15 Brutal Moments When Bears Hunt Mercilessly


It’s a known fact that bears are extremely versatile when it comes to tracking and hunting prey.

They can run fast, climb trees and are excellent swimmers.

So unless you can fly, there isn’t much you can do to escape the wrath of a bear.

Hey, predators in action, it’s time.

So let’s get started.


Bear hunt moves.

In this video a bear can be seen feeding on a large moose, but after a few seconds of biting into the animal, the bear pauses and slightly steps to the side.

I’m not sure why, but this doesn’t mean the Moose is safe from being killed.

When mother moose no longer had the strength to protect her calf, this bear made a kill in the forest.

The bear took advantage of the situation and killed the deer, the mother watching, without trying to help her calf.

This brown bear caught an adult cow moose in a driveway.

The carcass weighed about 500 pounds and the cow moose was an older animal.

After dragging the moose a short distance, the bear dug into its chest cavity, extracted the heart and ate it.

It then left, but returned several times that night in search of the Moose, which had been moved down the road by a State Trooper.

When you watch this bear, take this massive moose calf into the forest like it was a small cat.

You realize just how powerful bears are.

You can see the mother watching helplessly as the bear drags her Offspring.

However, the mind-boggling thing about this entire Hunt is when Wildlife staff walks into the forest and, dragged the remains of the calf, which is basically only the skin, a bear is seen chasing a moose in the water.

Bears are great swimmers but for some reason at the end of the video the Moose is still in the water and the bear is away on the other side walking out of the water.

I guess the Bears navigation system in Gps broke down and the bear got lost.



Bear kills elk at first light in the morning a man pulled over noting a bull elk with a few coins in the upper right of the meadow depicted in the opening shot.

The man was startled Moments Later by that bull elk running into the Yellowstone River, pursued by a large grizzly bear.

The grizzly was successful, taking down the bull elk after only a few minutes, but it had to work a while so it could redirect its prey to the far side of the river and secured on the East Bank about 100 yards Downstream from the north end of Hayden Valley.

The Bear in this video is a cinnamon-colored black bear, but don’t be fooled by its color.

There are many brown colored black bears.

This one is quite large and seems to have several issues, including a limp and an eye problem.

The video begins as the bear is about to locate an elk cap.

You can see it using its nose to follow the center picks up in the grass.

The bear then runs under the bridge to the other side where it locates the elkath.

It then drags the calf all the way up the hill to sit under a tree where a rest to catch its breath before eating the animal.

The spare catches and eats a young elk calf close to a body of water.

The small elk desperately tries to get out of his Jam, but the bear is too big and strong.

Two young cubs can be seen eating an elk on the side of a road while Mom directs traffic to make sure none of the cars hit her Cubs sitting at the dinner table.

The calf looks dead, but it’s not barely alive, but not dead.

Many Oaks can be seen running towards the camera in a state of panic, and that’s because an enraged bear is on a rampage, chasing them, trying to grab whatever he can, but in the end he grabs nothing.



Bear attack on dog.

When a polar bear snatches a dog and tries to kill it, another dog goes running at the bear, making him drop his friend, so both dogs can escape.

In this video a sloth bear is seen chasing what looks like a dow.

The dowel is by himself, so he won’t fight this sloth and prefers running away, perhaps to gather the clan.

So they confront the sloth in numbers, but it’s highly doubtful.

Watch this thousand pound polar bear mangle with what looks like a husky dog.

The dog is growled by the power of a bear and tossed into the air like a toy.

I’m not sure which animal these men are trying to stop, because at first one man is trying to hit the dog.

That’s harassing the bear.

But when the bear jumps onto the dog then hit the bear.

So I’m guessing they were trying to hit the bear the entire time, especially after I see the men helping the injured dog.

When a bear attacks a small dog, the dog’s owner, a woman, runs at the bear to scare it away, and it seems to work.

This act of Bravery by the woman is commendable, but it’s also crazy.

