100 Most Dangerous Animal Encounters of All Time 2023

This is smart pizza, and in this hour-long compilation I’ll show you rare and dangerous animal moments that people were lucky to catch on camera.

Incredible battles involving Lions, crocodiles, elephants and other dangerous animals are waiting for you today.

You’ll also see unexpected attacks of snakes, from which there’s nowhere to hide, bad habits of animals, and much more.

Get yourself something tasty to eat.

As we get started, elephants was standing by a body of water, quenching their thirst.

It’s a common African sight, no surprise there, but animals should always be on the lookout for crocodiles that might show up at any second.

There it is: it grabs the elephant right by the trunk and starts dragging it into the water.

Crocodiles have a very strong grip so they can move even a big elephant, but this giant is stronger.

After a bit of a struggle it threw the reptile off and made its way to shore.

Here we see something similar, only there are many more elephants and the reservoir is surrounded by Greenery.

The Giants are quenching their thirst when suddenly a crocodile rushes at the smallest of them.

The young elephant trumpets, and the whole herd trumpets along with it.

The elephant tries to throw the reptile off, but it’s still inexperienced.

So the adults have to intervene.

They help it and the danger passes.

Once again we see a typical situation in Africa: animals at a reservoir with a crocodile in it.

This time the Buffaloes came to quench their thirst.

Even though the crocodile is very close, the Bulls don’t seem to skip and this plays a cruel trick on them.

The crocodile bites its time and grabs one of the Bulls.

The others all back off in a jiffy so their congener can handle by itself.

It drags the crocodile to dry land, enduring the pain.

It drags the reptile on its own a few meters deep into the shore and the crocodile finally leaves the bull itself.

It’s too far from the body of water.

It can’t overpower the Buffalo here, and certainly it can’t overpower a whole herd of such powerful balls.

A monitor lizard did some reconnaissance and found out that there’s a nest in the tree that’s inhabited by possums.

It’s a great option.

They have a good snack.

The lizard carefully climbs up the tree and is already at the hollow, but an adult possum crawls out at the noise and startles the lizard.

It has to retreat, but only to try again.

The monitor lizard comes from the other side and dives into the hollow with a sharp jerk.

The possum grabs onto the lizard’s tail, but its jaws are clearly not strong enough.

While the monitor lizard was being bitten, it managed to eat several baby possums, and it took it less than a minute to do it.

And here’s another lizard, the Iguana.

It’s opposed by a leopard.

The Iguana seems to have nothing to do here.

It’s many times smaller.

Nevertheless, it starts a fight, not wanting to give up.

The lizard pummels the cat with its tail.

Apparently the blows are painful.

The leopard pauses each time to recover a little, but still, size is an important thing in the animal world, and this time it was confirmed again.

The leopard literally crushed the Iguana, clung to it and dragged it into the thicket.

By the way, it was a young leopard, so we can congratulate it on its first successful hunt.

And these are adult leopards fighting somewhere in South Africa.

From the outside it may look like they’re just playing, but in fact right now a battle to the death is unfolding.

After the first round, one of the leopards escapes but is immediately overtaken by the other.

The Fight Continues.

One of the leopards takes the dominant position from above, crushes its congener with its weight and sinks its teeth into the opponent’s neck.

Soon it drags it a little further.

Took literally a couple of minutes to defeat its opponent.

It’s quite possible that now the winner will start a meal, because leopards are no stranger to cannibalism.

Look at the spotted cat some more.

This time it’s confronted by a porcupine.

Realizing that the battle cannot be avoided, the spiny rodent attacks.

First, it pushes The Leopard with its needles.

When the cat tries to get close to it, the porcupine quits its needles.

That’s its invulnerable part, and the leopard won’t be able to break through them in any way.

It’ll only prick its paws.

The fight lasts in this way for some time and then the animals move to the road.

There the leopard kept on trying to attack the porcupine and hit it in the vulnerable place, and the rodent defended itself perfectly.

As a result, victory for the porcupine.

The cat couldn’t do anything to it, gave up and lay down next to it.

Porcupine didn’t leave even after that.

Maybe after the fight they became best friends.

That’s how it is.

Sometimes you’d come to play golf and the course is already occupied by two alligators that have decided to turn it into a fight ring.

In fact, in America, where alligators live, it’s not uncommon.

The two reptiles wanted to sort out their relationship.

The fight was active only for the first few seconds.

After that it was just one alligator clawing at the other.

It bit it and spun and tried to do damage, but it failed.

Holy Cow, look at that.

After fighting a little more, the alligators dispersed.

And this is what an active and spectacular confrontation looks like.

These bears are not going to sink their teeth into each other and lie there for a few minutes.

They put up a real fight.

First there was a stand-up fight.

The opponents tried to bite each other, but they failed.

From the clinch the fight moves to the ground, but not for long.

The Bears quickly get up and fight again in the standing position.

Then they wrestle again, stand up again and wrestle again.

In the end the bear from the left corner of the Ring wins.

It’s taken the dominant position on top and its opponent is no longer resisted.

In fact, it was not a fight to the death.

Brown bears often fight each other without causing each other much harm.

They fight seriously, either for the female or for the territory.

Black bears are most likely fighting for the territory.

The fight looks more brutal as a result.

One bear drives the second one away.

The Bear’s next opponent is a pig.

The bear tries to get into its enclosure.

After a minute.

It succeeds.

What happens next?

Will the bear eat the pig or will it just finish the pig off and leave neither?

The bear itself lost this battle.

The White Pig fought it back severely and soon was joined by its congener that began literally chasing the bear and cornering it.

The bear had to accept defeat and shame and hastily leave the battlefield.

Crocodile from the beginning of the episode that wouldn’t fight the Buffalo on the shore.

Well, not.

All crocodiles think that land is not their element.

This crocodile thinks it’s King everywhere.

And yet the real Kings of beasts on land are lions.

Crocodiles up against an entire Pride.

But it doesn’t stand a chance.

