10 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed in Real Life


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Urbanization helped erase some aspects of Legend and culture, but others remain permanent.

One such story is that of an ancient monstrous creature roaming the Earth and terrorizing humans and weaker animals.

Ironically, these stories were told not only to entertain but to educate us.

Sea monsters like mermaids now bear a different name but operate like their ancestors.

These 10 mythical creatures existed thousands of years ago.

Dire Wolves

Dire wolves.

After seeing the role dire wolves played in The Game of Thrones, you wished they were real and could visit them someday.


No it.

You were born about 10 000 years ago.

That dream would have come to pass because they existed.

Then the show depicted them as gigantic wolves capable of taking down an adult men.

They were vicious, hard to train and would kill unprovoked.

While stories depicted them as mythical creatures, they existed sometime in history.

Direwolves were real animals until 9 500 years ago, when they went extinct.

It was last seen after the last ice age ended.

They weren’t as big as the stories made us believe.

Scientists have taken their time to study the fossils.

They revealed that the Direwolf is the same size as a modern-day gray Wolf.

They weighed about 60 kilograms and were predators of smaller animals.

Although similar to their modern day relatives, they had large teeth that helped them tear flesh.

Their biforce was the strongest in all kind of species.

This allowed them to prey on bison, camels, horses and humans.

They were described as gigantic, judging by the size of the animals they consumed.

Unfortunately, dire wolves are gone.

We can only see them in movies and TV shows, folktales and in our imaginations.



Sometime between the 5th and 6th Century, an Explorer from ancient Carthage called Hannah found a tribe of hairy people.

Not only was their appearance strange, but they were also rude and inhabited the West African region.

In this report he said the tribes had more males than females.

He called the females hairy women or gorillas.

He chased them away and they fled from him, with males running faster than females.

They even climbed the trees and threw stones at his team.

Females weren’t violent but slower while running.

This made them victims of caption.

Hano’s team captured three, but they fought for their freedom.

Seeing that the creatures weren’t easy prey, they killed and skinned them.

They returned to Carthage with their skins as proof.

Since then, the creature has featured prominently in folklore.

After the encounter, no humans saw them again until Ts Savage rediscovered them in 1847..

He realized that they were apes and not humans.

Today we call them gorillas.

Ironically, it’s still debated whether or not what Hannah saw was actually an ape or an unidentified creature.

From his description we can tell they closely resembled modern day Apes.



Yeti is famous among the Himalayan people of China and Nepal.

Legend has it that the creature was huge, hairy and measuring six feet tall.

Their origin is still unclear, as locals don’t know how they came about.

Yeti stories became more rampant in 1921 when some British explorers claimed they have found Footprints while climbing Mount Everest.

The Explorers said the local guides were familiar with the animal and called them metoki, meaning man, bear, snowman.

It was the first time they had heard of such a creature in their years of exploration.

The animal was later named The Abominable Snowman.

This name is often mistaken for a race of undiscovered and uncivilized humans.

However, its traced to a real-life bear in the snowy region.

Yeti is a species of black or brown hairy bears in the region.

After an Explorer managed to get some Yeti samples for DNA testing, results showed that most of them belonged to bears and the Yeti region.

Therefore, the British explorers were right: it was actually a giant creature they saw.

Sea serpent

Sea serpent.

The idea of a sea serpent inhabiting the water has been debated from time immemorial.

Critics quickly dismissed the sightings, since most of them are without proof.

If you’ve always doubted the existence of this creature, you’ll probably change your mind after this.

The sea serpent is a ferocious creature that Prides itself on the world’s oceans.

It soon became so popular that it was part of folklore in many countries.

The creature is a supposed monstrous fish snake hybrid.

Like the Kraken, its features are often exaggerated to create the impression that it’s the devil.

Well, scientists have debunked some descriptions of this creature.

They say it’s an oarfish.

They’re convinced because the oarfish is the closest to the fish snake hybrid described in folklore.

Unfortunately, this fish is smaller than what’s described in the storms.

It measures 30 feet long, making it the longest bony fish in the world.

Little is known about this species because it lives deep underwater, it feeds on Crustaceans and krill and was officially discovered in 772 centuries after it was first seen.



The Griffin is a mythical and hybrid creature.

Legend has it that it has multiple faces, wings and front legs.

While its front and rear legs were like an eagle, its tail and hind legs were that of a lion.

They could fly.

Despite their unusual physical appearance, historians say this animal existed long before humans appeared.

They were a type of dinosaur called protoceratops.

Like Griffins, protoceratops had four legs, but differed because they didn’t have wings when Birds became rampant in the area.

Some say they had wings and could fly.

Some even speculated they had beaks similar to birds.