She could have easily been attacked and killed by the bear.



Bear versus tiger.

A large male tiger attacks a female sloth bear in her cub.

In this video, the tiger had recently killed a dominant male and taken over his territory.

Protective of his new domain, he was exhibiting an aggressive nature to all animals that crossed his path.

This female bear was purely trying to protect her cup but unfortunately lost.

The battle is sloth bear shows this tiger just how tough he is when he fights back against the deadly feline and makes him think twice about attacking him.

This next clip is actually funny.

This tiger sneaks up on this large sloth bear and the minute the tiger is about to jump the bear, the bear turns around and growls and chases the scare tiger away.

Sometimes the hunter becomes The Hunted.

When a bear spots a tiger nearby, instead of running he decides to charge the feline and intimidate him, and it works.


Bear vs cougar or mountain lion.


This mountain mine takes on a smaller bear and although the bear doesn’t back down, the feline is still careful and after tapping the bear on the head a few times, the cat decides to abandon the conflict.

This cougar approaches a bear to challenge him.

At first it becomes a snarling match.

But when the bear stands up and challenges the big cat, the feline decides to scram, realizing this little game of his may not be good for his health.

This cougar challenges a bear and the cougar launches a few vicious attacks, but the bear Retreats and doesn’t seem interested in engaging.

The cougar suddenly lays down on the snow right in front of the bear.

Never does the bear try to attack the cat.

The cougar walks away as if this was just a training session.

This gigantic bear confronts this cougar and when the bear lowers his head it looks like he’s at the hair salon waiting for the cougar to give him a hair massage and shampoo.

And, to be frank, that’s what the cougar looks like he’s doing.

The bear is so massive the cougar probably tickled it when it struck it with its paw.

However, it must have worked because the cougar chases the bear away.

This mom was defending her Cubs, so it’s normal she was overly aggressive like this.

If it had been a lone cougar, it probably would have fled long before the bear got that close.



Bear Hunts- Deer.

You’ll see how swift bears are in our next video.

Deer move quickly, but watch as this massive bear chases down and catches up to a deer.

The bear is enormous and it’s sprinting faster than the deer as it catches up to it with your cute Cub right behind.

Look at how powerful this bear is when he drags this deer up a hill without a problem.

Deer are heavy animals and this bear was not only dragging the deer, but the deer was still alive and fighting, making it twice as hard to bring it up there.

This bear is chasing a deer out in the open field, but the poor deer crashes into some large trees on the ground.

A difficult Chase suddenly becomes an easy kill for the bear.

This is a heartbreaking video.

When a bear attacked the deer that was already injured, it was roaming in the backyard of a house.

You could hear the unfortunate animals agonizing screams as it was bitten by the Ferocious predator.

I’m curious as to how all these animals end up in backyards of private residences.

Where do all these people live?

In our thumbnail we can see a bear digging into its prey a deer with large antlers, but it seems like those antlers did not do too much to help the deer defend itself against this powerful predator.



Bear attack on goats.

When these mountain goats are forced to descend an altitude, a bear tries his luck catching one, while the newborn mountain goats extraordinary agility keeps them out of most Predators- reach.

One goat is unable to save itself from the enormous predator.

In this video, it seems like this bear is on the run and is trying to find a way into an enclosure so it can attack a ghost.

The Goat is seen trying to escape as it runs to the fence where the people standing there pull it out of the enclosure.

In this video, a hunter is targeting a mountain goat.

Two Grizzlies come out of nowhere and are hunting the same goats.

This is one of the most spectacular events to witness in nature.

The hunter got to the go before the Bears and the Goat was harvested the next day and all meat was packed out.

A sloth bear is on a rampage at this Farm, killing various animals, including goats.

No one seems to be able to do anything and all the animals seem helpless.



Bear vs Caribou.

This bear notices a caribou quite a long distance away and begins to run in that direction.

You can see the bear run in the open field and jump into the water, swimming in the direction of the caribou.

