10 Mysterious Cases Of Forbidden History

Alfred Isaac Midleton

Hi everyone, it’s Katrina number 10: A Lost Civilization.

In the 19th century British Explorer, Alfred Isaac Middleton searched far and wide for traces of lost civilizations.

It was during Alfred’s Adventures that he allegedly came across the lost city of dalitu in Indonesia, on the island of Sumatra.

The bizarre ruins that Alfred found were unlike anything else on the planet.

He discovered an ancient tribe living in what appeared to be the ruined shells of buildings shaped like spaceships.

One of these structures looked like a pyramid, built on top of a flying saucer and covered in trees and bushes.

These structures were really strange and looked like things you’d expect creatures from another galaxy to build.

Recently, some of these unusual buildings and the strange people who lived in them found their way online.

The photographs were supposedly taken in the late 19th century, then were mysteriously lost, along with Alfred’s academic writings.

Nobody knows if the these pictures are real, but if they are, they seem to Showcase a world lost in the Southeast Asian jungle that has never been found again.

Perhaps even more unusual than these structures are the pictures of primitive ape-like beings.

These creatures have obviously human features hidden within the hairy faces of Apes.

Some believe Alfred stumbled Upon A Lost Civilization of eight men, creatures that have since been erased from history, along with their amazing architecture, but unfortunately there is no real proof.

Number nine: the mystical pyramids.

The ancient Egyptians may have used the pyramids for something very out of the ordinary, sure?

All scientific evidence points to the pyramids being built as funerary temples.

These were elaborate tombs made for the earliest rulers of Egypt four thousand years ago.

However, new research has shown the pyramids may have been constructed to alter States Of Consciousness.

It looks like the pyramids were made in such a way to produce sound waves that could produce a euphoric, out-of-body experience for anyone inside the building.

To substantiate this Theory, modern scientists are well aware that infrasound can directly affect the human brain.

Low frequency sounds can induce all kinds of feelings, like paranoia, dread.

Really intense sounds can even lead to a disconnection with the real world, making someone high as if they had taken drugs.

The Egyptians may have believed low frequency sound could be used to bring a person to a higher state of mental consciousness.

One of the Believers in the theory is history expert Andrew Collins.

He points to the mysterious dead-end passage inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

He believes the mysterious passage buried inside the pyramid was used to ascend mentally.

A person would enter the dead end passage, sit at its end and wait for the infrared sound to work on their brain.

Since the passage is hidden in the center of the pyramid, it could have been used by pharaohs as a way for them to travel to other worlds, but in reality their perception was being distorted by sound.

What do you think of this Theory?

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Number eight: the vulgar discoveries at Herculaneum.

It should come as no surprise that powerful people throughout history have tried to suppress the truth of the past.

In 1752, King Charles Iii’s Royal archaeologist discovered a trove of treasure at the destroyed Romans city of Herculaneum.

Excavations revealed a luxurious residence with ancient Greek artwork.

One of the pieces of art was positively disturbing.

Herculaneum Academy

It was so vulgar that when the king light eyes on it, he ordered everyone else to leave and banish the sculpture to a basement cabinet at the nearby Herculaneum Academy in Naples.

Nobody was allowed to view the sculpture without the king’s express permission.

But what was so terrible about the sculpture?

Well, the marble sculpture is that of the God pan- Half human, half goes.

The sculpture shows pad in the midst of a romantic encounter with a lady goat.

But this isn’t the only piece of History that’s been deemed too inappropriate for our eyes.

For example, the city of Pompeii had 41 brothels in it when the volcano exploded in 79 AD, and the city was buried in Ash.

In the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

Vulgar pieces of our past were widely hidden.

Who knows how much history was destroyed.

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Number seven: the crystal skulls.

The Crystal Skulls

The crystal skulls can be found in private and public collections across the world.

There are over a dozen of these mysterious craniums, which were allegedly the creation of ancient Mesoamerican cultures like the Aztec and Maya.

Each Crystal Skull is made from a strange crystalline mineral, each one clear or almost milky white.

Some believe the crystal skulls have paranormal Powers.

They can grant someone a glimpse into the future, they can cure disease or they can even bring about catastrophe.

But the truth is we don’t really know where they came from, we aren’t sure what they were meant to do, and we don’t even know who truly crafted these strange artifacts.

What we do know is that skulls feature prominently, an ancient Aztec artwork.

Chichen Itza

Even the Maya displayed human skulls on racks at the city of Chichen Itza to show off the decapitated heads of their enemies.

