14 Terrifying Displays of Hippo Fury: Unleashing Devastation Upon Their Adversaries(video)


The Hippo was one of Africa’s most under-appreciated creatures in terms of fearlessness and potentially violent disposition.

Hippos are one of Africa’s largest animals and they aren’t known for being cheerful, and they kill more people each year than mines, leopards, crocodiles or any other significant predator.

If you want to see how hippos rule, keep watching as we look at 14 angry hippos attacking and crushing their opponents.

Come on.


Hey, hey, oh, number 14: Hippo vs Lion.

A large lion, pride, attacks a lone hippo in the middle of the night.

The pride is made up of many females and sub-adults attacking from all sides, but the Hippo is tough.

Humanity is to run off with the felines in pursuit.

The younger cats are listless and uncoordinated, unsure of what to do next.

The Hippo kills one of the felines and manages to save his own life during a drought.

The scarcity of drinking water isn’t the only issue.

Another issue is a shortage of rain and water, which makes it difficult for food to be rich in nutrients.

As a result, hippos become quite territorial, challenging animals they would ordinarily avoid, such as the lion in this video.

The lion is not really looking for trouble, but the Hippo wants the lion out of his territory.

The water line marks the boundary and to cross it, he better be primed for battle.

Number 13: Hippo vs Rhino.


An enraged Hippo attempts to bite this rhino’s horn, but the rhino’s horn is lodged in the Hippo’s mouth, making it difficult for the Hippo to close its mouth on the rhino.

Nevertheless, the Hippo charges and plows the rhino into the ground.

This Hippo reminds me Pavarotti singing the classic nesendormi to this rhino, who’s not that impressed.

The presence of this rhino at their water hole irritates these two hippos who challenge him to a shouting contest.

But the rhino remains calm and simply stands there listening to the Hippo’s high-pitched voice.

Oh wait, the rhino is finally struck by the Hippo, which bites it and turns it on its side.

This rhino doesn’t appear to be much of a threat to the hippos.

Rhinos and hippos are not afraid of many creatures and will go up against any of the large cats.

They are occasionally slain by a pride of lions, but this is rare because they are difficult to bring down and carry weapons of their own that can cause significant damage.

But what happens when a rhino and a Hippo Cross paths?

It goes something like in this video: the Hippo yells and the rhino just stands there, and usually that’s the end of that, but something they push and shove each other to try to intimidate their opponents.


Number 12: Hippo vs Leopard

A gorgeous leopard knows what’s good for him when a huge hippo comes out of the water to challenge him.

He scampers off in seconds, avoiding a lot of trouble.

Just watch how fast this hippo can run as he literally squashes a fleeing leopard.

I don’t know if the cat survived, but if he did, i’m sure he was in a lot of pain.

Number 11: Hippo’s fighting.


When a hippo- kindly asks another hippo if he can enter the water, the other Hippo goes ballistic and yells at him, telling him it’s a definite no.

I guess the message is clear, because i don’t see the Hippo trying to walk into the water.

I guess fights and arguments between hippos don’t only happen in the wild.

These two hippos try to show their dominance to each other at a zoo.

They’re not even in the same enclosure and they’re arguing.

Imagine if they were wildlife enthusiasts were sitting in a small boat as these two males come within feet of the boat in crocodile-infested waters.

Luckily, their engine started at the last minute and the hippos went in a different direction.

Hippos along the Hippo loop in the central Serengeti welcome, a scared and scrapped bull with deep, resonant grunts and vocalizations.

And then a melee occurred between hippos crawling over other hippos.

Clearly they can move fast and are well deserving of their most dangerous label.

The Hippo isn’t nice and friendly as most people think they are.

This was shot in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

The guy told his guests that hippos would easily attack them if they were in the water with the animals.

Two hippos happened to fight while the guests and their guide were at the waterhole.

It got quite violent and it mystified all the people present during the altercation.

Number 10: Hippo attacks antelope.


Hippos are not known for attacking other animals to eat them, but this sort of phenomenon occurs more often than we may think.

In our thumbnail, these hippos can be seen attacking an antelope that has entered their territory.

