15 Animals That Messed with The Wrong Opponent(video)



Most animals needs a hunt to eat, unless they’re herbivores, but sometimes hunts don’t go as planned and predators are sometimes attacked by their prey.

Want to see what it looks like.

Stick around, because we are getting started.


15.. snake vs chameleon.

The Boomslang is a venomous snake that can be found throughout sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in the central and southern regions.

They can be found in a range of settings.

Although their preferred habitats include forest and grasslands, arid Savannas, Karu scrubs and lowland forests, they normally stay away from locations that are particularly dry and desert-like.

This boom slang comes out of the Bush to grab and kill a chameleon, but he gets a surprise when the chameleon stands up to him.

The two creatures stare at each other for a few seconds until the chameleon shows his bum to the snake and scares it away.

Here is another chameleon that shows a boom slang snake what he’s made of when he doesn’t run and challenges the snakes every move.

It seems to be enough for the Boomslang to reconsider his little plan of eating the chameleon.

In this video, a bright yellow chameleon tries to make a run for it when it’s being chased by a snake.

Once he feels cornered, he gulps as much air as he can to appear as large as possible, but the snake is determined to finish the job.

Once the snake bites, the Venom spreads killing cells one by one, making the chameleon change color.

The chameleon must admit defeats and accept his imminent death.

This snake bites a little chameleon, but the chameleon is tougher than imagine standing and facing the snake, despite being bitten numerous times.

What exactly is going on here?

The snake gives up the Chase and lets the chameleon Escape.

It must be something the chameleon said.



Bobcat, or Lynx, or Cat vs Groundhog a Bobcat attacks a groundhog in the grass, giving the animal several slaps on the head until it unleashes its full Theory and chokes the groundhog to death.

A Groundhog stands his ground against a bobcat and I must say it’s quite impressive.

The Bobcat walks away but stops to groom himself as the Groundhog stands.

Still, funny enough, the Bobcat lays down in front of the groundhog and eventually walks away.

On the side of a road a bobcat attacks and kills an inoffensive groundhog.

Groundhogs are feisty, but they are no match for Bobcats.

Even though these felines are small, they possess a certain oomph about them which allows them to hunt larger prey, such as deer.

So you could just imagine how easy it must be for these cats to hunt and kill a groundhog.

This domestic cat is having a blasts laughing out this groundhog, but I’m not sure the little guy is having much fun, except he sticks around.

It doesn’t seem afraid of the cat one bit.

When the cat decides to go back on the attack, the Groundhog shows some teeth and confronts the feline before he finds the door to his den and jumps in right in front of the cat, sliding down straight to the hog cave.


13. weasel versus rats.

Have you ever seen two small creatures like this fight it out?

I mean, they’re delivering punches, scratches and bites like it’s the last day of their lives, and for one of them it may be, but at this point I can’t tell you which one.

This weasel takes on a rat about the same size as itself, and the battle is intense, with neither animal conceding an inch.

It’s the first time I’ve seen a rag of a weasel such a hard time.

These two are battling it out and the rat is giving the weasel a run for his money.

In the end, however, the weasel is too strong for the rat and it succumbs.

The weasel drags the rat into the forest.

This weasel is trying to suffocate this wrath.

The rat is in a bad position and it’s almost impossible for it to retaliate, but it manages to Tumble and roll as it tries to fend off the weasel.


Lion versus Buffalo.


Inis meant more than her match when she challenged a confident Buffalo bull to a duel.

The Pride was actively hunting a herd of Cape buffaloes when at one point they grabbed hold of a young cat, only to have the herd chase them off again.

This line is decided to tango with a Buffalo Bull and it almost cost her her life.

What an epic experience it was for the people.

Filming life in the bush isn’t easy for any of the animals, and this video proves it.

When a mad cape Buffalo drives through a line as if it were a ragdoll- and this in front of the entire Pride, mostly sub-adults that have no clue what to do to help their sibling, when the heart sticks together, it forces a male lion to retreat, but not for long, as the big cat decides to chase the herd again, until they turn around and once again confront the feline.