The lion, the head of the pride, decides to show it who’s the real King here, starts biting the reptile- not much at first, but then it even started pulling the crocodile with its teeth.

Crocodile understood that it was useless to engage in a fight.

It would be killed immediately, so it just crawled away it.

It said that hyenas always attacking Clans.

It’s generally not far from the truth, but a hyena can be attacked by a group of animals.

For example, buy a pack of African wild dogs like the one in this video.

They surround the predator and start a battle.

The dogs bite the Hyena, beat it and try to tear it apart.

Right there, Diana twists and fights back with its last ounce of strength.

It’s a very strong animal, but no amount of strength will help against the whole pack of dogs.

The seconds are counting and at the very last moment the Hyena is helped by its congeners.

They come to the sound and drive the enemies away.

But the hyenas do not only help their own congeners.

Sometimes they come to the aid of other animal species as well.

This footage shows a leopard brutally attacking a Warthog.

The African Pig screams and is in great pain because right now it has to deal with the sharp claws and Teeth of the large cat.

For most of the video the leopard and the Warthog are hiding behind a bush.

You can’t see much, but you can hear everything in a couple of minutes.

The Warthog would have fallen prey a little leopard, but the spotted cat was interrupted by a spotted Hyena.

The Giggler came running in like some kind of superhero and distracted the Predator.

The pig took advantage of this and tossed the leopard in the air, taking revenge on it.

And yet, in terms of tossing, buffaloes are unrivaled in Africa.

Tossing an opponent in the air is a kind of signature move of these Bulls.

In the footage we see lionesses hunting a lizard.

One of the lionesses grabs it and rushes into the thicket to eat.

The Buffalo is watching this.

It really doesn’t like the way the whole pride is bullying the lizard.

So it runs up, disperses the lionesses and tosses one of them in the air in its Style.

The Lioness doesn’t want to think about any lizards after this.

Zebras are harmless creatures that won’t even hurt a fly.

They’re not.

It turns out that they’re very cruel and can kill even their congener.

That’s exactly what we’re seeing.

Worst of all, the adult Zebra bullies the full.

It bites it and tries to drown it.

The full breaks free, but the Zebra grabs it.

Next the baby tries to run away through the pond, but the striped criminal chases it and bites it behind the back.

The chase continues, but now the enraged Zebra is being stopped by its own relatives.

They try to push the zebra and block the way, but in vain.

It’s already gone berserk and will not rest until it kills the young one.

But let’s not talk about sad things.

Let’s take a look at another cat, this time a house cat.

However, it couldn’t sit at home.

So it went to Hunter rat somewhere on the street.

But the rat wasn’t that simple.

It was collaborate, evading attacks and awful jumping, scaring the cat and making it perplexed.

It was some kind of ninja rant.

Could it be Master Splinter from the Ninja Turtles?

And finally, I’ll show you this video.

It’s not a battle, it’s just a preparation for the battle.

But what a preparation.

The army ants have built an entire Bridge To The Hive.

Pay attention to the complexity of the elaborated construction.

They stretch to suspension bridge right up in the hive to invade it.

It would be interesting to watch the ants take over this Hive and fight the Wasps.

Brotherly hell, that’s what I’d call what happened right in front of the tourists in Botswana.

People had to come watch wildlife and, by Fate, got first seats in the audience on the stage, which is water.

Two lions decided to cover a short distance and reach the opposite Shore.

Before beginning their Journey, they took a good look around and made sure that no other Predator was watching them.

However, as it soon turned out, there was one Nimble creature in the water.

Crocodile outsmarted both lions and waited for them to swim some distance.

Then It sped up and grabbed the younger lion.

From the outside, it looked as if the creature had no chance of Escape at all for water, as the crocodile’s element- which definitely, for the lion, its brother- was nearby and would never leave it, it immediately rushed to the epicenter of the battle and provided support.

The older one was so Keen to help that it and the crocodile went underwater, while the younger one quickly made it back to the shore.

People thought, the story, at a sad ending, that The Rescuer itself had become a prey, but, as it turned out, that wasn’t the case.

A few minutes later, the tourists noticed the second lion climbing out of the Reeds on the far Bank of the river.

Incredibly, both Lions survived and were uninjured.

Now let’s talk about the honey badger and the story that happened to it.

If you don’t know, the honey badger is a small enough animal that it certainly doesn’t look dangerous or strong, and so it seems, not only to people but also many animals.

This is the reason why these three leopards decided to attack the honey badger.

They chose the tactic of exhaustion and, one by one, systematically ganked the honey badger from different sides, forcing it to be always on guard and continuously repulsing attacks, expecting the rapid onset of fatigue.

The leopards themselves did notice how bored they were, already tired of resisting it.

The fervor and strength in this little beast never faded as a result.

The fight escalated to such an extent that the honey badger became really angry and the leopards preferred to retreat.

Apparently, the honey badger was attacked by some young Tigers.

Experienced Predators wouldn’t dare to touch this creature.

After all, many adult animals know that the honey badger is the most Fearless mammal on earth.

It has almost no natural enemies because honey badgers are strong and agile and their thick skin usually cannot be bitten by venomous snakes or even big cats.

One against eight, this amazing moment shows Cape ground squirrels and Mongoose teaming up and intimidating a cape cobra in an attempt to protect their babies.

This amazing confrontation took place right in front of ordinary tourists in a park in Botswana.

The yellow Cobra, which coveted the eggs of rodents, is considered very dangerous by the locals.

I believe the animals are well aware of this, but when their offspring are at stake, they’re willing to do anything.

At first, the bravest scroll alone attracted the Cobra’s attention, but later its congeners joined it.

They surrounded the yellow snake, trying to keep the Predator away from its holes.

But ground squirrels are weak opponents for such a snake, and the story could have ended badly if not for the sudden appearance of a superhero.

A mongoose approached the squirrels as one of the main Cobra Hunters.

It took up the cause.

The Mongoose constantly continued to press and attack.

Realizing that the snake didn’t stand much of a chance, it decided to retreat.

Well, that was quite a spectacle.

