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Number 10: hungry, hungry crocodile in Africa.

Just five days before a woman was remarried, she had a rather unfortunate run-in with a crocodile, Zanel and Lovu and her soon-to-be husband,

Jamie Foxx-

No relation to the actor.

We’re canoeing in the Zambezi River near the biggest waterfall in the world, Victoria falls.

Then, from out of nowhere, a crocodile propelled itself out of the river and clamped its jaws down on Lofu’s arm.

As it dragged the woman from the boat into the water, it ripped her arm clean off.

At the same time this was all happening, Jaime was being tossed out of the canoe on the other side from the sudden turbulence.

It took him a second to regain his composure and figure out what was going on, and that was when he started punching the crocodile right in his face.

He swam to where his bride was entangled with a crocodile that was trying to pull her to the bottom of the river, and saved her life.

He snatched her by the waist and punched the massive beast in the face with his free wrist.

Sadly, Jaime’s heroic rescue couldn’t save his wife’s arm.

He saved her life, sure, but she came out of that river with one arm instead of two.

The truly romantic part is that the couple kept their same wedding date.

Only they moved the venue to inside the hospital five days after the brutal attack.

As Lofu was recovering, she walked down the aisle in the hospital and got married number nine.

Eagle attack in Ethiopia.


Eagles are known for stealing and eating children back in September of 2019, a child perished following a savage and brutal attack at the hands- or should i say the claws- of an angry eagle.

It happened in the district of Gaziamo, with two of the children also being injured by similar attacks.

Residents believe it’s the same eagle singling our children and attacking them for no obvious reason.

The mother of one of the victims, a woman named Munozchueb, was in her house when she suddenly heard screaming outside.

She rushed out of the house to see an eagle holding her son on the ground and biting him.

This was what she told reporters from the Bbc: he was crying for his mother, who thought quickly and grabbed a stick of the ground and threw it at the bird.

In this case, the mother managed to save her child’s life thanks to her quick thinking.

The stick scared the bird and it flew away, but the other child was not so lucky.

Attacks by this eagle have become so severe, and the residents of the small village are so terrified that police are now trying to hunt the bird down.

There’s an ongoing police operation to find the vicious bird and kill it before it can take the life of anyone else’s child.

Number eight, the bad zoo cleaner.

At a Florida Zoo, a cleaning worker was bitten by an endangered tiger after he put his arm into the animal’s enclosure.

According to the police, this man may now find himself being criminally charged, despite having been horribly injured by the big cat.

The tiger was echo, an eight-year-old Malayan tiger.

Sadly, the beast was shot by officers responding to the attack when it refused to release the man’s arm that it had stuck in its jaws.

Body cam footage from an officer showed the terrifying ordeal.

The body cam caught the cleaning worker, 26 year old river rosenquest, bloody and screaming.

He was on the ground, arm stuck in the tiger’s neck, screaming for help and begging the police officer to shoot the animal.

He just kept screaming: shoot it, i’m going to die.

It was only after the officer reluctantly pulled the trigger that the tiger let go of the cleaner.

The man ran away, the tiger retreated into its enclosure and it was later pronounced dead.

The Collier County sheriff’s office is still determining whether charges will be filed against the injured man for his role in the incident.

The cops say he was either petting or feeding the animal, both of which are highly dangerous and prohibited at the zoo.

He wouldn’t have nearly lost his arm if he hadn’t stuck his hand into the cage for whatever reason.

Do you think the man should be charged for his bad decision?

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Number 7: angry alaskan bear in Alaska yet another man has had a violent encounter with a bear.

This time the victim was a cyclist, a man riding his bike alone in Cantwell, an area overrun with wild bears.

According to Alaska wildlife troopers, the victim first spotted a huge brown bear about 10 yards away, already sprinting Adam.

He jumped off his bike and started yelling at the bear, understanding that there was no way he could pedal faster than the bear could run.

But his yelling didn’t do much good.

The bear jumped on him, sunk its huge teeth into the man’s flesh and then immediately turned and ran away.

It didn’t even stick around to finish the job.

One bite was enough to satisfy the ferocious beast and it retreated of its own accord.

Luckily for the cyclist, he was able to call a friend for a ride to the nearest medical clinic.

There, he told the doctors the bear was at least 500 pounds.

He also admitted that he had a firearm with him but never thought to use it.

For that the bear was probably extremely thankful.

The man got away with nothing more than a few puncture wounds, and the bear didn’t get shot.

It was a lucky, though frightening, day for everyone involved.

Number six: trampoline catastrophe.


A young boy was minding his own business, jumping up and down on the trampoline in his friend’s backyard when the unimaginable happened.

The boy, only 9 years old, was suddenly set upon by a pair of dogs that came out of nowhere, jumped onto his trampoline and violently attacked.

Just minutes before, everything had been perfectly fine, hunter heater was having a play date at his friend’s house, but while he was enjoying his play date, a pair of dogs managed to escape from their cages and go after the two young boys on the trampoline.

Hunter was so terribly wounded that his family had to start a Gofundme page to help pay his medical bills.

He suffered lacerations that barely missed some of his main arteries.

He had to get over 200 stitches across his body from his head to his toes.

Plus he received over 40 staples in his skull.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, doctors had to put the muscles in his leg and arm back together and keep him under observation.

Because his brain started to swell, he may need plastic surgery to get rid of the scars that now cover his face.

Sadly, this is only the physical side of it.

The boy is also emotionally devastated, suffering trauma and memory loss.

He is expected to make a full recovery, but he’ll likely be terrified of dogs for the rest of his life.

