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Mr. Hello: Hello everyone.

At the beginning of today’s program, I would like to send you all a vibrant dance.

Inspired by animals.

Girl’s allowed birth dance.

That’s how we know that animals are truly an endless source of inspiration in our lives.

So it’s easy to understand.

When the new technology engineer with a heart that loves animals with a head full of microchips and iron has blown a new breath and robots make them closer to humans.

And so Autumn After Autumn.

And the Boy Continued.

The Boy It Was Born.

Robots Take The Shape Of All Animals.

Having gradually appeared before the eyes of the world, they not only satisfy the author’s passion but also help a lot in our lives and in many different fields.

So what animals will catch the eyes of talented engineers?

Let’s wait and see together.

Error unlimited animal tree No. 1 Vietnam Asia Robot Fish.

If you think this is the next Robot Fish, you’re right.

But this is just a product that has come and gone like Smart Bim Sua’s parents.

And this is the main character.

The world’s first automatic robot fish at the London aquarium is a rare commodity that is very popular with visitors here.

It’s just looking at you, but it’s the result of 35 long studies by scientists at Acid University, friends.

This is a robot baby created by artificial intelligence, so looking at her twisting and twisting, I can see that boiled chicken is better than the ones that slap the butt with In China.

What kind of robot is smart enough to criticize?

Clever from how to swim, the way to change direction to turn the car saves you from having to call.

Loss of smooth.

Another plus is that it will automatically adjust the speed to maintain battery life up to 5 hours.

And people create fish like this for entertainment purposes, the main purpose is to replace people to explore the underwater environment.

And what the Sisters say is extremely simple, it can be mentioned as measuring the purity of this water, this pressure sensor probes the seabed to find resources, detect underwater pipe leaks or it’s the Venice of the undersea fiber optic cable like you’ve always been in the previous part.

The hot face on Idol of young people is not limited to saving after many days of waiting, but finally it is their turn to be capitalized just for the purpose of detecting enemies at sea and clearing them for them.

Don’t dare, get close to many soldiers, it really never disappoints when the one that created a Shark Playing the Boy Bon Robot system means a real shark.

So the home printer fish takes the day about 1.5 m long and can dive up to 100 m deep.

Moreover, these robots also work in accordance with the work of the Army, work extremely self-consciously, on time for a long time, and also operate independently without supervision.

In the early days when science and technology were rudimentary, each child of The Voice was connected by a 150m long cable.

What about now?

My hand has played wirelessly and sometimes still comes to the surface to transmit data.

Currently, our product is in the process of being tested.

And when released, it will open a new era, a new type of weapon in the US Army A at number 4 Robot Octopus Inspired by a visit to the Institute of Oceanography and Accidentally caught the moment of the octopuses are extremely flexible.

Since then, a team of scientists has been determined to create a robotic octopus.

This process begins with scientists taking turns eating and sleeping with their Clients and the result is after how many days of rice balls with sesame salt to be shoulder to shoulder next to the octopus, when the octopus robot arm Octopus was also gradually formed.

The tentacles are made from flexible silicone so they can swim like a real creature.

Especially in the arm is a set of bows.

Made of variable alloy material.

This is a special material that can change shape at different temperatures.

Help the tentacles to be attached to extremely flexible.

The arm part is done, now to add animation to this robotic octopus, science has added the most difficult part, which is the cost.

How the suction cups are both beautiful and usable, meaning that they can work together for a grip.

As well as crawling there are places he walks like the real version.

After a headache of research and experimentation, they have also released two rows of suction cups also made of soft silicone using pneumatic pressure, tentacles that can wrap around many different shaped objects. didn’t have any problems.

It’s too Vi Dieu, you guys.

The number 5 Robot salamander is different from the reptile version from the previous time, this time a group of scientists from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic University are determined to not interfere in creating a bipolar robot with the shape of a bipolar robot. It’s pretty simple, but it’s a bit too much, so it’s just simple, but this is a primitive form with a chain of 1 sheets connected together with 4 legs divided equally on both sides like any other animal. Plus the salamander’s docile style keeps it from straying from its amphibian relatives.

This invention is made for the purpose of scientific research, exploration, rescue or even intelligence gathering.

And another task is to help the camera watch through more rare moments of aquatic animals and finally what?

Is to serve to show us what the table is all about.

In number 6 fixing robots, people often say that anything can happen, and I mean what the hell.

Scientists can also do it, it must be like animals, things and things V This and This Is Worryless Like Happiness But Also Being Taken By Your Machine To Soak It Then It’s Too Terrible.

And how?

Whatever happens must come.

A little bit of a robot was born that way.

Its birth is really a breakthrough because milk has a special shape and extremely complicated movement to create a robot like this that includes a lot of details such as a kit. Electric movement and intelligent allergy mechanism.

But it is also because of that complexity that it is able to control its own actions.

When you need to stop there, the pressure sensor system will work and whisper to these jellyfish that they are in this position thanks to 8 soups, they just sit up.

Not stopping there, in case of overcapacity, the battery is weak when they will also automatically go to the charger installed above and continue to work without having to know the charging port, that is the block.

Underwater milk with unlimited scientists continues to give birth to more brothers and sisters to follow.

It’s true that it’s literally always equipped with an airship filled with air or solids making it almost a weightless object in the robot’s sky #7.

As you know, the ocean floor always hides many mysteries and we humans only know one percent of them.

To serve a noble purpose.

It’s ocean exploration.

Many inventors have researched and created many different tools and this time Let’s warmly applaud the next character that is through g4a.

These pants were created for the purpose of patrolling the maritime border area of the Korean peninsula.

In fact, this area has very strong currents, so it is too dangerous for humans.

Part of that is because she has strong legs, being able to cling to the surface of the seabed when there’s nothing to be afraid of.

It is also because of the ability to move quickly both on land and on the seabed of this crab that they have been chosen to send gold to help the elderly people of the land of kimchi feel secure to operate: With a weight of up to 600 kg and a speed of 1.5 km per hour,

this unmanned submersible can scan a large area of the seabed and send a report to the boss in just one note.

And it’s understandable that people who can do things often carry a lot of responsibility.

Wish this girl would bring another noble mission, which is to find ships and aircraft wrecks that were kicked in the ocean.

I don’t know, how do you feel after watching today’s Video?

I personally think it’s okay for engineers to really make a monster.

So what do you guys think?

Which robot you are most interested in and which you think should be, is the next animal that will be made into a robot, please leave your comments in the comment section below.

And now I would like to thank you for taking the time to watch and Sina Hanh called everyone in the programs.

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