I wonder how much people were worried at that moment, and for which creature exactly were they worried?

Something tells me that everyone was rooting for the Mongoose, so cute and Charming.

Everyone was probably worried that the snake bite.

Bite it, and well, you know what would happen next.

However, truth be told, Cape ground squirrels and mongooses are quite resistant to the Venom of the cape Cobra and to the Venom of many other snakes, unlike humans.

A small bite from a Viper wouldn’t hurt the animals, so there was nothing to worry about.

The rodents knew what they were doing: the battle for Habitat.

Sometimes in the wild, there are not only fights in which someone wants to eat another animal.

Sometimes the reason for a fight may be to defend one’s territory.

For example, this video shows a cougar named blinka returning to her home, the kennel by the river where she grew up many years ago.

Blinka didn’t go there alone, but with her Cubs.

However, another cougar named Repestra already lived there with her family and she clearly didn’t intend to just leave this comfortable territory.

But no matter how hard rubster tried, no matter how she hurt blinka, she failed.

The mother heroine’s willpower proved stronger and she finally got herself and her children back home, and Rupestra eventually had to retreat.

The Three Lions were quietly crossing the river when suddenly, out of nowhere, a hippo appeared.

No, out of nowhere wouldn’t be the right expression here.

This huge guy must have been heard a few minutes before it came running.

Just look at how confidently and swiftly it cut through the water surface and flew towards The Intruders.

One of the Lions immediately decided to return to its home Shore.

I don’t need these Adventures, it thought to itself.

In the meantime, its two brothers continued onward.

One was lucky- it was not the Hippo’s Target- but the other was clearly less fortunate.

It almost got caught in the Hippo’s strong Jaws.

By some miracle, no other way- the lion managed to stay alive.

I wonder what made the hippo

So angry-

The fact that some Lions out there always walk through its home?

In any case, I suggest that all the animals of the world reconsider the title of king of the jungle.

One bite from a hippo says and shows a lot.

With one such bite it can finish off a lion or a crocodile.

I think many of you have already seen videos of people throwing all sorts of solid berries or something else into the hippo’s mouths, and they grind them in no time.

There’s no reason to doubt their strength.

Rescue operation, that’s what I would call what happened to the wild dogs in this video.

They were sitting in a small group minding their own business when suddenly a lion jumped out of the bushes at them.

Thanks to its amazing speed and unique spurt, the Predator quickly caught the prey that appealed to it and certainly did not intend to Let It Go.

However, the team spirit of the weaker animals didn’t leave them even at this difficult moment.

The dogs cooperated and began to circle around the lion, gradually distracting it from different sides.

You can see for yourself what this led to.

The animals succeeded in losing the Predator’s attention at that moment.

Their congeners slipped out of its paws and then ran away as fast as he could.

In the end, the Predator never managed to catch up with the little creatures, which left it with nothing.

In my opinion, it wasn’t the Lion’s fault.

It did everything perfectly.

It’s just that the dogs were more Nimble and were able to skillfully rescue their congener.

I can only applaud them and wish them to be more careful in the future.

A crowd against one.

Usually we’re used to seeing such footage, in which a snake catches a bird or other small creature and that creature has absolutely no chance of Escape.

But that day the rules of the game changed and a flock of birds decided to punish the nasty creeping Hunter.

The birds gathered in a flock and gradually struck the snake from different sides.

They yanked by the tail, hit it in the eyes and scratched its head.

A few such blows, of course, would not do anything to the snake at all.

However, when we’re talking about constant pressure, there’s a question of survival.

Nevertheless, all those who are worried about the snake for the sake of a fair fight, don’t worry.

It survived, though it suffered many injuries.

Commotion among elephants.

If you’ve never seen what a fight between elephants looks like, this video is sure to surprise you.

The large family of these large creatures was living a quiet and peaceful life until they were visited by other elephants that wanted to get close to the females.

The large and strong creatures didn’t care about anyone or anything that stood in their way.

They even pushed away these sweet and small elephants that wanted only one thing: to be close to their mother.

Soon, a fight broke out between the elephants.

They clearly had something, or rather someone, to fight over.

At this point, an alarm sounded in the whole family.

Each of the elephants realized it was time to run away.

They gathered together in one big group and rushed off as fast as they could.

It was amazing how the elephants positioned the little twins.

They lined up so that the twins were in the center and always within sight of the adults.

The long and grueling minutes of Escape brought safety to the family.

No matter how exhausted the babies were, they still remained with a caring mother, and nothing and no one threatened them anymore.

Fight for survival, and now I’ll show you a fight between wild horses that began against the backdrop of survival.

The place, or rather the river near where the black horse lived, has dried up.

It was no longer possible to live there.

Therefore, our hero went with its family and searched for a new place to live, and, as you can imagine, they found a place.

But here’s the thing: there are other horses already living there, led by this white mare.

The only possible solution is a fight.

The winner guarantees itself and its family a nice place, and the loser will be disgraced and risked to lose its Entourage.

After a long and strong-willed fight, the winner still turns out to be the newly arrived horse.

Remember the Cobras attack on a group of rodents?

Actually, this was far from the most impressive footage featuring these reptiles.

Next you’ll find snakes invading houses, attacks on people and pets, battles with wild animals and much more delicious lunch.

People are used to the fact that snakes are very dangerous creatures and it’s better to avoid them.

They can bite right, but his practice shows often they don’t care about people.

It’ll be much more pleasant and useful for them to eat another smaller creature.

By the way, they do not disdain even their own congeners.

So in this video, an ordinary American witnessed the real cannibalism of the snake world.

The king snake has already swallowed the venomous Eastern Copperhead.

Just a few minutes later, the body of the smaller snake was gone.

Non-childish games, you know.

Many people dream of having a house somewhere in the wilderness with open Windows overlooking the ocean or the forest.

People don’t think about the possible troubles that residents of such places already face on a regular basis.

In this video, for example, A man was babysitting a toddler, watching him while he was playing with toys on the floor.

All of a sudden- he think Cobra- decided to visit them.