We don’t know if the hippos end up eating the animal, but there is a good possibility they do.

On Impala find itself at the wrong place at the wrong time when it tries to escape a pride of lions and inadvertently finds itself stuck in the mud with the Hippo and her calf.

The Hippo stares at the impala for a few seconds before destroying it.

The impala is helpless and the lions watch their dinner disappear under the mud.

This Hippo finds itself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

On one side, a bunch of annoying wild dogs wait and salivate to devour this poor antelope.

Then, on the other side, the Hippo has a tiny and fragile antelope stuck in a mud pit with mud up to its ears.

The dogs are so annoying.

It’s as if the Hippo knew the antelope was the cause of this cacophony, so it decided to kill it to obtain peace and quiet, and the dogs ended up getting what they wanted.

Life is the great equalizer for the dogs and the hippos, except the antelope gets the short end of the stick.

Hippos are generally grazers, herbivores and vegetarians.

However, they have sometimes been recorded scavenging from carcasses close to the water and occasionally catching and chewing on an animal that ventures too close to them.

It is extremely rare to watch or see such an instance, though here wildlife enthusiasts came across a hippo chomping down on an impala it had taken from a crocodile.

Other hippos were also trying to get bits and pieces of the impala to eat.

There was also an entire shoal of barbell surrounding the hippo, trying to get some scraps too.


Number nine: Hippo vs Hyena.

Who could forget the remarkable sighting from a year ago that saw the North clan hyenas tenaciously pursue a baby hippo in a standoff that lasted several hours.

Everyone watching was kept on the edge of their seat as the hyenas tried to attack the Hippo, who only had a small body of water, keeping it safe from their ferocious snapping jaws.

As we all know, the little one managed to escape in the end in a scene that will forever stand out in the minds of all who were there.

These hyenas approach a healthy hippo in the middle of the night, but they don’t attack the animal.

They probably figure he’s too healthy and could rip their heads off, so they leave him alone.

Two hyenas harass a large hippo, but i think it’s going to take more than that if they’re hoping to get a meal out of this.

I think they’re just bored and want a toy with a hippo.

A young but large Hippo is being chased by some hyenas in this video, but the Hippo was quick enough to outrun the hyenas and jump into the water, watching whatever opportunity the hyenas may have had.


Number 8: Hippo charges vehicles.

This Hippo becomes agitated when wildlife enthusiasts get a little too close for comfort, trying to take pics of the angry beast.

This Hippo in Botswana attacked a vehicle while on a safari.

Its teeth punched through the side of the land rover, but no injuries were incurred.

This Hippo looks like a spoiled barrack when it goes running towards the camera with its mouth open, ready to eat anything.

A fully grown, large, adult bull attacked a game vehicle on a safari, piercing a hole in the side of the truck.


Number seven: Hippo vs Croc hippos and crocodiles have epic battles.

Despite the crocodile’s formidable bite, the Hippo straws can easily crush it, piercing and grinding it.

In the meantime, a Hippa was large enough to be killed only by an elephant or a pride of lions.

The Hippo is the only animal i see crocodiles running away from.

Even when they’re confronted to lions or elephants, crocodiles are ready to fight.

But check out this crocodile trying to escape this hippo in pursuit.

However, the Hippo is just chasing the reptile and not trying to bite it.

The same thing is happening on land, when this hippo appears to be smelling this crocodile’s tail but doesn’t attack it, and the two other hippos in the vicinity seem quite peaceful as well.

The crocodiles had taken their kill back from the hippos and began feeding on the unlucky zebra.

These dinosaurs were ripping and tearing, all trying to get their piece of the Zebra.

There were about 40 crocodiles in total, most of them nearing feet.

It was awe inspiring to see these huge crocodiles feeding in such a frenzy.

In this video, Hippo mom scopes the water to see if there are crocodiles in the water before the Hippo lets her calf enter the water.

Evidently there is a hippo there, so mom makes sure he doesn’t get close to her calf.


Number six: Hippo eating Zebra.

During the great migration, a massive crocodile killed a zebra while crossing the Mara river and two young hippos swiftly took it away from the crocodile.