Hawk versus hen.


Hawks are amazing – Birds of Prey, but they are much smaller than chickens and when the hawk lands on the ground he becomes vulnerable.

As you can see in this video when a hen passes this Hawk through.

The grinder Hawk threatens a few chickens in a yard, but the chickens are alert and make sure the hawk can’t launch a viable attack.

Chickens are big birds compared to Hawks and once they’re on the ground, docks no longer have the air advantage.

The chickens gang up on the hawk until the bird of prey takes off.

This Hawk wanted chickens for Thanksgiving, but this rooster confronted the bird of prey and told him he was the new sheriff in town.

So he had better scream if he didn’t want to end up behind bars.

When a hawk flies in to scoop a chicken, he gets the scare of his life.

The Roosters attacked the hawk relentlessly and even Corner him at some point, even though he gets away quickly.


I’m sure this Hawk never expected this kind of resistance from a bunch of chickens. 10.

Tiger vs dog.

At first I thought this tiger was killing this dog, but a few seconds later I realized their best of friends and this is a play date they were enjoying together.

This video is hilarious.

Instead of using sticks to scare the tiger away, it’s the tiger that’s on a leash and the men are trying to scare the annoying dog away.

I guess it’s the world upside down.

But hey, it’s 2023, so anything is possible.

In this video, a stray dog Ventures into a tiger’s Den at an animal Conservatory or national park in India.

The tiger lunges at the dock and, of course, overpowers it in a heartbeat.

The domestic dog is no match for the tiger.

It doesn’t even have the instinct to flee.

I think some form of barking will save it.

Unfortunately, the dog has no chance.

One would have expected the bystanders to do something, but what could they have done for the dog?

Not only is it unsafe, but the question of interfering with the wildlife ecosystem also comes into play.

Somehow suggested that tourist or a tour guide intentionally put the dog in the Tiger’s Den, but there has been no evidence to suggest this.

It is key to note that in this part of the world, dogs are known to stray even in zoos and wildlife conservation areas.

In this video, a young tiger fiddles with a Jack Russell that seems to have been drop shipped by accident.

I mean, what on Earth is this dog doing in the same enclosure as a tiger?

Yes, of course the tiger is still a sub-a-doll, but he can kill the dog with one slap.

I guess the tiger grew up with the dog and they are friends.

This has got to be one of the most shocking videos I’ve ever seen.

Not only is this golden retriever biting and holding onto the Tiger, but he’s doing all of this under watchful eyes of a lion.

The lion even sneaks behind a tiger to bite him.

Unless I’m hallucinating, this is nuts.

I’m thinking these animals grew up together and are friends, or else these two big cats would have swallowed that dog a long time ago.

The tiger is obviously very young, and so was the lion, but they’re still big and strong enough to kill the dog.

They just don’t have the Killer Instinct yet.



Snake versus rat.

This gopher snake had a big appetite, but he didn’t take into consideration how big this rat was before he began swallowing a hole.

This is one fat rat and he’s not going in smoothly.

As a matter of fact, he’s not going in at all because he’s stuck.

Snakes usually go up and swallow white rats or mice and one easy sitting

And it takes seconds.

But for some reason this white rat is slowly munching on a cobra and the Cobra isn’t doing anything about it.

You’re just staring at the rat biting it.

Even worse, there is a second Cobra watching the entire thing and not moving.

Are these cobras on drugs or hypnotized, because I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

It looks like the rat in this video didn’t get the memo regarding snakes, so it decided to chase the snake, and the snake didn’t seem to be aware it was supposed to eat rats.

With both animals confused, it’s no wonder the rat can be seen munching on the snake and not the other way around.

8. leopard versus lion.


It’s the first time I see a leopard stand up to an adult lion.

Usually when leopards encounter Lions, they submit immediately.