The man, along with his eldest son, quickly took the baby with them, ran out of the broom and bolted the door.

And then you can see how unhappy the creeping creature was.

Well, usually these creatures are slower and calmer.

In this video it was the exact opposite.

The reptile was crawling around the room super fast as if it were its own apartment.

It was probably angry, and who knows how this encounter would have ended if the adult hadn’t spotted the snake in time.

I’ll just take a look.

This snake must have had those thoughts as it watched the mother and daughter swinging on the hammock.

The reptile crawled in and stopped right in front of the house.

You know the scene is similar to many of those found in horror movies, when some Maniac stands and watches his victim and the victim has absolutely no idea what’s really going on at that moment.

So the snake stayed in such a maximally creepy stance for several minutes before the mother noticed it.

The woman’s natural reaction was to be frightened.

She immediately took the baby with her and left the room screaming.

Write in the comments what do you think the snake was doing in their house and what did it want?

After all, when they realized that people weren’t coming back, it left the house almost immediately and crawled away on its own.

I wonder how long the woman was afraid to go back to that place and checked every corner where the creeping Screamer could potentially hide a small bite.

This is what happens when a human overestimates their capabilities and skills.

The man in this video was playing with a snake in public.

He spun it around, kept it from crawling away and generally treated her in the worst possible way.

So it decided to take the chance and get at least a little Revenge.

Because the man was not too confident in holding the head of the snake, he wasn’t able to grab it properly with his hand

And it had time to inflict a protective bite.

Don’t worry, the man wasn’t hurt because the snake was tamed and non-venomous.

But I think everyone has already imagined some venomous monster in place of this harmless reptile.

And absolutely different outcome: dangerous stance.


If you ever see a snake anywhere in a stance like that, be a better, get away from it.

I mean it.

The whole point is that something like this could happen.

By the way, I forgot to warn you about the screamer.

I hope you’re not wearing 3D glasses to watch.

This video story began quite spontaneously.

It was a normal sunny day and the man was doing his usual things, watering his flowers and enjoying life.

His beloved cat was also running around somewhere nearby, but then the family Idol was ruined by an Uninvited reptile.

It crept up from somewhere to the left, from the bushes, and the first thing it did was to work out its aggression on the cat.

Judging by its Behavior, the snake wanted to Devour the poor fur of all, but the owner noticed it in time.

He turned around to see what was going on and found a huge snake next to his friend.

Of course, the man intervened in this fight that almost started, picked up the cat and then hid it in a secluded place at home.

When the man was still confident in his actions, he thought of going alone to defeat the snake with his bare hands, just like in the movies.

But he quickly changed his mind about it and you know he did the right thing.

The man went home too, and together with the cat, side by side, they simply waited out the snake’s visit.

Who knows, maybe the snake was venomous, after all.

Strange photo, and now I’m gonna show you a photo that my subscriber sent me some time ago.

It went viral on the internet and forced Photoshop professionals from all over the world to participate in the investigation.

The thing is, according to the author of the photo, all this is true and he and his friends barely escaped the attack of some abnormally large snake, which is two or even three times the size of a human.

Of course, not everyone believed in such fairy tales.

The picture was tested for Photoshop and no one has received accurate information.

Some are sure that this photo is still true, even though people have no idea where it could have happened.

At the same time, others believe that it’s fake, though it’s pretty good.

What do you think?

Share your opinion in the comments below the video: welcome.

I think the dangerous snakes can only sneak into a house somewhere in the middle of the trees or jungle, into a building somewhere by a river or so on.

What do you say to that?

It’s the most ordinary house in the most ordinary town.

There are cars driving along the roads, the woman’s minding her own business outside the gate and, having finished with them, is about to return to the house, but then the new owner meets her at the entrance and says: hello, how are you?

I wasn’t waiting for you.

Luckily, the lady has a good reaction and, like Neo from The Matrix, Dodges the bite.

I don’t know if that snake was venomous or not, but in any case it’s a good thing that everything ended well and the creeping monster simply crawled away on its own business, showing no desire to settle down in the woman’s house.

This huge snake that a diver encountered says hello from Brazil, and it’s so much confidence in himself and in the snake, but he dared to swim up close to it and take very beautiful but creepy shots.

The video shows the huge body of the creeping reptile, it’s Speedy tongue and its eyes.

I wonder if these creatures never attack people underwater at all and why it behaved so calmly.

Share your thoughts in the comments.

If you find yourself in some exotic country, I would not advise you to sit on a toilet bowl for a long time.

It is, of course, a good thing and everyone loves it, but you have to take care of your own safety.

But what can ever happen?

As practice shows, a lot of things can happen.

For example, a snake will crawl out of there and we’ll be ready to do anything just to be on the surface.

Even the bum of a human will not be a stumbling block for it.

It remains a mystery how this reptile crawled up there in the first place and what it wanted.

Of course, the people in whose house this creature was found didn’t want to do anything with it due to the risk.

The first thing they did was to call the appropriate service and they promptly subdued the reptile.

I wonder how long after this incident the owners of the house looked into the toilet bowl before they sat on it.

Iguana versus snakes.

In the wild, a fight between a snake and an iguana is not uncommon, although you can’t really call it a fight.

Snakes simply catch iguanas in their teeth and wrapped around the poor creatures until they lose the ability to move it all.

You can see it now in the video.

Many iguanas run away from one of the snakes and more new snakes encounter them on the road.

Let’s follow this last protagonist here.

It, like a true ninja, did everything right and simply escaped its own death in a crazy way.

At first, the Iguana simply showed the snakes that they couldn’t catch up with it on a straight road.

Then the lizard pretended to be dead, freezing right in front of the hunters.

Because of the nature of their eyesight, the creeping creatures can’t detect prey that’s stationary.

All in all, the plan might have worked, but the snake chose a strange path that ran too close to the Iguana.

This forced it to unfreeze and go on the run one more time.

The lizard moved as fast as it could, trying to escape, but then, like its congener, our protagonist was intercepted.

That’s how it happens.