Maybe the creature’s long shoulder blades sold it out and were easily mistaken for wings.



The Unicorn is a mythical horse with one horn in the middle of its head.

Growing up, I heard many stories about this mysterious animal, leading me to ask if they were real.

Unicorns resembled horses, but weren’t horses.

Wildlife experts suggest that ancient people may have mistaken a rhino for a unicorn, given that both animals are similar because they have horns.

Unlike the Unicorn, rhinos are bigger, meaner and stronger.

They weighed four tons, Which is far larger than unicorns.

The Siberian species lived in Eurasia but went extinct 39 000 years ago.

Fortunately for humans, they were herbivores and not a threat to them.

Modern rhinos are aggressive toward humans and ready to take them down when they get too close.

Has anyone seen an animal that has a striking resemblance to a unicorn?

Please let us know in the comment section below.


Rock, the Hast Eagle might be the most dangerous bird you’ve ever heard about or seen, but it’s nothing compared to the rock.

Rock is simply the Host Eagle on steroids.

This Eagle was Notorious for picking humans and making a meal out of them, but Rock would capture a community and not feel guilty about it.

Well, this may sound like an exaggeration, but legends claim that this creature can lift an animal as huge as an elephant off the ground.

Sailors said the animal lived on an island off the African Coast.

It was also called the elephant bird because of its relationship with elephants.

It weighed a ton and grew about 10 feet.

Therefore, it was the largest bird to have existed.

What the locals called Rock was actually the avionis, an animal living in Madagascar.

It couldn’t lift an elephant because it was flightless.

Even if it weren’t, that would have been impossible.

Rumors of the rock started 900 years ago, when people reported sightings in various locations off the coast of Africa.

However, it went extinct in the 1500s because humans hunted for various reasons.


Mermaids: a trip to Zimbabwe gives you a glimpse of real mermaid sightings.

Locals have accused the Marine creatures of snatching children, kidnapping adults and killing explorers who were curious about their operations.

Mermaids are believed to be half human, half fish hybrids residing in the ocean.

Scientists don’t rule out the possibility of these sightings being real, but they fear they might be exaggerated.

Christopher Columbus was one of the earliest eyewitnesses.

He reportedly saw the creature during his first trip to America.

He said they weren’t beautiful and their faces had some masculine traits.

This is confusing, but recent sightings suggests these creatures are feminine.

Who do we believe?

Scientists weighed in on the debate, debunking rumors of any half fish or animal.

They sent the creature people called mermaids are manatees, the closest relatives to the dugongs.

This animal is also called a sea cow.

Due to its size, they’re the largest aquatic herbivores in the world.

Ancient Sailors mistook them from mermaids thanks to their human and fish-like features.

You don’t want to tell a typical Zimbabwe in that they’ll get the wrong idea.


Mary, folklore is Laden with stories of strange creatures that went extinct long before you were born.

Puakai was a bird notorious for snatching humans from the ground and taking them to an undisclosed location where it devoured them.

It’s due to this behavior that it was named the Puakai, meaning old Glutton.

In 1871, Richardson Fuller, a taxidermist at Canterbury Museum, founded and told the world that it actually existed sometime in history, he said it’s now known as the Host Eagle.

The host Eagle was the largest eagle to have roamed the Earth many years ago.

Its wings were three meters wide and its primary prey was the mole bird weighing 100 to 250 kilograms.

Because we weigh less than its prey, scientists guess they may have hunted us as well.

Consider how light you’ll be for this bird if you weigh 50 to 70 kilograms.

Moss and host Eagles existed independently of humans.

Researchers say they may have mistaken the earliest humans that arrived in New Zealand for moss and tried to eat them.

On second thought, they didn’t care so much about us.

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The question of whether dragons existed still needs to be answered by many researchers.

Was there a time our planet played host to fire-breathing animals?

Well, dragons are one of the commonest mythical creatures out there.

They’ve gotten varying descriptions depending on eyewitnesses.

However, everyone agrees they have reptile-like bodies, sharp claws and bat-like wings.

Above all, they were easily identified by the fire coming out of their ferocious mouths.

Why do dragons have unrelated descriptions across cultures?

Scientists say these creatures have varied looks depending on their location.

Years after they went extinct, natives found their fossils and used them to paint a picture of what they believe they look like.

While some were huge, others weren’t.

Some had sharp claws and some didn’t.

However, all species breathed fire from their mouths.

Lastly, they were renamed dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are The Originators of the Dragon.

Many cultures have diverse stories to tell about dinosaurs.

It’s not a coincidence that this creature is one of the most famous mythical creatures today.

To this day, there’s been reported sightings of fresh dinosaur fossils.

Until next time, adios.

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