10 Animals That Ate People


Number 10. gargled by a humpback.

On November 2nd 2020, a video was taken at Avila Beach in California that shows two women get gargled by a humpback whale and then spat back out.

They were about two seconds away from being swallowed down into the belly of the massive whale.

The victims in this situation were Julie Mcsorley and Liz cotriel, and they had traveled to Avila Beach to go whale watching.

They got themselves a two-seater kayak and paddled off the coast to watch the whales go by, but then the unimaginable happened.

According to what Julie told Cnn news, she first noticed a huge pool of fish right underneath her kayak.

It was the perfect bait for a humpback whale.

The next thing she saw was the whale coming up from the depths of the Water, Rising straight underneath her with its mouth wide open.

Then, before Julie or Liz knew what was happening, they were being lifted up into the air and was suddenly engulfed in water.

Both girls were momentarily eaten by the whale.

It had them in its mouth, but luckily it didn’t swallow them.

When the whale went back underwater, it let them go unharmed.

Number 9.

Hungry- Hungry Hippo.

Paul Templer was 27 years old when he owned a tourist business on the Zambezi River.


Near Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe on March 9 1996 he took a group of six tourists down the river for a day of fun animal watching.

His friend was supposed to be helping with the canoe Safari but had come down with malaria.

When Paul set out that day something just didn’t sit right in his stomach.

He had a horrible sense like something bad was going to happen.

And he ended up being right.

The group came across a family of hippos.

The tourists were excited to see them, but Paul was nervous.

Hippopotamuses kill more people every year than any other animal in Africa.

They tried to steer around the hippos but one of them was feeling particularly agitated.

A young male Hippo suddenly attacked Paul’s canoe and threw him into the river.

He screamed for his clients to paddle back to safety and that was when he was swallowed by the gigantic Beast.

Paul said it was the strangest experience of his life.

He was somewhere dark and moist and he couldn’t move, his legs wiggled but from the waist up it felt like he was stuck in a closet and buried in damp closing.

The Hippo had gobbled half of him into its mouth.

It stank like rotten eggs because Paul was inside the Hippo’s throat and staring into its belly.

He only escaped because he managed to reach back, grab hold of one of the hippos tusks and pull himself out.

However, he was hardly safe.

The Hippo attacked him again, this time crunching his head and neck and shoulders.

He was twisted and chewed like a dog trying to rip apart a doll.

Paul managed to escape with 38 bite wounds, his left arm crashed, Tusk wounds to his shoulder and both arms detached.

His lung was punctured and he was nearly dead, but he did survive, albeit without all of his limbs.

Number eight: the Kali River catfish.

The Kali River starts in the Himalaya Mountains at an incredible elevation of 11 800 feet, 3597 meters.

It then flows down through India along the western border of Nepal and ultimately joins the Gagara river.

One of the most dangerous catfish in the world supposedly lives in the Khali River.

It’s a goons catfish that allegedly can weigh upwards of 440 pounds, 200 kilograms, and is responsible for a series of horrifying attacks between 1998 and 2007..

British biologist and legendary angler, Jeremy Wade, investigated the attacks as part of his series River Monsters in 2008..

None of these attacks have ever been substantiated with physical proof, but the locals are convinced they happened.

The first tragedy unfolded in April of 1998.. seventeen-year-old Dil Bahadura was swimming in the Khali River with his girlfriend on, a giant sea creature dragged him underwater.

His girlfriend screamed.

Multiple eyewitnesses saw what happened and yet his body was never found.

His own girlfriend watched as he vanished under the surface and never came back up.

The locals searched for three days but never found anything.

It was believed Dil Baldur was eaten alive by an extraordinarily huge catfish.

The second attack happened three months later, when a young boy was pulled underwater right in front of his dad.

His father tried desperately to rescue him, but the boy was gone.

Just like the first case, no remains were ever found.

After 1998, the catfish retired from eating humans, or rather it took a break for about a decade.

In 2007, an Epilee’s man vanished in the river.

He was dragged underneath the Surface by something Witnesses described as a water Pig.

During Jeremy Wade’s investigation, he came across multiple impossibly big catfish.

He ended up capturing one that was six feet seven inches, 201 centimeters and 160 pounds- 73 kilograms.

That’s about three times bigger than an average goons catfish, making it strong enough and large enough to consume a child.

Jeremy said he wouldn’t be surprised if there were even bigger and stronger catfish hiding in the river, ones capable of eating fully grown men.

Number seven: fear of Bigfoot.


A man from Oklahoma named Larry Sanders made a horrifying confession to special agents with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

He claimed he had committed first-degree murder By killing a fellow fisherman named Jimmy Knighton.

During the summer of 2022, Larry and Jimmy had gone noodling-

Meaning to catch catfish using their bare hands together in the South Canadian river.

While noodling, the pair had gotten into a bit of an argument.

Larry said that during their outing on the river he learned the Jimmy was planning on feeding him to Bigfoot.

Larry meant this literally.

He believed that his friend Larry was plotting on using him as bait beat mythical Bigfoot.

Both men were apparently big Believers in the giant North American ape and, for whatever insane reason, Jimmy wanted to leave Larry out in the bush so that Bigfoot would come and eat him.

The murder took place when Jimmy tried to leave Larry in the woods.

Larry refused to be left alone to be eaten by Bigfoot, so he wound up strangling his friend to death.

For his crime, he’s now looking at the possibility of life in prison.

Number six: swallowed by a python.


In 2021, a woman in Indonesia was checking on her cornfields when she encountered a python.

According to the Washington Post, her name was watiba and she lived on Muna Island, not far from the coast of salawesi.

Sadly for the woman, encountering the Python was the last thing she ever did.

Whatiba left her home on a Thursday night and began a half-mile journey to her cross.