Your euphoric and full of adrenaline, you’re doing fine

And everything goes well.

And then bang, you find yourself in the tenacious and gradually tightening Paws of Fate.

But that’s not about our lizard.

Due to the fact that these snakes didn’t have time to bite it properly, the Iguana managed to slip out of their Embrace and continue to escape.

First it jumped on one rock and then on the second.

It dodged several Predator attacks and survived.

It was a great Chase.

Take a look at this picture: a man in a well with a bunch of snakes that clearly want to hurt him.

So it may seem to many people who will see this footage, but it’s possible that in fact the man himself got into the wild to pull out the snakes that got there- this video is a confirmation of my words- really happens.

However, the well here is much deeper, so the snakes won’t get out by themselves.

Fortunately, two men helped the Giants to get out.

This is far from the creepiest moment, but the video is still a little tense.

Who knows how the snakes would have behaved?

Snakes can be anywhere, even in places you wouldn’t expect to see them.

In this case, for example, the creeping creature somehow got under the ceiling.

They had to get it out with several crowbars.

In the end, the snake was successfully extracted and the reptile was not harmed.

Obviously people were aware that the snake was under the ceiling, but I repeat, snakes can be anywhere.

Person may not even be aware that there’s a dangerous reptile in their apartment.

Look at this girl.

She’s resting quietly on the couch.

Nothing foretells trouble, but in fact trouble is already slowly creeping up, or rather dangling.

A snake gets out of the vent and falls directly on the girl, immediately hiding under the couch.

The girl didn’t even realize what had happened and was clearly horrified to see what the camera recorded: the wilderness.

The main characters in the story are the Python, the baby Antelope and the Hyena.

The Hyena was wandering in the savanna when it suddenly heard a scream.

When it ran to the spot it saw that the Python had already caught up with the antelope and began to wrap around it.

The Hyena tried to intervene in the fight and bit the antelope on the head.

Soon the antelope stopped moving and the Predator dragged it in its teeth along with the python which was still hanging on its prey.

There’s a similar case here.

Once again we have a snake prey and a predator.

Only the latter two this time are a squirrel and a domestic cat.

Cat saw the battle and decided to approach.

Snake was already wrapped tightly around the squirrel and both participants in the battle were not moving, decided this was a chance and dragged them both away in its teeth, the owner immediately leading the cat to let the snake go, and the cat soon does.

It’s lucky that the snake didn’t attack in as well.

This could have happened in this case.

The cat could have suffered the fate of this dog.

In this footage we see the dog fighting a huge anaconda.

The guys immediately rushed to save the dog because it belonged to one of them.

Part where the Anaconda dragged the dog into the water was left out of the shot.

The guys barely had time to catch up with the snake and Pull It To The Shore so the dog wouldn’t drown.

It was a long fight.

Even the three guys couldn’t release the grip of the very strong Anaconda for a very long time, but in the end they succeeded.

The dog was saved and the Anaconda crawled into the water.

One can’t hide from snakes anywhere.

They can even get into places you wouldn’t think of get out, my God.

They can end up on wires, for example.

This reptile elegantly Glides down the wire to catch a bird sitting on it.

Bird sees the threat but for some reason doesn’t fly away.

It seems that the snake’s about to overtake its prey, but soon the bird finally flies away.

Now the snake’s task is to get down from the hide and not fall down.

The snake succeeded, but just imagine what would happen if the snake couldn’t hold on and plummeted down, falling on some passerby.

Can you imagine what it might look like if not?

Here’s a good example.

It doesn’t take place in the city, but still.

A man sits down to record a video.

A couple of seconds pass and a snake falls on him as if out of nowhere.

Of course, after that the only thing to do is run in any direction foreign.

Here we see a guy riding a bicycle somewhere in Thailand.

So far nothing’s happening.

The guy doesn’t feel that the threat’s very close by, but suddenly he stops, turns his head and sees a cobra crawling right toward him.

Of course he immediately jumps off his bicycle and moves away.

Apparently this is now the Cobra’s bicycle.

We see a snake on an African Road- and fairly common phenomena here.

It tries to bite a car that’s passing by, but of course it doesn’t reach it.

After a couple of seconds the snake crawls away toward the cameraman and disappears.

Where is it?

The answer was given by another driver who drove by.

He said that the snake had crawled under the hood and indeed when people opened the hood they saw the snake there.

They were lucky that it was a python and not some venomous reptile.

And this snake seems to feel bad.

Its mouth is open but it doesn’t move at all.

The man turns it over and the snake still doesn’t move, but soon it finally shows signs of Life.

All because the snake was playing dead.

It looks very natural.

This is how snakes act in the wild: to fool enemies or prey.

So don’t even approach those snakes that look dead.

They can pounce on you in a matter of seconds.

Australia is a wonderful country with many opportunities, but the local fauna spoils everything.

Snakes here are a living hell because they can end up anywhere.

Time a snake decided to hide in a barbecue.

A large python lurked under the lid and frightened the family, who immediately called The Snake Handler.

The guy calmly told the story on camera and coldly eliminated the threat.

A confrontation between a gecko and a snake is unfolding- and no, this is not Australia.

We’re back in Thailand.

Which of the opponents show what it can do.

The gecko is perfectly held on the vertical wall and the snake wrapped around the beam and tries to reach the lizard.

As this video showed, the snake’s tactics were better.

It climbed to the top of the beam and bit the gecko.

The lizard fell right into a bucket of water.

Imagine: you come to a grocery store, walk along the shelves and suddenly you come across such an unusual product.

I don’t know how the snake got into the store and climbed onto the Shelf, but it looked creepy.

The cameraman was lucky.

The snake wasn’t venomous, so it didn’t hurt him or other customers.

So far in this episode, snakes only mess with other animals and people.

But what about a fight between two snakes, and not just any snake, but the Black Mamba, one of the most dangerous snakes on the planet.

See for yourself.

This is a rare thing to see the snakes wrapped around each other and tried to bite each other, but because of their body structure and flexibility it wasn’t easy to do so.

