10 Mysterious Creatures Found Only In China

Flying Dragon Lizard

Lizards are pretty much all over the world, but does the entire world have dragons?

Flying dragons?

Because that’s exactly what you can find in China.

Xianglong is a lizard that’s literally a dragon.

When you look at the lizard it looks like a normal lizard, but if it is threatened it’ll either attack the opponent or it’ll get to higher ground and make a great escape using its wing-like gliders.

Yep, it literally glides through the air like they’re flying, and they don’t just like little hops here and there.

They can glide up to 100 feet in just one jump.

If you’re making your way through the chinese forest, there’s a chance you might just get attacked by a tiny flying dragon soaring through the wind.

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Tianji Monster

Number eight: Tianji monster.

When it comes to areas with volcanic activity, it’s very hard for regular wildlife and aquatic life to survive for a very long time, but Lake Tianji isn’t one of those areas.

This is China’s biggest and, overall, deepest volcanic lake.

In the 1960s, a group of researchers released nine trout fish into the lake, thinking they wouldn’t really survive, but they did.

Not only did they survive, but they thrived.

A couple of years later, they tracked some of the fish down and recorded them to be 85 centimeters in length.


The Dewgong is an aquatic creature that’s weird, to say the least.

It’s a marine mammal that looks like a mix of a seal, a manatee and a sperm whale, but it’s not actually any of those things- not in the slightest.

It’s its own mysterious form of mammal, since there are only about 50 of them left in the world.

Not many people have even heard of one of these, but that doesn’t mean they are not intriguing.

These are gentle giants that stay close to the seabed and graze on the greens, so people don’t even see them very often, but on the off chance they do, they find themselves taken aback by just how weird and mysterious it really is.

Jianjiko Dragon

While most of the mysterious creatures on this list are alive, there are some found in China that are fossils, but they’re far too interesting to not be mentioned in our video.

One of these mysterious findings is the discovery of the Gianjiko dragon.

The bones of the mysterious dragon were found in a village in China and, well, safe to say, it turned some heads.

The creature’s bones seemed to be fully intact, in perfect shape.

It had a 60 foot long spine and tiny arms to go with it, exactly like the drawings of dragons we’ve seen in pop culture.

Some people think that the bones were arranged in that way as a prank, while others think it’s actually the bones of a mysterious mythical creature that could bless or curse the land it was found on, the truth about its origins is still a mystery.

Human Fish

There are some mysterious creatures that seem like they may have some sort of logical explanation behind their origin, and then there are some that are simply so weird that there’s nothing you can say to explain what they are.

One of these creatures is this mysterious human fish.

It’s literally a fish that has the body of a regular fish, but it has the face of a human.

It’s not just vaguely human looking.

It clearly has an entire face, with eyes, a mouth and even a jawline.

It was seen in 2016 near a very small village in China.

It swam up to the bank, took a gulp of water and disappeared into the depths of the waters, never to be seen again.

Ever since, there have been numerous debates about what that was.

Was it fake?

Was it a fish and a camera error that made it look like a human face, or was it a really weird camera glitch, or was it actually a human-faced fish?

We might have to wait for another sighting of this mysterious creature to find out.

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