She went after dark because she was worried that wild boars were destroying her corn and she wanted to chase them away.

However, when she didn’t return home, her sister began to grow fearful.

It wasn’t like were Tiba to be away from home for too long, and so her sister went out to find her.

The woman’s sister found nothing but Wetiba’s flashlight, her slippers and a machete.

It was obvious something bad had happened, but the darkness prevented her from searching any further.

Nobody could do anything until the day after, and a party of a hundred villagers was rallied to search the area.

The villagers soon found a massive reticulated Python estimated at 23 feet 7 meters long.

The snake’s belly was extremely swollen, with what was a very obvious human shape pushing through the snake’s skin.

The villagers cut the snake open as soon as possible, hoping there was something they could do to save The woman Inside.

Sadly, all that awaited them was the wet and sticky body of their dead friend.

Experts believe what?

Eva had likely been strangled to death by the snake before she was swallowed whole number five: the starving polar bear.


On August 5th 2011, 13 University students on an expedition organized by the British schools exploring Society were attacked by a polar bear.

They were camped on the archipelagos falbard in Norway, 25 miles, 40 kilometers from the nearest settlement of long European.

The attack happened at night and was made even worse by the fact that the students had not assigned a night Watchman.

That was extremely dense fog.

The young scientists were sleeping and the bear strolled straight into their Camp.

It was described as thin and was later found out to have been starving.

The polar Bear had nothing to eat and the University students may have been its last chance of survival.

The Hungry Bear strolled into their Camp, tried to eat 17 year old Horatio chapel and badly injured or others in its insane attack.

Three of the individuals had to be flown to Mainland Norway for treatment, while Horatio was killed by the staff thing bear.

It never managed to eat the student, but it certainly tried.

The polar bear was shot dead by Expedition leader Spike Reed, who himself suffered devastating injuries to his face while trying to put the Beast Down number four, breaking into a zoo.


The Accra zoo in Ghana is home to some of Africa’s most beloved animals , including African lions.

However, something awful took place in that zoo on August 27 2022..

A mysterious man was witnessed lurking on the premises at around noon that day and had somehow broken into the zoo after scaling the security fence.

The individual then entered the lion enclosure and tried to steal one of the young cubs.

The attempted theft of a baby lion did not work out well for the mysterious Thief.

Lions pounced on the man and devoured him piece by piece.

Local authorities in Ghana have yet to identify the foolish man.

It’s not clear if the authorities won’t identify him for privacy reasons or if there isn’t enough left to make a positive identification.

They said that the victim sustained major injuries in the attack and that those injuries were the cause of his death.

The giant felines, including both the male lion and the Lioness, feasted on this individual before he managed to slink out of their enclosure with one of their two Cubs.

However, all the lions are now safe and accounted for.

The few parts of the would-be thief that weren’t eaten are being stored at the Morgue number three, eaten by a crocodile.


A woman from Indonesia was eaten alive by a crocodile.

The tragedy occurred in north Kalamantan at the beginning of Summer and the victim was a 45 year old woman known only as Fatima.

She was supposedly fishing at the edge of a river when her friends heard a sudden burst of Screams and desperate cries for help.

They rushed to Fatima’s Aid, only to see her being dragged Away by a monstrously large crocodilian.

Following the attack, law enforcement and local residents were desperate to find the woman.

They started a search in recovery operation and soon came across the head of the victim.

There was no body just ahead.

This was a terrifying and gruesome Discovery, and the villagers were absolutely devastated by it.

However, the operation had to continue, and so everyone pushed on looking for the rest of Fatima’s remains.

Soon enough, the search party Came Upon other body parts.

It looked as though the crocodile had been eating the woman on the go, ditching limbs as they fell off.

When they finally caught up with the 19 foot six meters reptile, they killed it and cut open its belly.

Inside they found the rest of Fatima partially digested.

Number two: Sydney shark attack.


In February of 2022, a swimmer was eaten by a shark in front of mortified beachgoers.

The whole thing was caught on video at about 4: 30 pm at book and point in Malabar, near Sydney, Australia.

The swimmer was seen by onlookers clearly struggling as a great white shark sank its huge fangs into their body and then the waves around the thrashing animal suddenly turned bright red as the victim was torn in half.

According to the police, the footage showed the shark taking half of the swimmer’s body away, leaving the other half with his seagulls.

This was the first shark fatality in Sydney since 1963 and, according to Witnesses, the shark attacked the swimmer vertically, meaning it came from underneath, and bit off a massive chunk of the person.

They died from catastrophic injuries and there was not a thing paramedics could do when they arrived on the scene.

They didn’t even have the whole body, since the shark took most of it to eat.

Number one predatory attack.

In the summer of 2021, a woman from California was eaten in Western Montana by a grizzly bear.

The bear had apparently become food conditioned, leading it to have a hunger for human food and trash.

The victim was 65 year old Leah Davis Loken.

She was a champion cyclist riding along the Great Divide mountain bike route with her sister and a friend when they stopped for the night, but they could not have possibly stopped in a worse place as the bear was foraging.

At night it came across the victim sleeping in her tent.

The bear weighed 417 pounds 189 kilograms and had gotten used to eating unnatural Foods- things like scraps taken from garbage cans and food from bird feeders.

These unnatural Foods had allowed the bear to get used to people and to stealing their stuff.

At about 4am, Leah’s sister and friend heard a great commotion.

The bear had broken into Leah’s tent and tried to eat her.

Leah’s sister and friend managed to scare the animal away in the middle of its meal, but the woman was beyond any kind of resuscitation.

It turned out there had been two bags of toiletries in Leah’s tent which had previously been used for holding dried blueberries.

The smell of berries had brought the bear into her tent and when it didn’t find the berries, it chose to eat the cyclist instead.

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