19th Century

During the 19th century, interest in these ancient civilizations skyrocketed.

Mexican Antiquities were sold around the world and so too were fake artifacts.

American Association for the Advancement of Science

A crystal skull was purchased by American entrepreneur George H Sison from a shop in New York, then displayed at the American Association for the advancement of Science in 1898.

It was on display as a real Aztec artifact, but it was a huge mystery because scientific studies showed it was carved using modern rotary tools.

Either somebody carved the skull themselves using modern technology, then sold it as a fake, or it was made by a civilization with unprecedented technology.

The jury is still out on whether the crystal skulls were real mystical objects of the Aztec or just fancy fakes.

Number six: the Christmas band of the 1600s.

The Grinch

In the 17th century, the Grinch came to Britain and started a Civil War.

In this obscure and bizarre piece of History, a ban on Christmas led to widespread death and Chaos.

It all started in 1647..

The parliament in England passed legislation that would completely ban all Christmas and Easter celebrations.

The ban was effective throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, even though it was extremely unpopular, just as it would be today.

It continued until 1660..

The band stemmed from the Puritan disapproval of traditional celebrations.

Between 1642 and 1651, the English Civil War is waged between supporters of Parliament and the King.

King Charles the first wanted unlimited power, but the parliament was growing strong and wanted to stop him.

Of course, this is simplifying everything quite a bit, but the important thing to know is that most members of parliament were Puritans.

They wanted to cleanse the Anglican church or the Church of England of all Catholic traditions.

This is what led to the legislation Banning Christmas.

They couldn’t stand the feasting, the drinking or the happiness that Christmas brought.

Being too happy was closely associated with Catholicism and also with paganism.

In April of 1648, the Christmas ban led to riots during the holidays.

An estimated 40 people died in the rioting.

40 People Died

And then came the second English War.

You’re supposed to be repenting for your sins.

Not having a good time singing A Christmas Carol in public or being caught with a pint and a slice of pudding were offenses that led to fines, punishment in the stocks or being pelted with cabbages and turnips.

But people continue to celebrate however they could, even if it was in secret.

The Grinch won out in the end, though, and Charles the first was captured and executed for treason.

The ban on Christmas continued for another 10 years until King Charles Ii was finally able to change the law.

Number five: the secret history of the Theis islands the sea has.

Islands of Spain are some of the most mysterious places in Europe, with their history full of secrets.

The archipelago is made up of three main islands in the Atlantic.

The islands are famous for their natural beauty.

It’s a great place to camp and there are sailboats anchored offshore.

10th Century B.C.

There might not be much to see now besides nature, but around the 10th Century Bc, the islands were inhabited by early humans.

Twelve thousand years ago, humans made their way from the mainland to this paradise to live.

However, very little evidence is left.

There are just a few remnants of ancient Villages from about 2 600 years ago.

Excavations have shown these people lived mainly off the sea, fishing and also stealing bird eggs.

Then, in the first century Bc, things took an interesting turn.

The Romans who arrived in Galicia, Spain, were told the islands were home to the God odds.

2nd Century A.D.

Up until the 2nd Century AD, the islands were considered holy.

Archaeologists have discovered artifacts, Ceramics and other mysterious relics that seem to point directly to some kind of cult warship.


But with the rise of Christianity, the magical nature of the islands began to diminish.

Benedictine Monks

By the 11th century, the Benedictine monks had found their way to the islands and started building monasteries.

In later centuries, the islands were home to Pirates Who used dark and shallow caves for hiding their treasure and avoiding the law.

Finally, in 1980, the Theus Islands were declared a national park.

1st of October

Every year, on the 1st of October, All Humans leave the Theis islands.

Some say that’s because the winter is too inhospitable.

Others say it’s a tradition going back thousands of years to make room for the ancient gods to return.

Number Four: The Stairway To the Stars.

Great Temple of Setil

There is a strange mystery inside the Great temple of Seti, the first at Abidos in Egypt.

The temple is full of pictures of the Gods it was dedicated to the main Pantheon, including Osiris, Isis, Horus and amra.

One of these stranger deities in the temple is Osiris, God of the underworld.

He was frequently depicted in ancient Egyptian art as a man with green skin, an elongated head and legs wrapped in mummy bandages.

At first glance he almost looks like a little green man from outer space.

But there is something else strange.

In the temple, a relief carving shows an extraordinary object that some experts believe was a piece of real ancient technology.