Why, on their backs, stick out their claws and pray.

The lion get a heart attack, but not this leopard.

He fights hard and manages to flee up a tree where the line isn’t willing to go.

This lion pride is trapped, a leopard and they are letting him have it.

They are mostly sub-adults, but it’s still a handful for the poor leopard.

We’re talking about 12 Lions pouncing on one smaller cats.

It looks like the lines went too far and killed the leopard.

The leopard was initially chased under a large Bush by a lioness, who then Enlisted the help of others to flush it out.

Finally, the male lion arrived for the kill, causing a massive commotion beneath the Bush.

That concluded with the Lions pursuing each other over the Plains and the leopard wandering away.

The lines cornered the leopard once more, which is where this clip begins.

The best protection for a leopard is to lie in its back with its claws extended and teeth barred, which is exactly what is going on here.

The leopard is still alive at the end of this video, but he’s pretending to be dead in the hopes that the Lions will lose interest, which they do.


Gibbon monkey versus dog.


Gibbons are not as powerful as their Big Ape cousins, but their robust arms, hook-like hands and specific shoulder joints allow them to swing from Branch to Branch across the Jungle.

The Gibbon in this video is not intimidated by this dog and quickly sends him on his way.

This rescued white-faced Gibbon wrestles a dog in this video, but no need to worry, because this is a friendly fight and neither of the animals in question was hurt during the friendly scuffle.

The given monkey in this video is a pest and he’s annoying this friendly dog by pulling on his tail.

And see how long the monkey’s arms are and how they allow him to grab and swing pretty much on anything.

Another playful fight between a gibbon and a dog takes place in this video, and I must admit that these Gibbons are loaded with energy and even though it’s just a play fight, these monkeys seem to be Fearless.


, 6.

Goat versus Chicken.

A furious hen challenged this baby goat as it wandered around a construction site.

The Goat, thinking it was a game, let the hen give it her all, although it was aware of the benefit of being on Higher Ground.

The hen Was Defeated and it was time to celebrate with a victory dance.

Hippie goats are adorable.

This goat is the most adorable goat I’ve ever seen.

But I don’t think this rooster agrees with me because he feels threatened and he lets the little guy know, but I don’t think the stubborn baby goat understands or cares.

This rooster wants to become a member of this Goat Community, but one of the goats is against it, so they get into a scuffle.

Both are stubborn and don’t back down.

So I guess it will come down to which one is the most patience, because goats and chickens are both stubborn.

Things can become a little sticky when they’re together, if it’s even conceivable.

Have a look at this goat and chicken butt heads.

It’s just another day at the farm for these two and they’re having a good time.



Puma vs guanaco.

The Quantico in this video was probably twice as big as the Puma.

As cruel as it seemed, it was an awe-inspiring sight.

But it was nature in action and the circle of life.

You can see the stealthy Puma moving in and attacking its large prey.

The strength of the guanaco was incredible as it tossed the Puma up and down in the air trying to fend it off, but the big cat would not let go.

Consider a camel now.

Remove a hump or two.

Lastly, reduce its size and relocate it to South America, as far south as Tierra Del Fuego.

What are the results?

It’s a guanaco.

Guanaco’s are cousins of camels.

They do, however, live in South America, whereas camels are in Africa.

In Asia, Quanticos are wild animals, but bombs and alpacas, like cats and dogs, have been tamed and were most likely bred from Guanacos.

They have pale, Brown backs, white undersides, short tails, enormous heads, extremely long necks and massive pointed ears.

They dwell in groups of up to 10 females and they’re young.

As well as a dominant male, adults, unattached Bachelor males develop their own herds which can number 50 or more animals.

When a female guanaco gives birth, her young, known as Chulengo, is immediately able to walk.

Cholangos can quickly catch up to the herd.

The Quantico in this video is huge, but it doesn’t deter the spuma from attacking it.

Except the Puma gets tossed and kicked around as if it were a domestic cat.

