10 REAL MUTANT Animal Discoveries – You won’t imagine how strange the snayf world is!!!


Mutant animals are often the subject of horror and Sci-fi stories.

Here are 10 real mutant animal discoveries.

10 October, a goat on a small farm in Kosovo, in northeast Croatia, gave birth to a very strange kid, otherwise known as Octo Goat.

The mutant Goat was born with twice as many legs as a normal goat.

The owner of the Goat, Zorak Patrick, saw the eight-legged goat and declared that it was a miracle of nature.

However, veterinarians were unsure of what caused this strange mutation.

The Goat was born with two other, perfectly normal goats, so vets were puzzled as to why this goat had as many legs as the other two goats combined.

Furthermore, the goat was born with both male and female organs, which led one veterinarian to believe that the goats extra legs were actually a twin that didn’t develop properly.

In any case, the poor mutant Goat had to be carried everywhere, as it lacked the strength to support all of its eight legs.

Footed Snake

Number nine the footed snake.

In September 2009, a Chinese woman, Don King Zoo, came face-to-face with mutant snake.

The snake had a foot protruding from its stomach, complete with four claws.

The terrified woman beat the snake to death with her shoe and then put it in a jar.

From there, the mutant snake made its way to the Life Sciences Department at China’s West Normal University.

Experts were not overly shocked by the mutant snake, though apparently snakes with strange limbs have been found before, as snakes possess the DNA to produce limbs.

All it takes is some sort of manipulation of the Hox gene for a snake to produce a limb, which was likely the case with this mutant snake.

TripleHeaded Frog

Number 8: the triple headed frog.

Children playing in the garden at the green umbrellas seaside resort nursery in the Uk or in for a surprise when they discovered a three-headed frog.

The children, being young and innocent, picked the Frog and put it in a bucket.

From there they showed their caregivers, who transfer the mutant frog into a holding tank.

Word spread quickly of the mutant frog and people flocked to see the triple headed mutant.

But before any real research could be done, froggy, as he was named, escaped and hopped away.

People spent two days searching for him, but froggy was nowhere to be found.

Scientists are baffled by this rare mutant frog, but they have chalked up his mutation to a genetic defect, a parasite or pollution.

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The Feline with Wings

Number 7: the Feline with wings.

Images of winged cats are plentiful throughout Eurasian and North African mythology.

However, the Chinese angel cat found in 2009 in Jinyang, China, was not of mythological descent.

The cat was born normal, but when it turned a year old, it started growing wings.

The Chinese angel cat is not the first cat with mutant wings.

These so-called wings, though, are usually just matted fur or loose skin, but strangely, the Chinese angel cats wings were structurally solid, which eliminated the loose skin matted fur theory.

The Double Threat Rattlesnake

The cat couldn’t flap her wings or fly, but scientists were not able to give any definitive reason for this strange mutated wing at Feline number six: the double threat rattlesnake.

It’s scary enough to find a normal rattlesnake, so finding a rattlesnake with two heads must be twice as frightening.

A woman in Woodbridge, Virginia, can attest to that on September 26th 2018, she found a two-headed rattlesnake in her backyard.

The snake was brought in for inspection, and it was discovered that the snake had two tracheas and two esophagi, and that both heads were capable of biting and inflicting venom.

Although rare and the stuff of nightmares, two-headed snakes have been found all over the world.

Their two heads are the cause of a rare genetic mutation.

They usually don’t survive long in the wild, though, as they don’t move quickly and they sometimes fight over which mouth gets to eat.

Monkey Face Pig

Number five: Monkeyface Pig.

In 2017, a rare and unusual mutant piglet was born.

The piglet was born with the body of a pig but the face of a monkey.

The Monkey Pig had only one eye, a brown body and an odd monkey like face.

The mutant pig was born in Western Cuba with nine other normal piglet siblings.

The piglets owner paraded the piglet around to curious visitors, attracting a pretty significant crowd.

The strange-looking piglet didn’t live long, though.

It died four days after it was born.

Still four days was enough time for a plethora of pictures to be taken of the mutant piglet.

Like many other mutants, environmental pollution was blamed for this odd and unnerving mutant deformation.

Colored Lobsters

Number four: colored lobsters.

In North America, the average color of a lobster is a greeny brown.

They are this color so they can blend in with their surroundings and escape predators.

However, a rare genetic mutation in the pigment of their shells can actually cause lobsters to come in many different and vibrant colors.

Colored lobsters are a genetic abnormality, though, and vary in rareness.

The Maine State Aquarium hosts a variety of rare and colorful lobsters, but just how rare is each color?

Well, a blue lobster is about one in two million.

A red lobster, uncooked, is one in 10 million.

A Coleco or yellow lobster is about one in thirty million.

An orange lobster is one in 50 million and the rarest mutant lobster that would be a crystal lobster, also known as an albino or white Lobster.

Crystal lobsters are about one in 100 million, making it one of the rarest mutant animals on the planet.

Number three: see-through frogs.

Seethrough frogs

In , the small town of cross narrows in central Russia, a startling discovery was made.

Researchers found 60 mutant frogs.

Many of the frogs were mutated in strange ways, but the strangest of all were the ones that had see-through skin.

Every detail of the frog’s internal organs could be seen, right down to the delicate beating of their hearts.

Scientists agreed that the mutations were likely caused by pollution.

The frogs were found near an abandoned chemical plant that had leaked chemicals into nearby lakes, and because frog eggs lack a membrane to protect them from external environmental influences, the eggs would have been very susceptible to those leaked chemicals.

The cause of the frogs mutations, then, was pretty transparent in.

It was as obvious as their organs.

Their mutation was caused by pollution.

The Frankenstein cat

Number two: the Frankenstein cat, Frank and Louie, also known as Frank and Louie, was a two-faced ragdoll cat born on September 8th 1999 in North Kraft in Massachusetts.

The cats breeder brought it into the coming school of veterinary medicine.

When it was born, no one expected the little kitty to live long, as most Janis cats died within a few days of birth.

But Frank and Louie defied all odds when he was named the longest surviving Janis Cat in history by the Guinness World Book of Records in 2012.

Frank and Louie had a long and prosperous life, despite the fact that he had two faces, two mouths to noses and three eyes.

He only had one brain, though, and one functioning mouth.

He also had one dysfunctional middle eye, which gave him a somewhat unnerving appearance.

Frank and Louie was put to rest on December 4th 2014 after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Wendy the Whippet

Number 1: Wendy the Whippet.

Wendy the Whippet is one of the most famous mutant animals ever discovered.

She was born on Vancouver Island, Canada, and, although she spent the majority of her life playing with her poodle pals on a farm, she also made an appearance on several popular TV shows.

Wendy was born double muzzled, which means she had twice as many muscles as the average whippet.

This also meant that, although she was average height for a weapon, she weighed twice as much.

It was discovered through various genetic studies that if whippets have one copy of a specific gene, the gene is defective.

It will increase the performance of their racing.

However, if they have two mutated copies of that gene, that they will become double muscled, like Wendy.

The rarity of her mutation earned her a lot of time in the spotlight.

Wendy appeared on National Geographic wild and animal planet’s most outrageous animals.

She also made an appearance on The Today Show and Inside Edition, and although she had twice the muscles of a normal dog, she couldn’t run very fast and her muscles prevented her from turning.

She had a long life, though, and died at the age of 14.

Because of her fame and her rare mutation, we have put Wendy the Whippet in the number one spot on our list of 10 real animal mutant discoveries.

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