Osiris Chapel

Inside the Osiris Chapel is the picture of what looks like a pillar connecting the dead pharaoh to another land.

The object is called the Osiris device and some believe it might have been a represent presentation of a wormhole in space.

An Egyptian Legend, dead pharaohs embarked upon the ship to Eternity, it was believed.

After a pharaoh died, they would sail into eternity as a brightly burning star.

Egyptian artwork frequently shows what’s been interpreted as the bodies of pharaohs moving through the Osiris device and coming out on the other end.

What this might really be is a pharaoh being transported to somewhere else in space through a wormhole.

If true, it would prove the long-standing theory that the first Egyptian pharaohs really did come from outer space.

What do you think?

Did the first pharaohs come from the stars, or is it just a representation of their afterlife?

Let me know in the comments below.

Number three: the Pyramid of atherobis.

Pyramid of Athribis

The Pyramid of Atherobis was discovered during Napoleon Bonaparte’s campaign in Egypt between 1798 and 1801..

Napoleon brought with him scientists and Scholars who could make discoveries as the campaign traveled across Egypt and Syria.

It was one of the members of his team who came across a mudstone pyramid in the city of atherobis.

The mysterious pyramid was written down in some notes and then completely forgotten about.

Liverpool University

It wasn’t until 1938 that a team of scientists from Liverpool University- rediscovered the Lost Monument.

It had been almost completely destroyed by local farmers plundering its bricks.

They were shocked to see the pyramid was the most Northerly in Egypt and the only one ever found in the Nile Delta.

In 1993, a Polish egyptologist tried to excavate the ruins but couldn’t find them.

They had been buried underneath the modern city of Bana, making any modern research impossible.

This is a pretty big deal, because there could have been other pyramids in North Egypt that nobody ever knew about before.

There may have been a whole landscape of pyramids here.

There could be a mythical lost city we don’t even know about beneath banha and the surrounding area, but now all trace of it is gone.

It’s a really good example of how things can just disappear.

Between 1800-1993

Between , 1800 and 1993, the Pyramid of atherobase was totally destroyed.

Number two: the shocking history of the last Legion.

The history of the last Roman legion is a fascinating one.

Around the year 43 Bc, during the Roman Republic, there were two major Legions.


When Augustus became the sole ruler of Rome, he Consolidated most of the legions into a single military force that would grow to be the Imperial Army.

But one Legion remained, the Leggio Cinque Machidonica.

They maintained a legionary fortress at the frontier of the Roman Empire for roughly The Next Century.

They fought in the first Jewish War, attacking Jerusalem in 70 AD and destroying the second temple.

The legion was a notorious force to be reckoned with.

The legion stayed together well into the third Century AD.

They continued to guard the edge of the Western Roman Empire even as it collapsed in front of them when the Huns invaded in 411.

It spelled the end of Rome and its many Legions.

Yet the fifth Legion remained as a small detached unit fighting in the Oriental field Army in Egypt, then later in the Byzantine Army.

The very last vestiges survived until around 6, 35 AD, when they were defeated by the invading forces of the Arab invasions.

The legion went down in history as the longest surviving Roman legion ever, a single military unit that went unbroken for 680 years.

Ancient Egypt

Number one women of power: there were six extremely powerful Queens of ancient Egypt who Rose to the highest position in the land.

Then there were dozens of others who acted in many important capacities, from high priestesses to queen regent.

Thousands of years ago in Egypt, females wielded more power than any other place on Earth.

But was Egypt really the Progressive Place some historians have made it out to be?

Or is it all just lies?

Some experts say the truth of ancient Egypt is a lot uglier than historians have led on.

For example, Queen marinath of the first dynasty ruled only until she could get her son Dan onto the throne.

He then became one of the most successful Kings of his dynasty.

Neferu Sobek of the 12th Dynasty ruled only because her family was so inbred that no Sons had been born then.


Years Later

, Hatshepsut, arguably one of the most important rulers of ancient Egypt, was almost erased from history twenty years after her rule ended.

In the 18th Dynasty, Her Image and name were smashed from Temple walls in an attempt to rid her from the history books.

Her great achievements were attributed to her father or brother instead of her.

The point behind all of this is that, even though women certainly achieved a massive amount of power, they still had to bend to the will of their male counterparts, and that really is the forbidden history of Egyptian queens.

They may have sat on the throne, but they could never wrestle control of the government from the hands of men.

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