Have you ever had a terrifying encounter with a household pet?

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Brandon Pratt is an officer with a California highway patrol.

As he was trying to shoe an escaped cow off a rural highway in Northern California, it became disorderly and attacked the bovine, which weighed at least two thousand pounds, turned the tables on the officer and began to chase Brandon across the street.

It eventually caught up to him, bashing him as hard as it could from behind, nearly separating his right shoulder from his body.

It put its head down, rammed the officer with all its might and literally tossed him through the air.

What makes this encounter so amazing is that it was captured on dash cam footage just two days before Christmas in 2021.

As Brandon tried to make the streets a little safer for people driving home for the holidays, he found himself being tossed around like a ragdoll on video by a rampaging cow.

Luckily for Brandon, the cow didn’t have any intention of sticking around.

After it had made its attack, as Brandon was recovering from being thrown through the air, the cow took off through a field, and that was the last Brandon ever saw of the rogue Bovine.

We might not think of cows as particularly dangerous, but in this case it’s clear that, when angered, they can put that large size to use.

Number four: a cat outside your window.

Felice in Oak Bay, British Columbia.


Canada officially warned the public to be on the lookout for a dangerous cougar after an encounter on Tuesday morning that nearly turned deadly.

A woman named Sonny Anthony was in her home at six in the morning when she had a close encounter with a cougar.

The enormous cat was prowling outside a window.

At first she thought it was a random dog that had come to say hello, but as it turned out, that wasn’t the case at all.

She almost opened the door to go outside and see what was happening, but thought better of it at last second.

She went to the window instead to get a better look at whatever animal was creeping outside her home.

That was when she spotted the giant mountain lion walking beside her Ford F-150 pickup truck.

According to what she told the local news, the cat was so big that it stood as tall as the wheel.

Well, she said, never before in all her life had she seen a cat so extraordinarily large as this one.

She ran to grab her cell phone wanting to get a picture of the beast, but then she thought better of it and called 9-1-1 to warn them of a massive predator in the area.

By the time she got back to the window, the cat was gone.

Number three: two sisters and a crocodile.


A pair of sisters from Britain were on vacation in Mexico when they had the worst animal encounter of their lives.

The sisters, each 28 years old, were taken to a lagoon by their tour guide with another group of tourists for a late afternoon swim.

But what the girls and the other tourists didn’t know was that the lagoon happened to be a nesting ground for enormous crocodiles.

The adventure turned sour when both sisters were attacked by a massive seven foot long crocodile.

According to what they’ve told news sources since the attack, they’re both now suffering from Ptsd and would probably never go swimming in a lagoon ever again.

The sisters, Melissa and Georgia, traveled to the Al Gayakan restaurant at the edge of lagoon.

It was about four o’clock on a Sunday, what they thought was a perfect time to go swimming in the nearby mangroves.

But the mangroves aren’t really meant for hue and swimmers, since they’re used by crocodiles for hiding their eggs.

The girls swam a few hundred feet of the river and away from the main beach where the other tourists were, and that was when Melissa found herself inside the jaws of the crocodile.

It dragged her underwater and put her into a death row.

Georgia acted as quickly as she could.

She punched the crocodile in his head and desperately tried to pull her sister from its mouth.

Because of her bravery, her sister lived.

Melissa almost had to have her left foot amputated, since the crocodile had nearly ripped it off, but doctors ultimately managed to save it.

The two escaped Mexico with their lives, if not with a bit of trauma.

Number two attacked by 20 otters.


A man was injured and traumatized after he got attacked by a group of 20 otters.

The little animals bit the man 26 times, sending him straight to the hospital.

That’s right, otters, charming and cuddly though they usually are.

In this case the behavior was just the opposite.

The victim in this case was a british National living in Singapore.

His name is Graham George Spencer, and he told local news sources that he actually thought he was going to die.

He was taking a stroll through the Singapore Botanic Gardens with a friend in late November when a group of others crossed the dimly lit path.

It was the first time he had ever seen otters in the area and he hadn’t taken his morning walk in the same place for at least five months.

But pretty soon he was wishing he had never seen them at all.

It was a magical moment until a jogger ran straight through the group of otters and caused them to go crazy.

They then turned into a pack of rabid dogs and attacked spencer, biting him in the legs, shoes and the butt.

In about 10 seconds he suffered 26 bites.

That was how long it took for somebody nearby to run up and scare the otters back into the water.

Spencer had to get a tetanus shot and oral antibiotics, as well as stitches for his wounds.

In the end, his cute morning encounter cost him about twelve hundred dollars in medical bills.


Number one close encounter with an Anaconda professional shark diver Bartolomeo Bove took things to the next level when, in 2019, he traveled the brazilian state of Mato Grosso to have an encounter with a giant Anaconda.

Bartolomeo, a professional videographer, wanted to get as close to biggest living snake in the world as possible, so once he was deep in the brazilian jungle, he dove into the Formosu river, and it was there he met a 23 foot green Anaconda weighing an estimated 200 pounds.

The creature was so big that it could have easily snapped the man’s neck in just seconds.

Then, if it wanted to, it could have swallowed him whole as a light morning snack.

Instead, the Anaconda seemed more curious than hungry.

It swam extremely close to the diver, flicking its tongue against this camera and being oddly gentle.

This honestly debunks any previous notion that Anacondas are aggressive snakes.

They’re definitely extremely strong predators and i don’t think most people would ever voluntarily get in a river with one, but, unless provoked or starving, they don’t seem to have much interest in devouring humans.

Would you ever voluntarily have such a wildly close encounter with a monster anaconda?

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