Meanwhile, the Caribou is trying to get out of the water as quickly as possible, but the bear is catching up to it in no time.

It’s incredible how much terrain the bear is able to cover in such a short lapse of time and evidently catches up to the caribou once on the other side, the bear jumps back into the water and swims in pursuit of the Caribou, which has changed Direction, heading the other way in the water.

The bear gains ground on the animal in the water and things don’t look good for the fleeing caribou.

This bear is determined it will catch up to its prey and it does.

The bear jumps the caribou and plants its enormous canines in it, as well as its powerful Claws, and it’s only a matter of time before the caribusa comes.

It’s time for lunch

And I can’t say the spirit didn’t work hard for this meal, because it did even after all, that running the bear can drag its large kill across the field.

What Incredible strength and endurance the bear is displaying.

This Caribou takes it to a bear in this video and charges the bear, pushing it into the water.

The caribou’s antlers are huge and they are dangerous if they hit their mark.

This Caribou is courageous when he decides to go head-to-head with such a dangerous predator.

However, the hunt ends when the bear flips the Caribou on its back and ruthlessly kills it.

When a bear meets a caribou on the side of a road and wants to introduce himself, the Caribou tells the bear that he doesn’t need friends like him and runs for his life.



Bayer’s attack on baby bears.

Polar bear cannibalism is not an uncommon occurrence, but it is rarely witnessed by humans.

It’s possible that this is the first time it’s been captured on a video in such detail, despite the efforts of the mother’s Cub to protect it.

Crew and passengers on a Lynn flat Expeditions trip on the National Geographic Explorer the Arctic witnessed a male polar bear hunting and then eating a polar bear Cub.

According to experts, this cannibalistic Behavior may become more common as ice melts, making it more difficult for Bears to reach their usual food sources.

After chasing a small bear cub of a tree, an adult bear snatches the little guy and kills it before climbing down the tree and eating it on the ground.

Another bear cup is assaulted and killed by an adult bear in the water this time.

Once the kill is made, the bear carries the carcass out of the water.

During a photography expedition to Svalbar, Norway, a crew of wildlife Specialists came across a large male polar bear that had killed a small polar bear Cub.

And Fantaside is a cannibalistic behavior that is mentioned in almost every book about polar bears, but it’s almost never documented.

This was a first for their polar bear expert in his 20-plus years of working in the Arctic.

The female, who was also the Cub’s mother, even came down to feed herself on the ice floor.

The female bear was a satellite tagged bear who is part of a research project conducted by the Norwegian Polar Institute.

The scientists later informed the Expedition members that the Fema was 14 years old and had only one Cub that year.

The cup was also a female, weighing 9 kilograms when scientists tagged her.

It’s a shame she didn’t make it.

It’s well known that bears will kill Cubs to eliminate all Cubs that don’t belong to them so they can mate with females that will go into Estrus more rapidly.

This Cub is mangled and beaten by a massive bear in this video, and what looks like the Cubs mom in the background is jumping up and down as if she’s cheering for the bear to kill her cub.

This polar bear mom saves her Cubs when a male comes sliding up a hill to snatch them.

She creates a tiny Avalanche, making the male polar bears slide down the mountain against his will and saves the Cubs from what was an imminent attack.



Polar bear attack on seal.

This is one of the biggest and most beautiful polar bears I’ve ever seen.

It’s as if the animal just walked out of the Grooming Salon.

His hair is so fluffy.

As it blows in the Wind, the bear finds a tiny seal lost in the middle of nowhere and snatches it like candy.

Watch how this pregnant polar bear hunts seals to feed herself and her unborn baby.

She Rams her head into the snow to snatch seals hiding in there.

How does she even know they’re there?

These animals are incredible.

On an expedition, Wildlife enthusiasts came across this polar bear, which had very recently killed a seal and could be seen eating it with your young, beautiful cub.

To say the Bears were enjoying their meal is an understatement.