From the outside it looked more like a dance than a snake find.

In fact, as scientists say, in such a battle the snakes do not aim to kill each other.

It’s a fight between two males and they figure out which one’s stronger.

Each tries to pin the other to the ground, so it’s a kind of fight.

The snake which loses has to crawl away from the territory, and the one which wins can claim all the females.

In the territory footage we see a group of people on vacation, but their rest is interrupted by a water snake.

The boldest one grabs the snake by the tail.

He’s not afraid of it at all, but he knows that his friends are afraid of snakes, so he decides to play a joke on them and throws the reptile right to the air mattress his friends were on.

They clearly didn’t appreciate such a joke.

Butter the snake, meanwhile, had already tried to attack the boat, but it was quickly chased away.

General, the reptile had time to get acquainted with everyone.

A girl named Paris decided to practice her acrobatic tricks and catch them on camera.

She goes to the mat, takes off her shoes and immediately steps on a snake that bites her.

The case is serious because the snake turned out to be the Eastern Copperhead, a venomous snake of the Viper family.

Obviously, the girl’s in a lot of pain.

There’ll obviously be no training today.

The main thing now is to somehow cope with the pain and get to the hospital.

But the story is a good ending.

Paris was injected with an antidote and five days later she made a full recovery.

And take a look at this video.

You’ve probably never seen anything like this before: angle of Snakes-

It’s like merged into one- and are crawling all over the place scaring the locals.

Well, it’s all happened.

No, not in Australia, but in Thailand, which has already been seen in a lot of today’s episode.

Maybe the Fauna of Australia is not so bad.

Swimming down the river, you can come across various logs, mud, rocks, fish and more, but you hardly expect to find a Big Moose waiting for you in the middle of a calm River, do you?

It reminded me of elephants blocking African roads.

These tourists also had to wait a bit to get further and these guys came across an active moose.

It galloped dashingly down the river

And it looked unusual.

Either it was very shallow or this moose had acquired superpowers and learned to run on water.

This house were clearly shocked when they saw the commotion in front of their porch the next morning: some Footprints, an overturned barrel and so on.

They probably thought thieves were trying to get in and they certainly didn’t expect the deer to cause Havoc.

But the video put everything in its place.

The two males fought right in front of the porch.

The fight was apparently over a female that was watching the fight at the time.

Raccoons are capable of many things.

For example, they don’t mind stealing food when they get the chance.

They also sometimes get drunk, just like people.

And these cute creatures love to go down the slide.

Don’t believe me, see for yourself.

Check out how these chubby creatures enjoy their free time.

Such wonderful conditions were created for them in the shelter where orphan raccoons were taken as babies.

Here they can have fun and get stronger before they return to the wild arids, are great at imitating the human voice and can even talk to people.

Are you famous?

But did you know that parrots are even great at imitating Melodies?

Here’s just such an impersonator.

Listen up.

Does everyone recognize this tune?

Of course it’s the classic Iphone ringtone.

Yes, of course The Feathered creatures sang out a tune a couple of times, but that’s forgivable because it was able to surprise us.

Anyhow, crows are also great at imitating sounds.

Hi, hi, they too can talk, and their intonation is even similar to that of a human.

Check it out for yourself.

But that’s not all.

Just like humans, crows can be very generous and helpful.

In this footage, a crow is pecking at bread and a mouse was hanging around it.

The rodent clearly wanted to eat, but was afraid to approach the formidable bird.

Crow realized it and gave them out some food.

The mouse gladly accepted the gift.

Never cease to amaze us.

In the following footage, we see both the strange and surprising behavior of turkeys.

They formed an entire circle and began to circle around the body of a deceased cat.

This circle dance resembles a funeral right, doesn’t it?

But scientists think it’s something else.

According to one version, turkeys are not very intelligent creatures, so they can start circling in place, following each other, for no reason.

According to another version, the phenomenon can be explained by the relationship developed during Evolution between a predator and its potential prey.

The prey often makes it clear that it’s unaware of the presence of the predator, and in some cases, the Predator is forced to stop its hunt.

In addition, this demonstrative Behavior can serve as a kind of warning to considers.

I don’t know about you, but I still like the version with a funeral right, even if it’s not correct.

Dogs can do a lot of things.

They can even Master a surfboard.

See for yourself how this cool Labrador conquers the water.

It stands quite confidently on the board and when it falls from it, it gets up and continues its journey by itself.

Yeah, It doesn’t ride huge waves, but it’s not necessary.

On the board, this tailed server rides better than many people.

By the way, can you surf?

Let me know in the comments.

I hope that Labrador wasn’t swimming in an area that was swarming with Sharks.

By the way, this is what it looks like.

Dozens of real sharks are right off the shore.

You ever seen something like that?

Then men caught on camera.

No one would have believed that these creatures actually congregate in such huge groups so close to the shore.

It’s not all that creepy, though.

As the author said, he filmed the nervous sharks from a drone.

That’s really what they’re called their nickname.

So because of their timid Behavior toward people, they’re not a danger dance.

The animal world is amazing because literally any creatures can become best friends.

Here, for example, a dog can become best friends with a rooster.

Such an alliance even sounds strange, but it happens.

Duke the rooster and Leia, the Australian Shepherd, loved to play, have fun and Chase each other.

Unusual animal friendship.

And here’s another amazing friendly Alliance.

The farmer’s cat has become this horse’s best friend.

Despite the fact that the horses 10 times bigger than the furball, this doesn’t prevent it from having a great time with it.

The cat flirts a little with the horse and bites it, but in a friendly and loving way, without wanting to harm it.

The furball also likes to sleep, leaning against the ungulates muzzle.

All in all, that’s a great Alliance.

As the farmer says, these two hang out together all the time.

By the way, I think this cat has picked up quite a few habits from the horse and now gallops.

It goes like this and a little more about cats.

I think it’s no secret that these little Predators love to bring their owners prey.

It can be a mouse, something or a snake.

That’s right if you live in Thailand.

This cat found a snake somewhere on the street and decided that the best solution would be to bring it into the house.

