15 Best Shark Attacks Ever Caught On Camera


Sharks are fearless and dangerous, but many people are fascinated by them, and for good reason,

Oh my god, because they are marvelous creatures.

Have you ever seen two people pad aboard right next to a huge shark without being afraid?

Do you think a shark can kill a killer whale?

If you want to see some of the best underwater got action, keep watching as we look at the best shark attacks ever caught on camera.


– number 16: shark attack boats.

A group of german tourists got the shock of a lifetime when a hungry great white attacked their rubber boats.

This footage shows the 12-foot female savaging the side of the vessel, causing part of it to deflate.

The attack took place off the coast of Mossel Bay in South Africa.

The tourists had been on a sightseeing expedition to watch seals when the shark turned up.

The gentleman who organized the tour believes the sharks mistook the boat for a dead whale.

These two shark experts are in a small boat surrounded by a giant great whites in this heart-pounding moment.

The shark seems stuck and that’s probably why he’s so frantic and nervous.

And that’s not the only shark in the vicinity.

Great white sharks attack a fishing boat on the North Coast of Santa Cruz, California.

Three friends are aboard and record the event.

That is near a surfing and kite-surfing beach.


Number 15: shark attack- Turtle.

Watch how this giant tiger shark chases a turtle and grabs it from behind as it tries to latch on it.

The shark misses and the turtle is seen floating in the water.

And that’s when one of the guys on the boat takes it out of the water.

That’s a strong guy, because the turtle is heavy and taking it out that way is not easy.

The men decide to release the turtle back into the water, away from where it was attacked.

That’s one happy ending i didn’t expect.

Hopefully the shark won’t come back.

This tiger shark grabs a turtle by the leg and keeps biting on it.

The turtle tries to escape, but the shark seems to have a good grip on it.

This time the turtle doesn’t get away.


Number 14: tiger shark feeding cow carcass.

A cow carcass is dropped into the water to see how the sharks react.

Well, the tiger sharks arrive and feast on the carcass.

They even go head to head with migrating great whites over this unusual food source.

There are so many tiger sharks, even the experts can’t believe their eyes.

Number 13. shark vs Moray Eel.


In this video a whitetip shark gets into an altercation with a much smaller moray eel and the shark drags the eel out of its hiding spot into the sea.

The eel strikes the shark in self-defense, but the shark continues to swim while holding the eel in his mouth.

I think the clock has run out for the eel.


, number 12: shark feeding frenzy.

The sardine run is underway off the coast of South Africa.

Thousands of sardines are devoured by sharks, birds and even a surprise visitor, a bride’s whale that crashes the party.

Rising from the depths, this 15-ton giant devours sardines by the thousands.

Even the copper sharks give this 50-foot behemoth a wide berth.

North Carolina is the fifth most dangerous shark state in the Us.

It is no stranger to sharks, including spinners, sand bars, Blacktips, sand tigers and many others.

Some are more likely to attack humans than others.

Something unusual catches this man’s attention.

He sees a whole bunch of birds flying over the water close to the beach, so he drives up to where the birds are and he sees all these sharks in the water.

So he starts filming.

This man captures footage of something rarely seen: a shark feeding frenzy.

There were at least 100 sharks almost on the beach eating as many fish as they could.

During the summer months they hunt ferociously, targeting schools of fish, often spinning and leaping out of the water in pursuit of prey.

Finally, serrated teeth are designed for grasping, not cunning, so this may explain why most encounters with humans result in puncture wounds and are rarely fatal.

Thousands of groupers congregate on a reef in french polynesia once a year to mates luring hundreds of sharks to a feeding.


Swarms of Grey reef sharks attacked marbled groupers when they were spawning, as scientists on the global reef expedition were there investigating the predatory behavior of reef sharks.


Number 11: great white shark attacks seal.

A small seal can be seen trying to escape from a great white shark.

The shark is close and at one point he seems to grab the seal, but it’s not very clear.

In this spectacular video, a drone captures footage of a great white shark attacking and killing a seal.

You can see the shark make his approach and bite right through the seal, immediately filling the water with blood.

There is a fine line between life and death.

At least this is a quick way to go.

This pup has stray too close to the edge.

Now it’s out of its depth.

A pup can outmaneuver a shark, but only for so long.

Half of all such encounters end badly for seals.

The adults must deal with this persistent menace, but how it takes one brave seal to lead the way others join soon.

They are a mob harassing the intruder.

It’s a risky strategy because sharks can turn on a dime.

Together they’ve overcome the giants.

The waters around seal island, just off the coast of South Africa, are the best spot in the world to watch a great white shark breach.

They launch themselves at their prey at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and can travel more than three meters into the air.

If the shark doesn’t kill the seal in one go, however, it can make for a gruesome spectacle.

If you ever wondered if sharks attacked in shallow water, this video shows you they do.

You can see a huge shark approach some of the seals in extremely shallow water in Plentenburg Bay, South Africa.


Number 10: shark versus humans.

In our thumbnail we can see a great white shark trying to cuddle with a woman, but the woman is not interested.

She went to the beach to get away from flirty men.

And now this?

This diver was one kilometer off the gold coast when a monster 10-foot tiger shark got way too close and almost took his leg off.

He was saved by his trusty birdcage, but there is a moment when he thought he was going to die.

These people have no clue.

A hammerhead shark is swimming right next to him.

The shark doesn’t seem interested at all in joining them for a swim.

A large hammerhead shark took a liking to this man’s kayak while he was fishing offshore.

The huge shark even bit the back inside of his kayak and had to be eaten off.