Polar bear hunting Walrus.

When a hungry polar bear approaches a Walrus Army, it’s time to begin hunting.

Walruses are hard to persuade.

They can weigh hundreds of pounds and have enormous fangs that might harm the polar bear.

So the bear must be cautious.

The walruses will not be frightened to challenge the bear because it is considerably smaller, because the polar bear is still looking for a weak link, such as a wounded or sick Walrus.

The Kill will be simple.

He swirls around until he comes upon a smaller walrus and hops onto its back.

Walruses have a lot of fat on their bodies to protect them from the cold and bites, so even though they’re small, they’re still huge.

It’s not going to be simple.

The bear is unable to keep the walrus at its grasp and eventually let’s go.

This polar bear tries his luck with this gigantic walrus and while things appear to be going well so far, the bear is finding it difficult to hang on to such a massive animal.

One of the younger calves is eventually killed by the bear.


This polar bear attacks a massive walrus and totally annihilates the animal, creating a massive pool of blood where the Walrus is killed 4. bear attack on bison.

This bear chases a calf in the next video and even though its bison mother is just behind them, there’s nothing the Bison mother can do to stop the bear.

The calf has been devoured by the bear and recesses over.

This bison will not be scared off by this bear shown in this clip and charges the bear to let it know.

Finally, the bear has had enough and goes for the kill.

It leaps into the back of a bison and bites it.

The Bison takes the bear on its back and carries it across a bridge and into the water, weakening until it succumbs to the Bear’s attack.

This bear chases a herd of bison in the open field, but it’s not as easy as it looks to catch one.

The Bisons stick together and the bear hangs around the perimeter waiting for an opportunity.

But when a couple of the massive beasts decide to turn the table on the bear and Chase it, the Predator has no other choice but to Scamper off.


3. bear attacks- wild boar.

Watch this bear attempt to snare a pig from its enclosure.

Even when they hear their Pals squealing like a motherfudger, the other pigs Remain unconcerned.

The Bears yanked on the pig’s back, ripping off some of its skin, but the pig is too heavy for the bear to lift and carry over the fence.

Because this isn’t happening in their natural habitat, I’m curious why the folks filming don’t intervene.

This bear is savagely attacking a pig on a farm.

The next scene shows a bear struggling with the wild boar, and the people filming the incident honked to try and scare the bear away, but I believe the bear is so focused on the pig that it doesn’t hear the horn and continues to Pound The Hog.

A trail camera was set up to see how a bear would react when he finds a pig carcass, and what it was expected occurred when the bear didn’t waste any time to rip the carcass away to eat it.

The person filming this video was at quite a distance from the action, but I can tell you that the bear was all over a pig, easily killing and eating it in no time.


2. bear attacks.

Cow black and grizzly bears have been observed preying on cattle of all ages, as well as swine and sheep.

Grizzlies May prey on larger animals, such as adult cows, due to their size.

In this video, a bear jumps over a fence to try and grab a few pigs, but the pigs fight back.

The cow in this video is being attacked by a giant bear, but the cow is strong and continues to walk all the way onto the road with the bear on its back.

I’m not sure if the bear manages to make the kill, but it sure doesn’t look like a walk in the park.

A small cap in this video had no chance of surviving such a vicious attack.

The bear can be seen mangling the smaller animal to death and digging into its body on the side of a road along with its cub, while the calf is still alive.

I thought I had seen it all, but I guess I didn’t, because this video is not for the squeamish.

A bear scene rolling a cow towards the forest with most of its entrails seeping out of its body.

What’s even crazier is that the animal is still alive.

How is that possible?

1. bear hunting- wool.


The Wolf in this video wants what the bear is eating, but when the bear yells, don’t touch the wolf’s snarls and taunts the bear before reconsidering its plan, fearing the bear will attack him if he tries to grab a bite.

All these bears were fearless and I loved it when the sloth bear scared the tiger away, especially because he didn’t expect it.

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