Of course, the cat scared everyone.

The cat just wanted to help people by getting dinner.

Speaking of help, take a look at this dog named Cherry.

She’s a real Homemaker.

When the girl decided to spread the rug on the floor, Jerry actively helped her.

First the dog tried to smooth out the pleats and then she helped her owner straighten one of the corners of the rug.

This moment was caught on camera: the typical African picture: a wounded and exhausted Buffalo being eaten by a lion.

The Predator deliberately chooses a secluded place where no one would find it, but it underestimated the hyenas that sneak in anywhere.

The moment one Hyena saw the lion and the Buffalo, it called its congeners and in a minute more than a dozen gigglers pulled up on the place.

They either claimed the Buffalo or wanted to help it, but in either case they began to pester the lion trying to bite its tail.

The big cat didn’t pay attention at first, but eventually it lost its nerves.

The appetite was spoiled after this.

The lion stood with the hyenas for a little longer and left.

The hyenas, as it turned out, didn’t want to help the Buffalo at all.

When the lion left, they took advantage of the moment.

The whole clan pounced on the Giant and finally killed it.

By the way, did you know that African buffaloes have terrible eyesight?

They assess their surroundings mainly by means of their Keen sense of smell and hearing.

Sometimes they can’t see the enemy literally at point-blank range.

That’s why we get such funny moments as in this case.

A lioness approached a herd of Buffalos and lurked in the bushes not far from them.

One of the Buffaloes went to chew grass right to that Bush and ended up literally a couple of meters away from the Lioness.

But even then the horn giant didn’t see the Predators.

It only realized what was going on when the Lioness got up and ran at it, dispersing the entire herd.

This horned guy urgently needs some good glasses, the medication.

They stopped outside the house and started unloading things.

As they said, the car doors were closed but not locked, and so during another approach to the car they found the door open.

Could have opened it, maybe some Criminal in a way?

Yes, because a bear had broken into the car.

The little bear was rummaging around in the car looking for something tasty to eat.

As you can see, it accomplished its goal.

After eating a little, The Bear Went about its business.

And here’s Another cheeky

Thief- yes, this octopus right here.

According to the diver, when he saw the octopus on the bottom of the ocean, he Dove deep and set up a camera to take pictures of the mollusk.

But the octopus liked the camera so much that it decided to steal it quietly.

The mollusk covered the equipment with its tentacles, hid the camera and was about to swim away.

It also released ink to confuse the diver, but that doesn’t work with humans.

Of course, the diver calmly took his equipment.

I even feel a little sorry, for the octopus wanted to be the first video blogger in the ocean.

The very first seconds of this video one might assume that we’re looking at an ordinary child playing somewhere in the yard, but it’s a monkey.

How this little primate with its clothes on looks like a child.

From some angles it also looks like a child in terms of behavior.

The monkey is genuinely excited about the walk and the snow, just like little kids do, somersaulting, frolicking and even tasting the snow.

All in all, it had a great day, remember at the beginning of the video.

I can bear to Moose in a river, to an elephant on the road.

Let’s now look specifically at the elephant on the African Road.

It’s claiming that white car.

In such cases, drivers usually sit quietly in the car and hope the elephant doesn’t crush them.

But this tourist decided not to wait.

He ran out of the car and ran somewhere into the thicket.

The elephant clearly wasn’t expecting that.

It even walked away from the car a little.

The elephant then went into the thicket to find its new friend, but they missed each other.

The man ran past and quickly ran to the car.

I don’t think he’s going to Africa anymore.

And lastly, I suggest you take a look at some incredible footage.

It may look like a storm of leaves, but it’s not.

In fact we’re looking at a swarm of Monarch butterflies.

These creatures are very beautiful in their own right, but their migration is even more beautiful.

In North America these black and orange butterflies begin migrating South in August before the first Frost.

To keep warm, they migrate in large groups of thousands to tens of thousands of individuals.

During migration and overwintering, the butterflies cling to trees, entirely resting on them.

To continue their flight.

They migrated distance of over 1 800 miles.

No butterfly is able to survive the entire flight.

So some butterflies start the migration and others, which are The Descendants, finish it.

Such an amazing but at the same time a little sad phenomena.

Elephants and leopards are some of Africa’s main animals.

Nevertheless, they try not to cross paths with each other.

Leopards rarely attack elephants, knowing their size, and elephants simply don’t need leopards.

All the more interesting is this footage in which these two did Encounter-

And they didn’t just encounter.

The leopard finished off the Impala and climbed a tree to watch the body.

So it could be sure no one would touch it.

But the elephant didn’t like the fact that the leopard had finished off the herbivore, so it came to the tree and started swinging it so that the cat had come down.

This went on for a while, but then the elephant lost interest and laughed, but the Hyena came to replace it.

The leopard’s gonna have a rough night.

We see a crocodile lying on the ground near some house.

We get the impression that the crocodile’s domestic.


Here comes a man with a frying pan.

Maybe he’ll give something to the reptile.

He will, of course, but not food.

But a few powerful blows to the Head turned out that the crocodile was an intruder and the man chased it away that way.

It’s surprising how bravely and calmly he did it, like it wasn’t the first time.

The man did it and yes, of course it happened in Australia.

Where else could it happen?

Well, and this could only happen in Northern Russia.

A huge polar bear, a formidable and very dangerous predator, came to the people for a little snack.

They had no meat or fish, but they did have cookies, which the bear gladly ate.

The bear didn’t go on begging for more food and when it had eaten a little it went on its way.

You don’t see that every day.

When the owners of this house put a small pool in the backyard of their house, they expected their children to swim in it, and certainly not bears.

But when you live next door to Bears, things can happen.

The bear decided to visit the property with its Cubs, kept an eye on them, while one splashed in the water and played with balls and the other just explored the area.

It was a great vacation and this bear decided to walk straight up to the front door of the house, but it didn’t need permission to go in the backyard to swim in the pool.

This Predator wanted something to eat.

And there was a pumpkin hanging right on the door, the Bears sniffing it and trying to bite it.