The shark eventually had enough of getting smacked with a paddle and took off number 9: shark vs cage encounter.

Sharks are inquisitive creatures and they bite to investigate things in the water.

This shark tries getting into this cage.

I can’t believe how big the shark is.

I’m not sure i would go underwater in a cage to see great white sharks.

No matter how solid the cage is, you never know if the shark is strong enough to break the cage open.

These divers are safely in their cages as they watch a great white shark chase baits underwater.

At one point the shark is almost able to enter one of the cages when he almost squeezes right through the top.

What a scary feeling that must have been for the divers.

This team of divers go into a shark-infested zone off the coast of Guadalupe to witness female mega sharks.

It is then that some of the sharks attempt to break into the ghost cage.

It must be cool to watch sharks in their natural environments through this glass cage, but still extremely scary and dangerous because you never know what can happen.


Number eight: shark attacks seabirds.

This eagle is quite lucky when this shark pops out of the water to swallow and misses.

The seagull was seconds away from certain death.

While camping, a family witnesses a young great white shark attack and eats several seagulls.

You can see the shark jumping out of the water on several occasions.

In this video a young albatross is learning how to fly and while he takes a break, a huge tiger shark lurks in the water below and pops out of the water snatching the bird.

Number 7: hammerhead shark attacks tarpon.


A 14-foot hammerhead shark is on the prowl and he finds a tarpon.

You can see how massive the shark is when he gets close to the boats.

While this man was fishing tarpon in the Florida keys, a hammerhead shark and two bull sharks attacked a tarpon within feet of his boat.

Every year, massive hammerhead sharks migrate to the beaches of Florida to hunt and eat six-foot blacktip sharks.

The average size of these blacktip sharks is six feet and around eighty pounds.

The Hammerhead sharks are much larger, reaching over fourteen feet in length and weighing more than one thousand pounds.


Number six: shark attack dolphin.

I don’t know how a shark and a dolphin got this close to shore.

I have no idea which of the two was winning the fight, but they are creating a lot of havoc and there’s a lot of blood in the water.

A shark can be seen chasing a much bigger dolphin from bird’s eye view.

The shark eventually gives up on the chase and swims in another direction.

Two sharks can be seen trying to hunt a lone dolphin from above.

It doesn’t look like they will be successful.

These three great white sharks surrounded and chased a dolphin and they didn’t miss.

The dolphin can be seen floating in the water after it has been killed by the fearless predators.

Number five: hammerhead shark attacks.


– stingray.

A Hammerhead shark discovers a stingray lying beneath the ocean surface.

Unsettled, the stingray makes a break for freedom, but is it too late?

The stingray has no choice except to flee from cover, so the shark pursues it until it locks the stingray and immobilizes it, effectively ending the stingray’s life.

This hammerhead shark hunts a stingray at an aquarium and it doesn’t take much time before the predator impresses all the little kids at the aquarium after it bites a chunk of meat from the helpless stingray.

Number four: shark and crocodile.



Crocodiles are common in Australia’s northern regions.

A saltwater crocodile got within five meters of the person who recorded the footage to juvenile sharks in this video while people on the beach were fishing.

This location is extremely dangerous.

You must always be on the lookout for these beasts.


– number 3: orcas vs tiger shark.

For the first time, a pod of killer whales has been caught hunting and killing a tiger shark in this video.

An underwater photographer recorded the footage off the coast of Costa Rica, which is said to be a global first.

It depicts three killer whales working together to get the scared shark to the surface, wear it down and bite its fins.

When the opportunity arises, a massive bull eventually rushes in to administer the fatal blow, flipping the shark onto its back, in the process causing tonic immobility.

Before going back into the ocean, the pod takes turns, devouring and stripping the seven foot shark down to its bones.

Orca is chasing down seven gill sharks in this video.

Seven gill sharks can grow to be 9 feet long and weigh 200 pounds, making them a far more substantial meal for an orca than a little ray.

The Sevengill shark, on the other hand, is difficult to catch.

Seven gills aren’t on the orca’s menu very often, but it does happen.

The orca’s hunting technique for the seven gills is outstanding.

They frequently bash the sharks in the back before ripping the shark’s pectorals and extracting the liver.

When you look at the shark which is plunging to the ocean’s depths, it’s evident the orca is a master at hunting shark liver.


Number two: paddle boarder encounter shark.

If you ask me, these guys are absolutely insane.

Paddle boarding where there are sharks.

A huge, great white shark can be seen right next to the paddle boarder and all it takes is one little bump from the shark, or even the paddle boarder just losing his balance and falling into the water to become the shark’s next meal.

But hey, maybe these guys know something i don’t.


Number one: reef shark attacked divers after spearing four large snappers and placing them in a catch bag, these divers noticed they had followers.

Once they realized the sharks were becoming more aggressive, they started swimming towards the shore.

About halfway there they looked back and saw the two largest sharks charging at the diver carrying the bag of fish.

He wasn’t going to get between them and dinner.

After letting go of the bag of fish, the camera cut out and the diver was attacked by the other shark.

It went after his leg

And he lifted it just in time to avoid its mouth.

It was a close call, to say the least.

In this video, a white tip shark can be seen attacking this diver and repeatedly biting his back.

Even the two men watching everything on video cringed and felt bad for the diver.

Things could have been worse.

The diver escaped with only minor lacerations.

I’m surprised the shark wasn’t more aggressive and didn’t continue attacking the diver.

I know some people have a passion for sharks, but i find certain people are asking for it, like these paddle boarders, for instance.

It’s like they were on a suicide mission.

Which one was your favorite?

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