That’s how powerful guanicals are, and when Pumas hunt them, nothing is ever guaranteed.

Three times the size of a female Puma, guanacos can grow to a height of 2 meters.

Will she have enough food for her growing Cubs?

The Guanaco is an interesting creature.

It keeps running and knocking the Puma over, but the Puma keeps going after it.

Her cups try to help, but they’re too young and lack the experience to bring down such a large prey.

Worse still, mom has been seriously hurt.

Her injuries are very serious and she will need weeks to fully recover.

However, her cups won’t make it long without nourishments.

4. cat versus chicken.


In my book, cats usually eat chickens, but when the cat in this video decides to get this chicken in a headlock, the chicken’s friend comes to help him and the cat.

Let’s go.

When the chickens turn their backs to the cat, the feline tackles the other chicken, but not for long, because the two chickens stand up to the cat together and it seems to work.

This cat Must Be Wondering Why these crazy chickens are so tough.

In his mind it was supposed to be an easy meal.

Here’s a cat that doesn’t want to share his food with his rooster, so he decides to slap the rooster several times with his paw, but it doesn’t deter the rooster at all as he walks onto the cat’s food and eats it right in front of him.

How audacious is that for a rooster.

You would think a cat would have the edge over a chicken, but it’s not the case.

Watch this hen take it to this cat and charge him numerous times without worrying the world.

The cat is freaking out but keeps going back for more.


This hen rules 3.

Bull versus dog.

These dogs decide to gang up on a bull.

It looks more like a friendly game, but watch closely and you’ll see one of the dogs being tossed up in the air.

So I’m thinking this must be a training session for their Cirque de Soleil number.

The bull tossed that dog so high.

There were rumors that landed on the moon.

A dog goes after a huge Bull and the bull tries to avoid conflict with the dog by jumping all over the place.

It’s easy to tell that the bull Isn’t interested, but the dog insists until the bull runs him over and it still doesn’t deter the dog.

I’m beginning to think that dogs are as stubborn as goats and chickens.

These little dogs are Relentless when they try and harass a bull by biting its legs.

The bull sends the dog’s flying into the air as if they were enjoying a ride at an amusement park.

I must say this is hilarious.

I can’t believe how high the bowl is throwing these dogs in the air.

They just keep coming back for more.

It must be enjoying it.


2. dog vs wild boar or Pig.

Wild pigs are dangerous animals and when this dog tries annoying the wild boar in this video the boar chases the dog until it two animals engage.

I’m not sure if the dog is biting the boar or if it’s the other way around.

The wild boar is not alone, but it doesn’t seem to bother the dog that he’s outnumbered.

He keeps charging into the animals like a mad dog, biting legs and snouts with Reckless Abandon.

The White Pig in this video teaches this dog a lesson when he sends the canine flying into the water after running him down a small slope.

That’s one Pig I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley.

This dog wants a piece of this wild boar, but the pig isn’t an easy target.

Firstly, he’s fast and secondly he’s aggressive.

But it doesn’t stop the dog from chasing him around until the pig decides to turn the table on the dog to bite him.

It doesn’t deter the dog as the Fight Continues, with neither of the two animals gaining The Edge on the other.


1. eagle versus prey who would have thought that a crab could give an eagle such a hard time?

But ask this bald eagle and he will tell you that the crab he was trying to snatch used his pincers to claw his way back to Freedom instead of on the Eagle’s dinner table.

A man and his colleagues were working at a fish farm off the coast of North Vancouver Island when they witnessed a knock down, drag-out fight between an octopus and bald eagle and caught the battle on video.

When they saw the eagle was in trouble, one of the men took a pike pole and slowly peeled the octopus off its prey.

That gave the eagle just enough time to break free and swim to shore.

The bird spent about 10 minutes Gathering itself on the shoreline before flying off.

Some of these battles were unexpected and I still can’t get over how high that bull tossed that dog into the air.

That was incredible.

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