, there are plenty of would-be predators- raccoons among them, and they have very Nimble Paws.

But these Turtles don’t have to worry because their shell has a special safety feature.

It has a drawbridge and when danger threatens the box turtle, it just Retreats into its shell and pulls it up.

The Drawbridge fits so tightly there is no crack For the raccoons to get its teeth into.

After a while, most of the raccoons give up.

Of course, when your head is inside your shell you can’t see whether your attacker has left or not, so it’s best to check before you emerge fully.

A raccoon is seen wrestling a turtle near a swamp in this video and after a few moments of nibbling on the shelled animal, it takes off with it.


6. crab attacks turtle.

A baby turtle is brutally murdered by a crab.

The poor Turtle barely makes it on the beach for a swim on, the crap snatches and eats it.

I guess this is the reality of these small creatures being born to become instant food for larger animals.

A sea turtle’s hatch.

They become extremely vulnerable as they make their way to the Sea.

The crabs know it and have no problem picking up a few quick meals, the birds too.

It’s a free-for-all buffet at the beach.

Turtle eggs have been laid in the same spot in South Africa’s East Coast for Generations.

An incredible journey to watch as the baby turtles hatch, fight off Predators like ghost crabs and begin their solitary lives at sea.

Not many turtles make it to their destination, as the walk is perilous and filled with obstacles and death.


Five. dog attacks turtle.

This poor dog tries to sniff this Turtle, but the turtle tries to bite the dog’s nose off.

The turtle’s name is indigo Montoya and he tells the dog: prepare to die.

You can see the turtle yelling at the dog.

If these two are friends, I can just imagine how things would be if they were enemies.

This small dog has found a new friend in the grass, and it’s a turtle.

The dog tries to bite the turtle, but its mouth keeps sliding off the turtle shell.

I guess he’s learning about turtles the hard way.

These puppies are fascinated by a small turtle that’s trying to avoid them.

Ducks are not harming the turtle, but the reptile must be extremely annoyed.



Heron attacks turtle.

A great blue heron has a difficult time attempting to swallow this baby snapping turtle, but it’s going to try until it does.

It can be seen dipping the turtle in the water several times to make it easier to swallow, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

This black crowned night heron has a tiny turtle in its mouth

And it’s just a matter of time before it swallows it whole.

The turtle in this video must feel like it’s on a roller coaster ride at an amusement park the way this great blue heron is handling it.

I guess the bird is new at this and isn’t sure what to do, but it will figure it out sooner or later.

This Heron has just found a turtle and as it’s walking through this Marsh it munches on the turtle’s hard shell until it figures out.

It’s much better to swallow it whole, which it does.

Oh well, so long Turtle.

The Heron isn’t done.

It keeps walking around looking for more Turtles and it finds some and gulps them down.

3. Komodo attacks turtle.


Komodo dragon found this turtle on the beach at low tide.

Step by step, the turtle tried to walk back into the ocean, but once the dragon smelled the turtle, it was the last time the turtle would see the ocean.

After finding a turtle on the beach, a Komodo dragon decides to carry the turtle into the forest and once he gets there he tries eating it and eventually swallows it whole.

After dragging a turtle on the beach, a Komodo dragon and a friend flipped the turtle over to eat it.

One of the dragons can be seen sticking his head into the turtle shell to eat that tender meat, while the other one watches.

2. fish attacks turtle.


This video takes place in an aquarium, but it doesn’t stop a hungry redtail catfish from attacking and trying to eat a small turtle that just wants a little peace and quiet.

This fish sticks its head out of the water to suck the turtle’s head off, but the turtle manages to retreat just in time.

Fish remains in position hoping for a second shot at the turtle.

But when it sees the turtle is not coming back outside to play, it decides to return into the water.

When people on a boat spot a turtle in trouble about to be attacked by a shark, one of the men dives into the water to save the turtle.

This guy is either a superhero or he’s missing a few marbles.

The Giant Tiger Shark chases the turtle and grabs it from behind.

As it tries to latch on it, the shark misses and the turtle can be seen floating in the water.

And that’s when one of the guys on the boat takes it out of the water.

Strong guy, because the turtle is heavy and taking it out that way is not easy.

The men decide to release the turtle back into the water, away from where it was attacked.

That’s one happy ending I didn’t expect.

Hopefully the shark won’t come back.


One Turtle attacked by other animals.

No one I’ve talked with has ever seen this behavior before from a Hawaiian monk seal.

I’ve seen them play with pufferfish, but never a sea turtle.

Both the monk seal and sea turtle in this video are juveniles.

This sighting was called into the monk seal hotline on Maui and the video was shared with them.

If you see a monk seal on land, please don’t approach the animal because they can be extremely dangerous.

Welcome to a special beach in Costa Rica where Two Worlds Collide: all of Sydney: sea turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs and secretive Jaguars looking for a meal.

This is a unique predator-prey relationship happening on a beach around two miles long.

This large Turtle feeds a lot of mouths.

This video demonstrates that jaguars will occasionally attack, kill and eat turtles.

This Jaguar is digging into this turtle without remorse and it looks like he wouldn’t have it any other way.

After a crow spots a small turtle on a road, it decides to give it a shot and eat it.

But the crow quickly finds out that eating turtles is not like eating a typical meal.

After several attempts, the bird gives up and when a kind human flips the turtle over and back on its feet, the little guy can be seen walking away as if nothing happened.

Even though turtles have a strong outer shell to protect them.

Many animals have figured a way around it.

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