But here’s the trouble: the pumpkin’s not real, but only decoration for last Halloween, and if so there’s nothing more to do here, so the bear quietly leaves without making a scandal.

A visitor to a zoo in Indonesia accidentally dropped her sunglasses into the Orangutan enclosure and the local female found a use for them, tried them on and briefly became the most fashionable animal in the zoo.

Oh my God, I must say the sunglasses suited very well.

However, it only rented them.

The Orangutan of fashion soon returned the item to the owner, but only in exchange for a tasty treat.

Have you ever seen an army of turkeys?

Now it’s a great chance to check out something new.

A large group of Turkeys is marching in a column and heading somewhere.

It looks very unusual, but everywhere they were headed.

Suggest your versions of the comments.

It’s not just other people who can be drunk.

Some animals don’t mind drinking a bottle of something strong either, as Raccoon stood out in particular.

According to the author of the video, the raccoon somehow snuck into one of the beer warehouses in New York.

Well, no one was there.

Apparently, the Predator decided to pass the time drinking beer, but drank too much.

Poor guy felt dizzy and could barely stand on its legs.

I think that’s how it looked the next morning.

It was clearly suffering from a hangover.

There’s a mayor, does he look like he’s kind of dead?

Nope, no more than usual.

What should you do if your car is stuck in the mud?

You can try to dig a hole underneath the car.

You can call a rescue service or ask a friend with a big car and a rope to pull you out.

Or you could politely ask a pet- Asian Water Buffalo.

No, seriously, look at this bulb trying to pull an Suv out of the mud.

A rope was tied to it and it was pulling the car as hard as it could.

At first it seemed that nothing useful would come of this, but eventually the Buffalo did pull the car out.

Asia got really useful pets.

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the world.

At Short distances they can easily reach speeds up to 62 miles per hour and more.

Cheaters usually use their super speed to hunt, but sometimes they have to run away themselves.

What’s particularly comical in this case, the cheetah had to run away from the Warthog, a wild African pig.

That does not look formidable.

At first the Cheetah was chasing the Warthog piglets itself, but eventually it had to run away from an enraged female warthog that gave an epic chase.

You don’t see that every day.

As for cheetahs, in addition to being fast and afraid of angry warthogs, there’s something else to be said about them: they can purr, yeah, just like our favorite house cats.

I don’t need to comment here, so just listen for a bit.

Okay, we’re done.

But what about a laugh or a smile?

A smiling animal is a rare thing.

Wolf is an even rarer thing.

I’m sure many of you have never seen these Predators smile and laugh.

Such wolves don’t even look like dangerous animals at all.

And this is how a horse Smiles while posing for the camera.

There’s not much to add here, except that its smile is truly great.

Imagine the following situations: you’re sitting at home not expecting anyone to visit you when suddenly there’s a knock and the doorbell rings.

You go to the door, open it, but no one’s there.

You know such a situation, right, but what is it?

Could it be the ghosts are playing tricks, or maybe it’s the pranks of some naughty kids?

Maybe, or maybe a bird rang your doorbell, like in this video.

First the bird banged its beak on the door, then poked the bell and, startled by the sound, immediately flew away.

The same thing, by the way, was done by the Goat from the other video, but its reaction to the Bell is much funnier.

It understood nothing at first.

It was frozen for a couple of seconds and then started sniffing the door.

Anyway, if next time you hear the doorbell ring and there’s no one at the door, you know what could be the problem.

It happens that two people are pursuing the same goal.

That’s what happened in this video, but with a man and an animal.

The hunter is stalking a moose, but he had no idea that cougar was doing the same thing.

He realized that only when he came face to face with it.

I see Predator was several meters away and could have attacked the hunter, finished him off and went after the Moose.

But the conflict was settled peacefully.

The Hunter and the cougar just pretended not to see each other and soon separated.

If you close the bottom half off the screen, it’s not immediately clear why the people on this beach are so panicked and running away.

Maybe a tsunami’s coming or have sharks come ashore?

Almost there were sea lions on the beach.

That’s what caused all the commotion.

It turned out that one of the female vacationers accidentally provoked a sea lion.

The animal decided to teach her a lesson, and soon its congeners joined it.

No one was injured in the end, and the footage turned out to be very unique.

What’s not to like?

This tourist is having a lucky day.

She’s being photographed with a real elephant in the wild.

But the elephant decided to make the movement even more Unforgettable during the photo session.

It took her hat offer with a depth movement of its trunk.

However, unlike that female orangutan with the sunglasses, the elephant didn’t try on the new thing and tried to eat the Hat.

However, the giant didn’t like the taste of the hat, so it nobly gave it to the tourists.

1000 to 100 000 individual muscles in an elephant’s trunk, so it’s not surprising that these Giants can grab even small objects so easily.

What’s more surprising is when they do it for the benefit of society.

This elephant is a natural born cleaner.

It doesn’t like to see trash scattered everywhere, so it picks it up with its trunk.

And it doesn’t just pick it up, it puts it in the trash.

Can many of us have a lot to learn from such a clever cleaner?

How do you understand the expression easy money?

I guess it’s when money comes to you with almost no, ever right.

If so, then the author of this video is making the easiest money of his life, or rather he just gets it.

He has a bird working for him that just happens to bring him money and put it in a drawer.

As you can see, the feathered creatures already enriched the man quite a bit.

I wonder if the bird gets anything for such generous gifts.

You’re getting 30 grand, I’m getting a thousand, or does the author of the video give the bird nothing?

What do you think you guys are getting paid?

You’d expect to see peacocks somewhere in a zoo or in the wild, but obviously not on your front porch, right?

But the author of The Following video got lucky.

Not only did the peacock come to visit him, but it spread its trademark tail right in front of the camera.

Sounds like a one in a million moment to me.

And finally, I just suggest you take a look at how the Hornets look close up.

They’re here with ants, by the way, and no, it was not a friendly meeting.

One ant got eaten after all.

That’s all, guys.

Which moment did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for watching and see you later.

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