Hippos are herbivores, but they have been observed eating tiny amounts of meat on occasion.

The amount of meat ingested by the hippos is unknown, but they surely feasted on the zebra.

Without holding back for 45 minutes.

They were able to keep the zebra away from the hungry crocs.


Number five: Hippo vs Wildebeest.

The young Hippo in question tried to bite one wildebeest as it passed him in the river, then went after another one, stuck near a rock in the middle of the river, with more success.

After getting a good grasp of the unfortunate animal, the Hippo proceeded to take the animal downstream through the pod, drowning it in the process.

A wildebeest that seems to be stuck or held back by a crocodile in a water hole is forced out of the water by an angry hippo.

Hippos don’t want intruders in their backyard, so they don’t hesitate to attack, even if things are called for a muscled intervention.


Number four: Hippo eating Baby Hippo.

This video was recorded in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia.

Most likely the Hippo Bull defeated and chased off the previous ruling bull.

He found a calf within the pod that wasn’t his.

His gene dominance told him to reproduce with as many hippo cows as possible.

The Hippo Cow with a newborn won’t be receptive the next two years, so to get her an estrus he needed to kill the calf.

So the suckling stops and the biological system of the cow will tell her she has lost the baby and will start ovulating soon after that.

The new ruling bull never knows how long he will sit on his hard-earned throne of dominance, so he needs to get to the point quickly from a genetic point of view.

No time to waste, nor seeing cavs grow up which are not his.

Number three: Hippo vs wild dogs.


The commotion the dogs caused started to annoy the massive hippo who tried to nudge the young antelope through the water.

Meanwhile, an adult impala- possibly the mother of the floundering youngster- arrived at the water’s edge.

The dogs were on in seconds, but their trophy was quickly snatched by the hyenas who tore into the carcass.

The dogs focused their attention back on the baby and, after facing down a charge from the increasingly aggressive hippo, one daring dog left into the dam to try and retrieve their prey.

By this point the young impala was exhausted and began to sink beneath the water.

It was all too much for the Hippo, who scared the dog off the kill and flung the carcass back over its shoulder, defeated.

The dogs could only watch on as it sank to its death at the bottom of the dam.

Wild dogs are no match for an adult hippo.

So these dogs are just taunting this massive hippo because they know they’re not going to eat it.


Number two: Hippo chasing duck.

At a zoo in London a duck saves her ducklings from a hungry hippo.

The Hippo Beast can be seen chasing the duck in her ducklings, but they manage to get away.

This giant territorial Hippo charges and attacks these ducks, showing he is large and in charge.

The older Hippo can still defend his territory, even if it is just to chase away some pesky ducks.

He seems very docile, most of the time barely able to move to get his food, so spectators were surprised when he decided to become aggressive and charged towards these ducks that were splashing in his pond.

It looks like this hippo and duck are buddies and they even exchange a few kisses in this video.

This is a young hippo and he doesn’t get upset when the duck lunges at his face.

All these ducks are traumatized when they watch a hippo eat one of their own.

I guess the Hippo got hungry and passed one of the ducks through the meat grinder.


Number one: Hippo vs Buffalo

This Hippo opens its lips wide in our first clip, as if to warn the Buffalo of an impending attack, yet the Buffalo does not budge, with its mouth extended.

The Hippo charges the Buffalo, attempting to crush it as it drives it into the water.

Besides being pushed around, the Buffalo doesn’t do much.

In our next clip, these buffaloes are having a drink of water and this hippo moves in closer to them, but everyone seems to be in a good mood until the Hippo goes nuts and pulls a tantrum on the buffaloes like a spoiled three-year-old child.

The buffaloes don’t react, but they must be asking themselves what is wrong with this hippo.

These two appear to want to settle matters right there, on the spot, but for some reason they seem a little too lazy to do so.

Nothing happens when the Buffalo moves its head and the Hippo just keeps pretending to bite the Buffalo.

It almost looks like they’re practicing some type of ritual.

We have seen hippos in all types of situations, and the common denominator is certainly that the hippo is not to be messed around with.

My favorite has to be the Hippo pulling that tantrum on the beach with the buffaloes.

Which one was your favorite?

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